How To: Carb Depletion Workout and Carb Backloading – Part 1 [ENG SUBs]

I have done a Carb Depletion Workout this morning. In fact, I don’t do this much often. Because of being ill for a while, I had lost my workout motivation. So, I decided to do make a change this weekend. On Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, I began to do a Carb Depletion Workout. Because I am on a low carb diet, my glycogen storages are nearly empty. And especially after getting sick, this made me feel more tired. In fact, it wasn’t a “physical” soreness but more of a “mental” soreness. Filling up the carb stores make your muscles look fuller. And this makes you mentally more ready for the workouts. I am doing this on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. I am loading up some carbs after the Saturday night workout. And on Sunday morning, after doing a relatively lighter workout, I am having a breakfast loaded with carbs. Normally because I am on Keto, in weekdays, I have a diet which is high on fat. I am only eating 2 meals a day. This speeds up my fat burning process. But after a long week, especially close to the Friday night… My body looks flat and tired. I normally do 2 or 3 months long low carb diets without refeed. This doesn’t cause me to much soreness. But as I said, after being sick, I just wanted to feel more fresh. So, I started this routine this weekend. I choose my exercises according to the body parts I train on Friday and Monday workouts. These are regular powerlifting workouts. Because I always start with squat, not to be tired before the squats I do on Monday, I go easy on legs. I do air squats only. My rep selection is a 100 rep mega set. But I couldn’t finish it this week so I had to give a couple of small breaks in between the sets. Because I was out of energy. The exercises I do on Saturday night are targeting the body parts I hit on my Monday powerlifting session. As I will be doing Squats, Overhead Presses and Deadlifts on Monday… On Saturday night, to make sure there is a day between 2 workouts… I worked these body parts. I did a 100 rep set for each of them. Also because I am doing shoulder isolation moves on Monday, I did some delt exercises, too. I will show these on my next video which I will record on next Saturday. My workout is finished now. I only did bench press and barbell row, 100 reps each. I used a 50 kgs barbell. Again, I had to give a couple of breaks.. Cause I could barely make it. I am quite loaded with lactic acid right now. Before this session, I walked for 3kms outside… And I did a 2 km HIIT on the treadmill. The I did several circuits for abs. The after this chest and back work, I did some dips… And some stretching… Because I am very high on lactic acid because of these 2 days. So I did some static stretching. Now I am leaving the gym. I recommend this. Especially for those on Keto. I don’t think the guys on moderate carbs will need this that much. Trying this occasionally and filling up the body might be handy. Carb refeed is not so meaningful for me… I don’t normally do that. There are guys who recommend it and who don’t. And in fact, carb refeed protocols are a bit “dangerous” for guys on Keto. Because… They may awake the carb cravings… A bit risky. The guys who do them as refeeding after every lifting session, usually end up getting out of Keto completely. Because it has mental effects, too. Meaning, I prefer to do 1 or 2 refeeds, which are closer to each other so that you can switch back to low carbs quickly. And I don’t do this throughout the year. Cause, ketogenic diet; a life without grain and sugar makes me feel more energetic. I recommend this to those who eat like me. It can be tried every once in a while. Especially, if you are a “social eater”… and you want to eat with your family and loved ones… You gotta eat like “normal people” sometimes. You can adjust those meals for this. Before gathering with your friends, you can do a depletion workout And go to places to have a meal where you can’t eat Keto but still have fun. Have a great workout you all… See you soon.

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