Today, we’re going to learn how to become faster because speed is such a big important part of football and because of that I’ve teamed Up with an actual sprinting coach to give myself and you guys some advice on how to run faster and in the end We’re going to see if it’ll work When I raced an actual 100m sprinter. Back in the days I used to be pretty rapid but then age happened. So I need all the tips I can get so let’s all and meet the coach. My name Lars Pedersen and I’m the sprint coach at Sparta track and field club Copenhagen Hi JayMike, first I need to see you run two times okay, and then Try to improve your speed afterwards Okay, so I’m just gonna. Go do it. Yeah, let’s go When I saw you start your arms were going like this, okay? Sideways? Yes, Sideways! When you go sideways, You going to rotate and you’re going to put your force outside instead of straight forward, okay? 2. You have to relax your head, and then you have to push your body a little bit forward okay, okay very straight Yeah, that means you’re gonna run with very high knees Yeah, not not so much. Oh, just a little bit. Okay, because otherwise you’ll get your hip behind you! Watching football matches Do you see that there is like this common trend, that football players, they run in the wrong way. I sometimes I see Running with very short steps in the beginning because I think okay, I’m Gonna go very fast But you’re not moving any because very short just like a sewing machine uses its step on the same place Yeah, I have to still increase the steps. while you are you in acceleration! Any other tips you can give in general to football players out there for running faster? What’s the track and field guys running on the TV to see how they’re running especially in slow motion? See how relaxed they are even they are running fast. That’s the best So this is the big moment any last I things you want to say to me to prepare me, to not be utterly humiliated. No, good luck Thank you, thanks for the tips, thanks for the tips so two good pieces of advice I need to keep my arms straight, and then I need to chill out in my neck in my upper body Well, let’s see if it works. I’m going to race a seventeen-year-old sprinter. It’s race time Hi, my name is Tobias Larsen. I’m 17 years old and I’m sprinter for Sparta Track & Field We all saw how that went. No need to dive more into that but the important thing was that hopefully I learned something that I can transfer to the football pitch and become faster than my Opponents. And remember guys, it’s all about keeping those arms as straight as possible Chillax in your neck and your upper body and don’t forget to take you know as long steps as possible do like Cr7 and you’re probably going to be faster But let me know what was your favorite piece of advice? Write it down in the comment section and don’t forget train train train And you’re going to do faster. Also don’t forget to subscribe Leave your like if you had a good time and spread the word by sharing the video with your friends and with that signing off Cheerio Taken to school. What do you know 🙂 And if you translated these subtitles, leave your name here to be credited in the description 😉

100 thoughts on “HOW TO BECOME FASTER

  1. An easy way is to get a backpack filled with heavy stuff and run this will improve your legs handling heavy weights you will feel lighter im 16 and 167 cm im the fastest between my friends

  2. Lol. Im a female and i dont even like football i just need to know how to run faster if someones trying to attack me (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  3. When he said “These are gonna be tips on how to faster at football” I was like oh yea I need this I play football too, Then I realized he meant soccer ;-; -_-

  4. I run faster because I play a cops and robbers game to catch the robbers and run from the police that's why I'm here so me and my friend can run while we can

  5. I have the sports carnival coming up at my school so I have to run faster. Thx for the tips and advice it helped me rlly much and I do rlly appreciate it man ?

  6. Running fast is my dream. It’s not something I get good at over night but if is possible to run faster I’ll be able to show all my friends that doubt me that I actually am good at something.

  7. Ok I feel sad bc I'm just watching this so I can beat my friend who is really fast and challenge him in a month if I improve and practice

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