How to become highly productive at work using one tool (Exercise)

Welcome to wellbeing integrated toolkit, empowering
you tool by tool to improve your life and achieve what you want. In this channel we cover your wellbeing in
a holistic way, we do tutorials about tools you need, exercises, books you should know,
and awareness videos for wellbeing calendar. If you’re new here consider subscribing. This is the exercise for the topic: how to
be more productive at work. It is important to watch that video first
for more impact by using this tool. Link in the description below. So, if you are here watching this, if you
watched that tutorial it means you are serious in being more productive, and we agreed
that knowing why you’re doing anything, can and will make you more productive. And that’s why I am gonna start this exercise
now and ask you, Why are you listening to this video? Let me know in the comment section below Alright, I too, have to start with the why
of this exercise, so Purpose: to assess your current status regarding
identifying the purpose of what you do ahead of time in 2 weeks. 2 weeks, is short enough to see results, and
long enough to have tasks to use in the assessment. Outcome expected of this exercise:
You will see how many times you managed to identify the Why, and how many times you didn’t. You’ll see when and where you managed to
identify the purpose, and how You’ll see when and where you didn’t know
the purpose, and why You’ll see the impact on you of knowing
or not knowing the WHY Time required for this: 5 minutes a day
When to do it: once in a day, or event by event
So opening the exercise sheet from the link in the description, you’ll put your starting
and ending date for your challenge. It should be 15 days straight. In the field to measure, you can put anything,
meaning you’ll assess yourself in identifying the purpose for everything in those 2 weeks,
while you can do that, I recommend just picking one field to measure your self against, like
choosing meetings for those 2 weeks. It means that your assessment will include
only meetings, and not anything else. That way it will be simpler to assess at the
end of the day. Then you start filling the sheet
Before leaving work, think back of the meetings you had that day and write them down in the
event section, like meeting with Fred, and meeting with manager. Then you answer whether or not you identified
the purpose before those meetings if yes, how did you do it, if not why you
didn’t, the impact on you, how did knowing or not
knowing the why of that meeting affected you in it, did it make you more focused or not,
more effective or not, etc After the 2 weeks are done, review your sheet,
see how many times you managed to identify the why and put your score, Score is calculated
by dividing the sum of (Y) by the total no. of events. You can make in a percentage if you like. I highly recommend learning the book called
Start with Why by Simon sinek. Don’t just buy it, buy it, learn it, and apply
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