How to Blend & Use Aromatherapy Oils : Aromatherapy Pre-Workout Sports Rub

Hi! I am Nili Nathan; I have a website and
a TV show Great Healing Getaways, where I write, research and report on holistic health
and wellness from around the world. Today, I am talking to you about aromatherapy and
how you can make aromatherapy products at home. Combining oils is very simple. I am
going to show you the four oils used for sports rub. They are lavender, rosemary, juniper
and eucalyptus. This first recipe is for pre-sport, so what you will need is lavender, rosemary
and eucalyptus. So what we will do is we will take two drops of rosemary and then we will combine the rosemary oil
with one drop of lavender and the third one is one drop of eucalyptus,
which is not coming out of there, okay, there we go; we will just shake one drop in here.
Then we will want to combine four teaspoons of our carrier oil, which can be almond or
grapeseed or any other carrier oil that you want to use. I am using for this formula grapeseed,
so one, two, three, and this is our pre-sport rub. Now the lavender relieves pain and the
rosemary has a warming effect on the muscles and then the eucalyptus will help in relieving
any pain. So you mix this up and just rub it on your body before you begin any training
or exertion.

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