How to clean a treadmill – Flaman Fitness Learn Series

Hi, I’m Nadine from Flaman Fitness, today I’m going to show you how to clean a treadmill. For daily maintenance, with a damp cloth, using hot water, and/or antibacterial soap, wipe away any sweat, dust, or foreign materials from the entire machine. For weekly maintenance vacuum the floor area around and under the treadmill. The reason we do this is because of dust particles getting into your motor and it can actually ruin the life of your motor. For monthly maintenance, you want to unplug your treadmill. Once you remove the power cord check for any damage. After that you can remove your hood, to remove your hood you have two screws on either side, after you loosen them, you can remove the hood. You want to vacuum the dust particles in and around the motor, and this will keep the life of your motor. Make sure handles pedestals and other parts are secure and that screws are tight. Check walking belt for tension and alignment. At Flaman Fitness we want to help you reach your goals and today’s the day you can start. For more videos like this subscribe to our YouTube channel or visit our website at Thanks for watching.

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