HOW TO BUILD BIGGER CALVES! (Stubborn Calves Quick Fix!)

Hey, what’s going on Nation? I’m Scott from And I want to talk to you guys about some of my best tips to help stubborn calves grow Now a lot of times when people say hey my calves aren’t growing Usually the response they get from either friends or trainers in the gym is well you probably have to lift more weight and do more volume But what the the response should actually be is what does your form look like when you’re doing your repetitions because You might actually already be lifting enough weight or maybe even using too much weight and that’s actually what’s holding you back guys because the calves while they respond to really heavy weights where you’re overloading during the stretched Position if you’re using too much weight you’re not really able to maximize the efficiency of the full range of motion and I’ll explain what I mean calves very easy guys. You literally go up go back down and then go back up This is the movement in order to see massive calf growth You don’t have to change your position to really wide Really close toes pointed out toes pointed in and do all these different variations if you can’t see growth from doing a simple standard feet shoulder-width apart Going up going down then doing any other variation isn’t gonna do anything for you as well until you fix the key issue which is Bouncing your repetitions and not feeling the stretch and not feeling the flex so bouncy reps Let’s get rid of that first a bouncy rep is literally when you’re training your calves And you’re doing this and you’re just kind of going through the range of motion And it’s so easy you could even be doing this with like 225 or even 315 like you can have a lot of weight in your shoulders and still do bouncy reps because you’re not Maximizing the Flex the top and the stretch at the bottom So we need to eliminate that so immediately start lowering the weight if you’re doing bouncy reps now if you’re doing Standing barbell calf raise there are some things that need to be addressed number one Obviously like I said you get more muscle breakdown during the stretch we wanna make sure we’re emphasizing the stretch But if you’re doing it off the floor with a barbell calve raise so you would have this barbell across your back I’m not going to do it. This is just for demonstration purposes If you pay attention to my feet there’s there’s really no stretch down here right you’re going flat foot and then to the top now If you guys were using let’s say like a leg press or seated calf machine You would always be able to get that heel below your toes and you feel that deep stretch in your calves So what you want to make sure that we’re simulating that no matter what exercise we’re doing so if you’re doing a standard Barbell calf raise you need to get some sort of platform to put your toes on So that when you get to the bottom of the movement you can really feel your calves in that stretched position but You also want to make sure that platform is high enough I see people grab like five pound weights and stand on them like this if You stand on these five pound weights like I’m doing right now, and you don’t feel any sort of stretch in your calves And it’s pretty much useless They’re not high enough You really need to get those toes up really get that heel below your toes to feel that stretch So what I want you guys to do is use tens or twenty fives so that when you’re in the starting position You feel your calves being stretched once you eliminate that problem The last problem you have to eliminate is Not flexing at the top of the movement if you’re just going up and then immediately down You’re not taking advantage of that flex at the top so when you get to the top of the movement guys You don’t have to hold this position for like two or three seconds a brief second, it’s fine Just get to the top flex your calves as hard as you can Then return back to the bottom of the movement and then go back to the top like this so the tempo of this exercise You’re not necessarily doing slow repetitions You’re going up flexing and going down feeling the flow of the stretch going back to the top flexing going down feeling the stretch, so Basically when you’re training your calves if you’re not feeling a stretch at the bottom And you’re not feeling a flex at the top that is what you’re doing wrong However for the very few of you who are feeling that but still aren’t seeing calve growth Then maybe you guys need to add a little bit more weight or more volume to your calve training Just to try to spark some more growth with these exercises so Very simple technique guys to help you get your calves to grow a bit if this helped you please Let me know down in that comment section below Smash that like button and as always more good stuff coming soon See ya guys

72 thoughts on “HOW TO BUILD BIGGER CALVES! (Stubborn Calves Quick Fix!)

  1. Before you start changing your entire calves workout, the solution to stubborn calves growth could be much simpler than you think. Apply these quick tips IMMEDIATELY and finally leave team no calves behind!

  2. I have a question. But first of all I think u r the best of the ones i've seen on youtube!! Now heading to my question. Should we first have to be a little fit for starting these? Cuz i have started these almost from last winter. I can see a little improvement on my biceps & packs( still pushing for it….just got 4😅) but not getting enough push to have larger biceps…moreover its like thin arms with a very little biceps. Not any problem on eating. I m doing 15 pull ups , 25 push ups & almost 100 sit ups a day. How to solve it..

  3. Good video. This is exactly the way I do my calves workout. Mine are on smith machine and it helps a lot with stability. It's also important to work your calves at least 2x a week to get it growing. I do high volume one day and go heavy on the other day.

  4. hey Scott if i start training calves will i be sore, i enjoy squatting but if train calves and get sore i wont be able to squat for a while right. i squat 3 times a week.

  5. Some 15yrs ago I started weight training and stumbled across Scott Herman, even using one of his 5 day split routines, and even all these years later where I have gained knowledge and experience in this sport, I always learn something new from this guy.

  6. the leg press calf raise is becoming my favorite calf exercise…and probably my favorite to workout during leg day. im going to try to use the barbell as i want some variations on my exercises i have been doing.

  7. Also for some reason I can't feel the stretch on my calves on the lowest portion of the eccentric phase. I am already using one of those calf platforms. Any tips?

  8. I get achy ankles from doing standing calf raises and sometimes sitting calf raises. I have tried to check my form and start up with warm up exercises but they still Ache. Any tips Scott would be greatly appreciated

  9. 20 odd years ago just I trained calfs once a week extremely heavy and it worked

    Then has the years evolved I started doing more calf workouts it was ok results but nothing spectacular like my once a week training

    Fast forward to the present I must have pulled or damaged my calfs with all the running I've done

    As I can go very light and I still feel like calfs pumped for over a week and hardly walking

  10. I'd love to add calf isolation exercises to my leg day but for whatever reason my calves (particularly my right calf) cramps easily. Even if I move my foot the wrong way in every day stuff it cramps and leaves a pain for days. It's not a potassium or hydration problem, so I'm not sure what to do about it.

  11. Nice video Scott, explained well. Other videos I have seen talk about also doing seated calf exercises as well as standing exercises as each one focuses more on either the gastrocnemius or the soleus. Just wondering if you would recommend seated exercises as well? Thanks 🙂

  12. I used to weigh 300 pounds. Now I'm 180 but my calves SHRUNK. On top of that, I got in a motorcycle accident and shattered my ankle. It's difficult for me to get my calves to grow. I'm trying everything. Gonna incorporate this into my workout. Thanks.

  13. Hard for me cuz I have nerve dmg on my foot and cant really tip toe when standing, however, sitting I can. Any tip?

  14. Scott is that ‘good guy’ in YouTube fitness scene who will always be loved. He never stretches content, keeps thing to the point and most of his teachings are for regular work-out people (which are anyways the most of the total working out population). A good trainer for everyone around. God bless…

  15. The weights are measured in kilos rather than pounds right? (Sorry, I don't go to a gym, so I actually don't know.)

  16. Love you bro. I am adding this exercise schedule with 3D shoulder with 7 days workout schedule… so I will get one (sunday) day rest. Thank you bro.

  17. hey Scott is the barbell / smith the best for this, or it ok to do this exercise on a Leg press machine? I would put the balls of my feet at the bottom to stretch the most

  18. Thanks dude calves are my week point and an area where I am struggling to gain I always like how you make your videos short and very much to the point and this one is no different thanks again sir I will take your advice on board going into next leg day

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