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  1. I can do pull ups, but I cant do inverted rows, because I cant reach the bar. I got strenght to pull myself up, but on 75% upwards it wont go, it gets stuck, dead end, cant touch the chest. Any advice?

  2. I did this and the table flipped over and fell on me. I just laid there for 20 minutes and waited for my mom to help me up.

  3. yeah,that's the beauty and fun of home done calisthenics.Everyday objects we use suddenly become home gym equipment.l try to use every object corner,table,chair or anything that opens up my imagination to use for the workout.Calisthenics develops not only strength but creativity as well!

  4. Great vid, its totally saved my life!! As a gym-junkie staying in a tiny gymless town for a month… I've been going nuts!

  5. This is amazing, I was finding it really hard to workout 'pull' muscles at home. My gym closed in the middle of my workout today at 2pm (gah), and now I have something better than lifting 4L water jugs.

  6. Isn't it cheaper to just get a pull-up bar if you don't already have a sturdy resilient table like his?

  7. Yo man this shit works. I started noticing my biceps get stronger and they bulge a bit. Only been doing this for about 3 months

  8. Great!  I am in second year of recovery from stem cell transplant.  I have been doing upper body, and leg resistance exercises…want to try something new…to eventually do pull up…thanks.

  9. Very nice. Never thought of that before. I recently bought a doorway pull-up bar and I'm struggling to pull myself up. Thought I had enough upper body strength to pull up my own weight, but not yet. This table exercise looks great as a start for my achievement to do standard pull-ups.

  10. These are not inferior to chinups because they actually work different muscles. The exercise you've demonstrated is very important as a compliment to chinups as it prevents a muscle imbalance from occurring from only doing overhead pulling motions. If this exercise is too easy, you can put on a back pack with books to add resistance. Good video altogether.  

  11. Great idea!! This is such a cool idea, especially if a person's broke & can't afford a gym membership or even one of the pull up bars that you mentioned, & it's also handy if someone just doesn't want to spend that money for whatever reason. Also, almost everyone has a kitchen table, & it's a wonderful way to use it for physical fitness. Thanks!! 😀

  12. Forgive the noob question, please, but what are the different muscles worked via chin up and pull up? Thanks for this tip, by the way, I've been wanting to get stronger but using a bar I can't even begin to lift myself for a single rep 🙁

  13. Risk of hurting your back with this technique. I can hold planks for 2 and a half minutes, and do 1 chin-up on my bar so I do have some strength but strained to perform a 4th rep using my dining room table and messed up my lower back badly. Spent 2 days crawling afterwards. Make sure you keep your core fully engaged throughout the motion, like Steve does.

  14. Thanks, Steve! Great program, and great website! I used to go to the gym all the time and it was very easy to be in shape with: a) almost unlimited amount of time, and b) tens of thousands of dollars of weight-training equipment at your disposal. I'm in a position now in which I don't have either of these two things at all, so these workouts are extremely helpful! Thank you! 🙂

  15. Nice idea….but I noticed your legs. I see so many gym bros with jacked upper bodies and twig legs. I haven't looked yet but I assume you'll also have some lower body stuff as well.

  16. Hey, I am 6.693 feet tall and have the following problem: The doors are too low for using a pull-up bar. And our tables are too small for me to start with my arms stretched for inverted rows.
    any suggestions what I can do about this?

  17. Why do you say they're a replacement for pull-ups and chin-ups? They're much closer to rows. Still great exercises, but you should do this in addition to pull-ups. I've also done this while gripping the tops of two table legs.

  18. You forgot to add that you should not shrug, while performing these exercises.You should be trying to force your lats and chest to pull your shoulder lower. That will induce more secondary muscle activation and help you make quicker gains.

  19. I do these on monkey bars. Grip a rung overhand or underhand, or use the side rails. Put your feet on the most appropriate rung for your body length (height). You can do it at the nearest playground, though I would choose a time when the kiddos aren't there.

  20. I’m constantly having to do these because I travel for work and practically live in hotels. I never really feel a difference in biceps though.

  21. I just use a trampoline it’s higher and sturdier which is good. And I just learned that chin ups are for the biceps which is what I’ve been wanting to work but instead my back and shoulders are growing like crazy. Any tips on good bicep workouts without weights

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