How to bulk up your dog and gain muscles-Ganhar peso de cão e ganhar músculos.

hello everybody its dad which is you how to hook up your dog gaining muscles and gain weight so today we’ll start with easy alimentation shivers we have to example but I will give you more advisor so how it so we can build the muscles of your dog so we had lean one ad with like that here my I saw you leave this inside we put 1 tablespoon 1 2 to give calories and to get older the coach and the dog and the put some Cheerios in off-network or again if you don’t have a tree all to camp also out there automating product they have a lot of protein it’s like one car is enough and you put raw meat for dogs in the can of the good for adults or for puppies would like one or two and they put a lot because I have a goalie so after you push the drive drive drive would like one cup me usually I put quite haven’t grant for drank right food and defense be a good quality because of the quality sticker of the head of the dogs the the gaining weight and have a lot of proteins and vitamins so we try to scramble you can also put your omit meatballs of a cow you know example like I told you about you know olive oil is good and stop the song digital cooking water without sauce and don’t rip off your dog sweet no sugars you can good also and also people didn’t get that also training and doing exercise running pooling way is fifty percent to gain muscle as you gain weight you know 50% of alimentation food dog food and fifty percent for training without training will not give result no at least unity that you need to walk your dog at least one hour day running no okay now is ready now the food is ready at the master my bully we enjoy this meal and thank you so much if you liked the video don’t forget to subscribe to Locke and thank you so much that’ll match

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  1. Can dog food is 100% preservatives!!!dog food also. I do 💯 raw food. And satin balls for extra.

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