How to do a Proper Squat

Hi I’m Mike and today we’re
going to talk about one very important exercise, it’s called the squat which you can do anywhere, anytime.
Now you’ve got Andy here, who’s going to help out with the demo. Alright, what we
are going to do is a standard squat – so Andy what we’re going to do is put your feet out
as far out as your shoulders, good, first things first get your posture in again,
shoulders back a little bit, chest out, abs in, very good. Now he’s going to squat, I’m
going to put a chair here first so that Andy knows how low he has to go. Never go below
parallel, ok – so Andy your hands are forward, remember to keep your posture open, there
we go, so your shoulder doesn’t come forward like this – alright as you go down, your knees
do not go beyond your toes. So you’re not doing this, you’re doing this. Ok now slowly,
drop it down slowly, there we go – and up. Alright, ok, so, get it, right now we’re going
to try it again. Now he’s going to control, don’t sit down, okay, down slowly, keep your
knees, yep, so you can see his thighs powering his legs up. There we go, so we work
the quads, hamstrings and glutes. Now to bring in the breathing, inhale through the nose,
exhale through the mouth. Inhale, exhale blow, good and inhale down, exhale blow. Once you’re
ready you can remove the chair – and blow. You can lean a little bit forward to counter
balance, keep going, just keep going Andy, good nice, blow. The squat is great because
it works the full lower part of your body, brings your cardio vascular up and is very
difficult to do. Now if you change and stop to make it harder you can put your hands behind
your head, again keep your abs connected – and go. Inhale slow, exhale up, are you
okay Andy? Good. Keep going, stop. if you want to intensify it a little bit you can
give a full isometric hold for five seconds. Now drop to the bottom and hold, five, four,
three, two and up. So you can mix and match your routines. Now if you reach the advanced
level you can use weights. Hang onto the weights in the bicep hold, again keeping your posture
up, tighten the abs very well and drop down – and exhale up, nice, and go – and blow,
good and down. Power up – good – two more. Exhale good, inhale deep and exhale and break.
That’s it, ok? And that’s how you do a standard squat. Thank you.}

100 thoughts on “How to do a Proper Squat

  1. Any tips on how to balance the arm strength? Should I start working out by doing push ups even though my right arm is much stronger than my left?

  2. For anybody who doesn't know how to/has no experience of squatting, please do not follow the advice in this video! As has been previously mentioned, find a "Candito training" or a "Strong Lifts" squat form video, which will serve you much better, squatting like this will definitely cause you knee problems!

  3. Squatting below parallel is the best way to squat. If your only doing half squats it actually ruins your knees because your stopping in a awkward position. You should always do Full Range Of Motion

  4. would be better if we could see the front , I don't know if you keens need to outwards or forwards :-/

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  6. Im 13 and I just did 50 of these the wong way. I kept moving my knees past the toes. My legs are gonna hurt like shit tomorrow morning. I regret doing squats without check on how to do them properly.

  7. Nice squats. And by nice squats I mean I wish
    you were dead. And by I wish you were dead I
    mean I'm going to drag you into the desert at
    noon, strip you naked, strap you to an ant hill
    with honey slathered over your genitalia and cut
    off your eyelids so you have to stare at the sun
    until you die of starvation.

  8. what a horrible video. Most of the beginners that watch this video (and over 2 million people have watched it!!) would feel they are doing it right after watching this.

  9. Did this guy seriously say "never go pass parallel"?!?!?! WOW… you just set trainers back 50 years bro

  10. Dunno what this guy is trying to achieve but you will build no muscle mass doing this. First of all, don't go below parallel? Worst advice for squat ever, you want to be going as low as possible. Knee travel past the toes is highly overrated, isn't an issue unless you are doing something else wrong. Much more common issue is excessive forward lean changing the burden of the weight. Realisitically even beginners can, and should, be doing high or low bar squats (with low weight if necessary) for men at least. I get the impression this is either for extreme noobs or some other odd facet of gym goer that i'm not familiar with but it is far, far, far from the perfect squat. And the true squat is probably your most valuable exercise, its not called the king of all exercises for no reason.

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  13. 😒 okay now look dammit… some say go as low as you can… some, no lower than a "sitting stance"… some say toes straight forward, others say toes slightly outward… some say legs shoulder width apart, some say wide enough to squat low "between them"…

    would the real "proper squat" please stand up?…

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