what up people and welcome to Jon Sheppard Fitness it’s around nine o’clock
finally got out obviously my son reads with me for the next two weeks so I’ll
find it quite hard to actually get the gym this week so I’ve been doing a few
late-night sessions and I need to shoot quite a few videos for the rest of the
week so I’m doing some videos tonight but today’s her video is about
deadlifting I’m gonna be teaching you how to deadlift for beginners so gonna
go for all the simple moves on how to deadlift how to lift right how to rack
the weights which is important all the basics all for beginners because
deadlifts is one of the best moon to work the whole of the back and you
cannot go to the gym without doing some death deadlifts so I’ll join you the gym
and show you how to do some deadlifts by the way Peppa Pig is joining me is a
double shot of coffee because I’m tired and I’m just drinking it while I’m away
from her taxi so see you in the gym when the taxi comes should I do the basic
tricks of ask him been busy had a good day been busy today
alright I’m done it for years I need to always do when I went out to see John
yeah yeah I was going back what tied me on till you’ve been busy
today it seems quiet well that’s funny with the taxi driver well as you can see
by the bottle I’m having it I’m having it
number two right today my phone’s like clogging up with storage so I sought by
cleanly but accidentally cleaned everything off are pictures of me and I
saw everything luckily most teachers are taught what
most pictures I just I put on my phone are on social media so hopefully I can
get more back but that shot of coffee is gone straight through me of course I
have to have a code to get into the gym and I screenshots it I said I actually
screenshot and I didn’t know the code off by our brother shouldn’t always
remembering stuff and of course I couldn’t remember the password and so I
met about 10 minutes trying to remember it getting online then I went through my
emails which is low Tophet obviously because of youtube but
then my stomach was going because coffee obviously is like a laxative and it
makes you want to go to the toilet just with me anyway so I’m gonna I’m gonna
explode on buttocks well finally at oten the thing run to the gym and released
because I needed it before I tell you that before we get all
the dead lifts because do not want to be doing dead lives on a force to look up
methane and that because if you’re doing heavy lifts and you’ll do it a compound
movement you’re going to hear a bit yeah so let me finish up here and we’ll
get on to the deadlift bars I’ll show you what to do if you want to be going
to a level area a level surface when you’re doing a deadlift you have to make
sure the services level it’s safe if you’ve got a deadlift platform like the
one behind me they are the best they are made for deadlifting so if you’ve got
one of them at your gym go and use that don’t just do it anywhere because if
you’re doing heavy sets and you’re banging around and you might either
break the floor or the gym might not like it so just bear in mind if you
haven’t got a deadlift platform my suggestion is just do light weights
and go to it drop the gym just actually got one of these because if they haven’t
got proper dead lifting platform they’re not really a gym made of their victim
first of all you have a bar yeah these are new the 20kg standard so the weight
of this bar is going to be 20 kg on any normal dead hitting bar
you can’t get over deputy bars which are more professional Bend make it a little
bit more for most standard Tunes we’ll have the normal then clicking bar like
this now you’ve got the dead lifting bar you need to hold weight uncle
I suggest before you even put any way on you do practice sets just with the bar
but I’m gonna show you with actually a little light weight if you want to put a
little white eye on like 5 kg inside or 10k these eyes you gotta remember the
bar weighs 20 kg so if you’re a newbie you’ve got to realize that actually you
might not be able to deadlift that 20 kg if you’re really weak and your proper
novice so the best thing is to actually practice with just a bar and then put
some weight on so what I’m gonna do now is show you how to actually put the
weight on the bar right and it might sound stupid but when you’re dead
lifting and you’re putting weight on the unnatural bar it’s expending your energy
lifting the bar and unless you’re at a really really tough gym where they’ve
got dead lifting races where you can lift the bar up itself no students don’t
have this so I’m going to show you a little technique how to actually put the
weight on in two different ways what you want to
do is you want to get a plate and just basically put it underneath there and
then when you come to put some more weight on you roll it on and because of
the and because of the gap in the middle where you put their bathroom it hold in
place then take off the latches make sure you’ve always put these on for
safety because they keep the weight in check and they won’t roll up which will
make you waive one side more than the other all you do if you put the weight
on and you’re ready to go want to be one of these guys who puts on the weight
struggling lifting the bar rule when they’ve got loads of weight on and then
they’re expending loads of energy just putting the weight on for the deadly
don’t want be one of them guys because trust me you’ll have to have another
five minute rest just after you’ve actually put the weight on I used to do
that all the time and then I saw a hack what you can do the over hack is if
you’re using the colored ones like this they are naturally they’re actually a
bit bigger than the free weights than the actual freeway plates that are
just the single colored ones like to see behind me so if you put 20 plates which
is a blue one in a normal gym if they’ve got proper deadlift in part you can put
another 20 120 kg plays on after using the ones behind me there and they’re a
bit smaller so you don’t even have to put that little plate underneath to pull
you you can just slide it on so next time you try and deadlift do them two
things whichever one you want to do you know and trust me it will save you so
much energy for your death I always say is where you put your hands and where
you put your feet this is the first thing you need
do anything else Roxy you need to have the right stance and the right width to
actually deadlift to make it comfortable I suggest you put your hands shoulder
width apart with our feet the same so that is your starting stats and handle
it when you’re dead victim now you’ve got the feet position right
and you’ve got the actual hand position right you need to learn on how to
actually lift the bar there is so many mistakes people do and Newsies because
they just don’t know how to deadlift all the reasons are they put too much weight
on there cuz their ego testicle more runs and they basically want to look
good in the gym the backs bent like a banana and they just hug on that caused
injury they might lift it but they’re not
lifting it their shift in it because the form is a big part in your deadlift in
your form isn’t the most important part not just for lifting the weight and
getting better numbers but also for injury because you are using all your
back muscles deadlift is one of the best compound
movements you can do if you’re one of working your back to do deadlifts I
always do deadlifts before any back exercise then basically I do isolate
moves after that this is not how to do a deadlift looking like a banana bending
your back just going to do it yourself you’re not gonna get anywhere doing this
at all your form makes you lift more but this is how you should definite making
sure your back straight cause tight and god I look good on that one Donna shame
I can’t do that when it’s really heavy and that’s why I said about the ego
lifting when you’re trying to pop heavy weight on it’s harder to control the
back to keep it straight you need to engage and lats that’s why the video I
did not so long ago to improve your that this helps you engage your ex makes you
a lot stronger makes you fucking stronger so you can have a stronger
deadlift as you see I’m looking you down as well
because you want to keep that spine neutral and my pace of the lift is
controlled I suggest you try and control your deadlifts or and down because then
it has only guy made you back stronger in the wrong room I couldn’t say more
chest is pushed forward that helps you have Australia back and if you want to
wear you straps or choke you can what I suggest you don’t you want to try and
get that grip the strongest possible and only use and when you’re doing max
deadliest I suggest to do in sort of a workout is to do six reps then do six
more reps on a heavier way keep on going to play on until you can’t do six reps
and that will be your working so there you are guys that is my basic how to
deadlift for beginners I hope you took something out of it and you try it when
you next at the gym trust me if you want to actually build your back you’re
guarding deadlifts it’s the law you know so I hope you enjoyed it if you
did give me a thumbs up and remember to subscribe
yeah and I will see you next time you


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