How to CALIBRATE Mavic Pro Vision System – DJI Assistant 2 Tutorial

Hi YouTube. Yesterday I ran into a bit of a challenge the DJI Go App told me that my firmware was abnormal. When I looked into it, it turned out that it came up with this message saying calibrate vision sensor with DJI Assistant on pc or mac is recommended. I haven’t seen that before so I had to figure out what this was about. If you watch this short tutorial then you’ll be up and flying again in a couple of minutes. Before we start the procedure I just want to remind you that we upload and Drone & eWheel related material each week to help you get the best out of your equipment. If you are new to this channel then hit the subscribe button below and the bell notification next to it so don’t miss out on anything. You need 3 things to be able to calibrate the vision system on your Mavic Pro. You need the Mavic of course and then you need the wire or micro USB cable that came with the Mavic. Finally you need to go to the DJI website and download the DJI assistant. I will leave a link in the description below to the download section of DJI so you have easy access. All right, we have the DJI website, you have to go under drones and then you need to pick Mavic then you have to go under downloads. You see here you have a section with software you need to download and if you’re on a PC you need to download this one if you’re on a Mac you need to download this one. So you just press download and then it will download the file. Yes I already downloaded the file yesterday, so it let’s just fire it up It’s called assistant it looks like that. The first thing that it will ask you is that there it will ask you to connect the Mavic. So the way this works is that you need to unfold the Mavic like that and then you need to locate the little port that’s on the smaller one. It’s on the left side of the Mavic then you need to put in the USB cable. Nothing fancy about that and then you just hook it up into the computer fire it up. See the software recognises that it’s a Mavic Pro and I just selected it and then I’m in the interface of the DJI Assistant Nice looking, it’s telling me that my current firmware is the latest one the one that I made a video about which by the way it didn’t cause too much trouble me at least. It also shows you in the previous ones and it’s actually also a place where you can downgrade so if you want to downgrade your firmware this would be the place to go. You just go in here and you press downgrade and then it will take care of that But this is not the objective of this video is to show you how the calibration works. When you press calibration you get a nice explanation about how this works and what you need to do, so then press yes yes next next next and then calibrate now. Then the problem started because basically it’s telling you there should be something on the screen and there’s nothing on the screen. I did a little digging around the web to find out what the problem was and it turns out that the DJI assistant app does not support all resolutions on the computer so I found out that 1600 x 900 is the best resolution so let’s fire up the Assistant app again and it recognised Mavic It started Then go to calibration it tells you the procedure. Now you get the calibration now, sometimes it will not go to this step and I found that the restarting the computer solves the problem, a least for me. I could recommend if it says “reboot your aircraft” or this one is greyed out. Restart your computer and that should bring it up again. Now we are ready to start calibrate. If I press here you can see now there’s a pattern on the screen and what I need to do now is need to lift the Mavic up here and then I need to position it so that these align so this turns into blue and then I need to follow this pattern with the Mavic and it’s important that it stays centered so you just tip it like this don’t move it up and down. Make sure that it’s kept in more or less the same position. Now it’s asked to like that and then you should do it again. It’s not a very complicated process it’s just all the stuff around it that makes it complicated. Now it tells you that it’s the downward camera calibration and then you press ok with that for me again we have Mavic follow these so again as I said that once you get into this, this is pretty easy to do so basically just need to do what it’s telling you to do like that. we’ll just put it down and wait for the information to transfer Now the calibration is complete and and you have been asked to restart your aircraft That’s how easy it is and as I mentioned the majority of the problems you have is actually getting the process started but once that’s it’s running it’s a fairly easy to calibrate the downward and forward facing vision system. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and find it useful if you run into problems where you need to calibrate your sensors or if you have to downgrade your firmware for some reason because as you saw in the beginning the DJI Assistant 2 can also be used for that purpose. I think that’s all for now and see you on the next one

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  1. Thanks. But would advise to always take off the propellers when you're not flying……it could hurt a bit…….keep on the good work

  2. Thank you! Had no idea about the Assistant Program! Plus I'm going on vacation and calibrating the sensors before I go is a must!

  3. Thank you – I dropped my Mavic – i tried calibration and nothing came up on the screen – looking at the pics of the sensors it looked like smashed glass – I altered the resolution of my mac and it all sprang into life – so I now know the cameras work fine

  4. I greatly appreciated this video, never thought in a million year this issue was related to screen resolution.

  5. it bothers me, when people try to make their you tube videos look like offical dji tutorials, when they're not

  6. Thank you so much kind sir! I just got my mavic pro the other day and in the two days trying to figure everything out, i messed up the vision system. Your amazing video was a god send, and solved that problem for me. I have used your url on some sites now directing anyone with this problem to check out your video for this. Thank you again and Happy Flying!

  7. Hello, i always get a grey color on the sensor status on the down left corner of the calibration page, with abnormal list of errors ( vision system error) since day one

  8. Good tip on screen resolution! Seems easy on a MAC. PC's running AntiVirus block Assistant 2 from downloading. Antivirus needs to be turned off first to allow it to run and install.

  9. dude you saved my A$$, I spent HOURS on the DJI forums trying to find someone to help me and NO ONE had the solution as to why I could not see the calibrating dots on my Mac and then I ran across you!!!! It was as you said…I changed my screen resolution and BAM!!!I swear if I could get my hands on you I'd kiss you square on the jaw….THANK YOU!!!!!

  10. I've been able to get through most of those steps until the final one where I complete the calibration but when it starts calculating (i.e. at 7.11 minutes in your video), either it will seem to freeze at 57% complete and not go any further or will come up saying 'calibration failed' (despite the fact that I went through all the previous steps before and they seemed to work). Just wondering if you've run into this issue before and if you had any recommendations on how to fix it?

  11. Thank you so much!   That was very helpful.   I just got my DJI Mavic Pro in mid December so moving slowly through the complicated process so I don't crash. I did have a maiden flight a week or so ago to use in our annual Holiday Video – but with a nice day today, no wind, mild winter temps (30-ish) I was going to fly but ran into this problem with my vision sensor.  I landed on your youtube channel.   Happy New Year!

  12. I had two problems. First I had a yellow alert across my screen that said the 'forward vision sensors' needed calibrating. I downloaded the DJI Assistant app for the mac but when I clicked on calibrate now the screen was just as white as yours. Thank you so much for clearing up the reason why that happened. I readjusted the display resolution to 1600 and wella I got the large black dots and the blue squares to allow me to continue calibration. The gimbal on my Mavic was also cocked to the right and not facing straight forward. Calibrating the gimbal took care of that problem and now I get the Ready to Go green light that I hadn't had for a few weeks now. All thanks to you. Thumbs up buddy!

  13. Great job! I'm glad you figured out the display issue, as I had the same problem. It would have taken me all night to figure it out. Thanks!

  14. i tried to recalibrate but it always say to reset the drone. I tried it 5 times. re install the software update both rc and the drone. but it always say the drone needs to be reset. did I miss something in the instalation?

  15. I did the calibration fine..front n bottom ok..waited 1 min then said it failed calibration please enter screen size in inches..24'' then screen goes white and n%o button seen to restart calibration.

  16. thank you for you explain !!! the tutorial is very simple to understand and great idea to add the subtext on the video !!!

  17. I still get the "Calibrate"' button grayed out… Have installed the DJI Assistant 2 on my PC with Windows 10. I have restarted my PC, disconnected the drone from the PC, waited 20+ seconds before connected the drone to the PC. The software displays the Firmware on my Mavic, but as soon as I click the "Calibration" tab, and click through the 3 "Tutorials", I get the message that I need to reboot the aircraft. And keep getting that message over, and over again… Any thoughts?

  18. thank you for your video, this was extremely helpful. I did all the calibration and it was a 100% successful but now when I restarted the aircraft it shows in the upper left corner "Aircraft Disconnected" and if you click on it then you come to the page Aircraft Status, and there you scroll down to Gimbel Status and it says "Gimbel Dissconected". any suggestion

  19. While I really appreciate all of your help, it's just unacceptable that so many people have trouble with the DJI software. "Please restart your aircraft" actually requires you to restart the PC? I had to get a NON-DJI cable to connect to a DJI product? A specific resolution is required for even attempting calibration? As I said, I appreciate the OUTSTANDING help you provide in this video, but as a software QA professional, DJI is screwing themselves BADLY by not having better support software for such an expensive product.

    Sadly, I can't get the CALIBRATE NOW button to not be grayed out. Darn you, DJI! Even having to go to a PC is a big ask, but these problems? How do they stay on top? Is there anything else you can recommend? Thank you.

  20. What if i can see the green thing that the red one should be it i lifted the drone but didnt see the red one please help

  21. the Mavic came up with a system error…

    Downard Vision Sensor Error (e00002)
    Hardware Malfunction. Contact DJI Support to arrange for repairs.
    Vision System Error (e00002)
    Restart Aircraft. Contact DJI Support if the problem persists.

    I Connecting to DJI Assistant 2 and running the sensor calibration showed that the upper downward camera was gray.any suggestions ?

  22. PLEASE ADVISE!!!! This is very frustrating. the calibrating works fine when I point the drone close to the screen but when I have to pull it back to calibrate it has an error saying can't calibrate image. I've tried all the resolutions and get the same message. When I calibrate the bottom cameras they work just fine. It's only when I have to pull back the drone further from the image. Is this user error or the camera?

  23. Good video, but my Mavic does not generate any red lines, so I cannot calibrate it. I am using the charging cord from an ipad.

  24. Hi I've followed all instructions to calibrate vision sensors but when I go to fly it now my camera view has black and white diagonal lines where the sky should be. Any ideas how to fix this please?

  25. I tried to down load and run the DJI assistant 2 program, but my old (no longer used) desktop computer (Win 10) would not allow it. I know DJI was under the microscope for ties to China. How do you know you can trust the program and that it is not an attempt to load malware on your computer?

  26. Nothing worked for me. I tried all different versions of this program and the only one I actually was able to open was the DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic v2.0.7 on a PC and I was able to get to the screen with the computer and cord to plug in. But mine didn't have any words under it like yours did and it didn't recognize the drone once it was plugged in. I tried changing the screen resolution. Still nothing. Any other idea

  27. I work as Private Investigator and an appointed Deputy Sheriff and a dept collector and tracing of goods and people that are wanted by the Law I'm based in Swaziland I bought myself the DJI Mavic Pro which assist me on my work very easily and with no problems and youtube has helped me greatly time and time over and over, I like to say thanks guys u are doing a great job here because if it was not for u I would have not got this far in understanding the works of my Drone DJI Mavic Pro. last I thank DJI for the Drone which is the best to work with.

  28. Everything works when I go to calibrate sensor's right up UNTIL I point the Mavic at the screen. MY sensor never turns into a square. Its more the shape of a Policemans badge so I cant calibrate. Any suggestions?

  29. Ассистент2 sees Mavik about, but at the beginning of the calibration, the approach of mavik to the calibration table, nothing happens. Finding that the sensors are off. How to check the connection of sensors to Mavic Pro?

  30. does this fix the VISION SYSTEM ERROR on mavic pro?i have this error now,mavic fall backward knee high..

  31. I finally got the DJI Assistant up and running, but one of my sensors is blinking?
    Does this mean it is broken? I just got the drone and it has naver crashed (yet). But there's no possible way it would be broken.
    Could it be a software bug and is it possible to repair it or is this covered in a warranty?

  32. I had found the best resolution as you recommended. I found out on-line that you MUST unplug any second screen.This got me past the greyed out calibrate button and the dots screen appeared. Have been through the dots screens processionals SIX + times and now at the end of the process it just returns to the first dots screen stage . I also had to do calibration for rear sensors. Thank you for an excellent video . I would be most grateful if you could suggest any solution. I am using the same 27" iMac as you. Regards. Laurie

  33. I've been struggling with this, with no success. My Mavic suggests I calibrate the vision sensors, and gives me a warning, but this process is not working for me. At first, during the lateral sensors I was stuck because one of the parts was unreachable. I realized that this was because the rear legs were interfering, bending them I succeeded to go on. But after all the "ritual" is performed with no trouble, the message "Calibration information collected. Calibrating…" it gets stuck at 0%. I waited 30 minutes, it as no good. Anyone has this same problem? What should I do?

  34. Thanks for the video ! My dji mavic air does not appaer in the windows of assistent 2 . Win 10 can read the mavic air but ass.2 does not . Do you know where do i go wrong ? Appreciate any help

  35. Sir, Calculating calibration information collected. calibrating…… it take much time n never end this process
    please help

  36. Many thanks for a really helpful and easy to follow vlog. Just had to calibrate vision sensor. First time I have come across this. Was cluless as what to do. But thanks to your video I have just completed re calibration. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge. Have just subscribed and look forward to your new vlogs and also look forward to checking previous vlogs. Many thanks and God Bless

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