How to Assemble and Install the Gorilla Gym Speed Bag

Step one. Make sure that you have all the parts that’s in the little plastic ziplock bag. You should have
3 long bolts, you should have three regular nuts,you should have eleven
washers, and you should have six wings nuts. There’s a reason the last bolt only
needs three washers instead of four. So now you ready to install. Okay step two, take your long bolts and a washer inside that you can start with side that
has the attachment mechanism there is three holes but you are gonna fit this through. There is one of the first holes, second hole and in the final hole doesn’t require washer, cause it fits just right into the swivel
attachment. So step three is on the riverside, we’ve already put a nut and a washer on each one of these. Here, we’re putting it on the third one just to make
sure you can see what’s happening and during this phase, it ‘s key that you don’t have to tight them all the way, because
you’re going to be modulating them and tightening them that for height and also levelness, once you install it on your fight station. Right now they’re just loose, so the next step wild wing nuts. What you do is you put it backwards or upside down. Just do a quick install like this of these wing nuts what you’re
going to use too it’s just the heights and the levelness once it is on your Gorilla Gym. Because each door way is different, you’re gonna have a different angle every door gym. So you’re gonna wanna keep a boxing platform level in the way you’re gonna adjust it, again is with the wing nuts. So you’re gonna stick this wing nut face downward or wing downward. I’m sure that’s a term somewhere. And again everything still loose, don’t want to tighten everything,
anything yet. Then you put a washer in there, in your set. Next step is you attach the fight station, which also
has three holes, and you wanna make sure that the pips around the right side and they should
be up because the pips are going to be the ones that you snap into the Gorilla Gym. So all you do is line up the holes with three bolts and another reason you wanna have everything loose it’s because it makes it that much
easier to fill it through. So when you’re done, you’re gonna have an item that’s going to look a little bit like the spaceship enterprise from star trek. The next step is to add the last wing
nut. And this wing nut have to put the washer
in, and you’re gonna have the wing nut facing upward. Remember these wing nuts are going to be which you used to adjust the height and also to adjust the levelness. Always use this on here and again keep everything loose until you snapped and plugged this onto the base Gorilla Gym. Now you’re ready to go. Next step is going to take the plastic
and capsule off. so you can put your fight station in here. this is our plug-and-play modularity and take starship enterprise unit right
here, with the fight station member everything
is loose. So that’s okay because you’re gonna be adjusting everything. So you lined up with the two holes push the pips down on each side. and kind of just wiggle it on and don’t worry. this is good quality steel there are not going to be any kind of problems. Snaps in, and then you’ve got it on. What you want to do, is of course, you can see how it’s just adjustable, and it’s going just to be angle and that’s due to the way of your doorways is configured. So
all you have to do is use these wing nuts, to either just from the top, and the bottom. And then tighten. And just a reminder, once you have it up on the Gorilla Gym and you found the level that you want you have to tighten all three other bolts to stabilize it two on the end and also the one in the middle, and
sometimes getting a chair, climbing up might be the easiest thing quickest way
to do it and remember once you do this once, and you’ve got a nice level bouncing field, and you’re using the same doorway. You don’t really have to adjust it. All you have to do is take it in and out of the core unit and then the last of
course is you take your bag played it snapping on carbon here and you’re ready to speed back.

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  1. WOW! They should have not showed the guy hitting it at the end because after seeing that this looks like the most unstable poorly designed speedbag platforms I have ever seen. If your going to get a portable door frame platform get the EZ speedbag it's a million times better than this piece of garbage.

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