How to Bulk and Shred

Hey guys, Kevin Kreider from Pursue. In this next video I want to discuss the differences
between a bulking phase and shredding phase. You might have heard of it but I want to discuss
something that might be new to you but usually bulking and shredding are in different season. Bulking happens during the winter phases during
the winter time, usually 3 to 6 months. Shredding can happen for 3 to 4 months. And because bulking happens during the winter,
you will gain a little bit of body fat that is why people bulk during the winter time. Because its the holiday season they don’t
want to give up food with their families. They can eat a little more and not feel self
consious because they know there gaining muscle. And when their shredding its usually around
the beach season because people want to look great in a tank top. Look good in board shorts or a binkini and
just really look awesome and slender. So the differences, now, during the bulking
phase, is that there is actually more volume in bulking. A lot of people think you have to go really
high rep when your shredding and you just need to do tons of drop sets and lots of cardio,
no, thats not true actually. You need to do less volume in the shredding
phase. The reason being is because your central nervous
system and because your in a caloric deficit, will burn out much quicker if your in a shredding
phase and your doing all that stuff. Your body doesn’t have the calories to recover
and repair itself. Because the only way you can gain muscle,
for most people, is if your in a caloric surplus, means your putting more calories into your
body, than your body burns. Add with proper rest and nutrition with the
calories, the caloric surplus, you will add muscle. So thats the diffrence between those two. And because your in a caloric deficit, you
will need more rest. You need to go really heavy and really strong
and probably more rest period because you want to get up those heavier weights and loads
into your work out when your doing that because its going to be low volume. You want to get as much heavy weights in as
possible. You might even need to cut back your workouts
a little bit, like 45 minutes to an hour tops as opposed to here you might be able to get
away with an hour, an hour and a half in the gym. You might be able to add in an extra day in,
and thats the difference. In the bulking phase, you’ll be gaining .5
to 1 pounds of muscle per week. In 1 pound, I mean 1 pound. So in the shredding phase you can lose 1 to
2 pounds per week. The reason why you don’t want to lose more
than 1 to 2 pounds per week in a shredding phase is because you are going to be in a
caloric deficit. You probably only want to lose about, you
want to be in a caloric deficit which means your putting in less energy into your body
through food than you burn in a day. That way you burn body fat. Thats a caloric deficit, thats the only way
your going to burn body fat. If you do more than 2 pounds per week, your
testosterone levels might drop, your going to feel really lethargic, you won’t recover
from your workouts. Your going to lose more muscle as well and
thats not good because muscle is a high energy burner, it burns tons of calories as opposed
to fat which is very minimal, its barely any. So in the bulking phase too, you want to eat
more carbs. You want to eat more carbs into your diet
because you need to hit the volume, hit it hard and another reason is because you need
to refill your muscle glycogen. And the muscle glycogen, when you restore
the muscle glycogen to its max, you can lift the heaviest and have a higher, and have more
volume into your workout, and you can rest and recover better. Also, having more carbs is protein sparing. So you need less protein actually. Because you need less protein you have more
room for carbs because you need less protein, you might need less supplements. And people might argue with me on this, but
the reason being I say less supplements when your bulking, its because you are in a caloric
suprplus. The only supplements I wouldn’t get rid of
all year round are multi vitamins and fish oils, if you have bad joints, glucosamine
chondroitin. So those are the 3 supplements I probably
wouldn’t recommend getting rid of all year round, just for your general health. With less supplements, you might need less
protein supplements. What I mean is you probably also you need
less caffeine in your diet when your bulking. The reason I say that is because you are in
a caloric suprplus. Your full of energy. When your in caloric deficit, when your shredding,
you might be a little less energetic, and your going to need more caffeine to get you
pumped up, going into that gym, to stimulate your central nervous system to resistace fatigue. Where as you might not even need that when
your bulking. Creatine is the same amount, you can do that
all year round. Okay. Now, in the shredding, you need less carbs. The reason being, is that your not on a no
carb diet. Its just a little bit less. You have a little more protein into your diet,
the reason being, you have more protein in your diet, is because you have less carbs. Its not sparing your protein as much. But the whole idea is that the dietary protein,
that extra dietary protein, that you put into your body, is going to be used as energy instead
of using your muscle energy, instead of the protein coming from your muscles as energy. So its protein sparing in that way. Its muscle sparing more than anything. You need more supplements. Like I said in the bulking. Your in a caloric deficit, your nutrition,
your mal nutrition techically, your not getting the proper nutrition because your burning
body fat. Your telling your body your in starvation,
and your in a feast right here in the bulking phase. Starvation, feast. So the differences, you need more supplements
to add in the lack of food isn’t giving you now. Like, keep up with your fish oils. Ok, also you might want more creatine if your
not using creatine in the bulking phase. You might want more caffeine, you might want
to go up to 300 mg of caffeine before you work out. Where as you might not need any caffeine. You might need a cup of joe, a cup of coffee
right beforehand. Also, if you want coffee in this, you might
want 2 to 4 cups of coffee before your workout. So thats the difference between these two
phases. Don’t be fooled guys, there very different
in the way you train. Okay so there’s two different work out programs
for that. So if your really interested in getting your
lean body physique, body of an athlete. You want to get shredded okay, for the winter
time because you know what, its halloween coming up and I want to look great in my new
costume or basically you want to look better because I’ve been bulking this whole time
and I want to look great right into the winter time and just keep on going and get shredded
because I have a lot of body fat to lose, then join my athlete program. If you want to go into the bulking phase,
its the same, the athlete program will do that, we’ll just add more calories into your
diet. And we do that systematically in a way thats
sustainable with only gaining .5 to 1 pound of muscle, per week, 1 pound per week, and
try to get as minimal amount of body fat gains as possible. So you look aesthetic and muscular, powerful,
okay. So go onto my website, the link is below,
take the body designer and find out which program is great for you. Thanks guys, and I really hope you enjoyed
this video and it was informative.

7 thoughts on “How to Bulk and Shred

  1. Great info πŸ‘ I split each workout into 2 parts: half overload resistance training, half HIIT and I am making great gains whilst losing body fat. It seems to be great middle ground between bulking and cutting. I only eat regular meals + extra protein and it's effective for my needs. I do need to work harder on fat loss though. I feel awful if I lower calories and turn into a zombie! Is there anything I can do to keep my brain fuelled with cals when in a calorie deficit?

  2. i am now confuse in your other video you say go heavy when shredding now i just saw this video and your saying less volume? i dont know what is really true?

  3. Great advice. I want to be strong, lean as i used to be.. time has changed and boom im hypertensive. Creatine is off the list. Any advice? Just wanted to lessen my bf% as per doctors advice. Cardio is the best way i reckon. But can you gain muscle while cardio is up?

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