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Welcome back to Detail Garage! Today we’re gonna show you how to spread wax on a car using a dual action polisher. I’m going to use the TORQ22D dual action polisher to wax this Subaru. The TORQ22D comes with a large 6” backing plate, which is great if I want to polish or spread wax over a large vehicle, or one with lots of flat panels. This Subaru is a smaller car with lots of curves and contours, so I want to use a smaller pad to spread wax evenly over all those areas. I’m going to switch from the included 6” backing plate to the TORQ22D 5” backing plate so I can use a smaller pad to spread the wax evenly. To get started, I’ll lay the machine on its dorsal side where it has this unique stopper. I can lay it down flat, and it won’t fall over! That will make it easier to change pads or the backing plate. The machine comes with some spare parts and instruction manuals, but there’s also an included Allen Key. This is the only tool you need to change out the backing plate. You see in the middle of the backing plate is a small bolt: just take the Allen Key, get it in the head, then break the tension on the screw. Now I can unscrew the single bolt. This is all you have to do to switch backing plates on the TORQ22D. The TORQ22D is the only large-throw dual action polisher that allows you to switch backing plate sizes without extensive modification or voiding the machine’s warranty. Some other machines may use a 15mm or 21mm throw, but you’re not allowed to switch between the 5” or 6” backing plates without voiding the warranty. The TORQ22D is designed to accept either one without any modifications. To spread the wax today, I’m going to use the Black Hex-Logic Pad. This is a soft finishing pad. It has no extra cut, so I’m not polishing or removing any paint: I’m just going to spread the wax in a nice even coat with the soft pad. Now I have the perfect combination of machine, backing plate, and pad to get the job done. Let’s go ahead and move over to the Subaru to get the perfect coat of wax. To get started, I already washed the car and conducted a clay bar service so the paint feels smooth as glass. Now we just need to add the perfect layer of wax for the best protection to keep this World Rally Blue paint looking awesome! Waxing a car with a machine polisher is the fastest way to wax an entire car. You also use the least amount of product because you get the thinnest, most even layer across every surface. I’ll take some Butter Wet Wax and put a few dots across this Black Hex-Logic Pad. These few dots are enough to do the entire front end, and then some. To get started, I’ll flip the cord back over my shoulder, and dab the wax out across the surface… …that way when I turn the machine on, I won’t fling any around the car and where I don’t want it. I’ll flip the machine one, and I’m just going to use speed setting 1 to spread the wax. I’m not working the wax in, I’m not polishing the paint, I’m just spreading the wax across the paint like how you’d spread butter on toast. I don’t need to work it in at all, I just need to spread it across in a nice even coat. Now you’ve seen how fast and easy it was to spread wax using the TORQ22D dual action polisher. Since I used Butter Wet Wax, I don’t have to wait for any dry or cure times. Butter Wet Wax is wax on/wax off. So I’ll take a Workhorse Microfiber Towel and buff off the residue to reveal a nice lustrous protected surface! This looks great on this World Rally Blue: really makes it look extra deep blue and wet. Butter Wet Wax removes very easily from the clear bra as well. It buffs off the headlight easily, no problem. So if you have any questions about the products we used today, like the TORQ22D polisher, or the 5” backing plate for the machine, you can check them out on our website: the link is right below! If you want to learn how to detail part of your vehicle, subscribe to our YouTube channel! We have over 700 videos showing you how to detail just about anything. You’ve got a nice car, let’s keep it clean
with Chemcial Guys!

67 thoughts on “How To Apply Car Wax By Machine – TORQ22D – Chemical Guys

  1. The lighting when you do these videos in the warehouse is horrible and is not doing any favors for the products you're marketing.

  2. Does the pad size really matter with adding wax? Usually the pad for wax is the softest available and can get into all the curves. I could see using a smaller backing plate/pad for polishing.

  3. Great video by the way. Can you make a video showing the steps you would take if you were completely cleaning a car, including the wash, wax, polish, clay, interior etc? You don't have to show it being done, but maybe you can make it instructional, with short examples. Also, do you already have a video like this?

  4. can you do a video that shows a full detail? I'm still lost on the steps. I'm a visual learner need to see the action lol

  5. Just polished and waxed my car a few weeks ago. Used chemical guys polishes and buffing pads. Waxed with meguiars NXT. Now car is dirty from the rain. Any recommendations on how I should clean it in California? Use to use my driveway but now that's illegal.

  6. I do look forward to trying machine application in a few months once I have a garage, until then I'll have to keep wearing out my arm!

  7. I'm about to order the new TorqX. I was wondering if there's a pad that can be used to remove the wax instead of doing it by hand with a microfiber towel?

  8. 5inch pad, not 6! and always touch the car with you bare hands while waxing … you CG guys are useless.

  9. Good vid – But try to avoid jamming the wax into the line of the clearbra. Over time it can risk having adhesive issues with the bra and cause it to start lifting.

  10. Great video!! I have watched a lot of your videos and am torn between torq10 and torq22. I want to use this to polish both my wife's expedition and my truck and eventually use it to wax.
    What is the difference between the two models?? I am leaning towards the torq10.

  11. Wax on the window? Next time you need to use your windshield wipers, it wil get greasy and you can't see the road anymore

  12. No wax is just wax on wax off. This isn't The Karate kid. Wax needs to seep into the paint for a few minutes before removing it.

  13. hey man, i'm using a paste wax for my car but it come off after a rainy day. just thought you could suggest a better wax i could use for this kind of weather we have in the Philippines, thanks.

  14. this machine needs to get updated, why do a manual hand buff when you could a add a buff setting in the polisher? include an easily switchable buffing pad.

  15. Hey, that's a car from MASS 🙂 i live there too do you guys have a physical address?? Would you wax my car for me?? Awesome vid dude! I've waxed my car several times and i'm bout to buy a polisher machine but i've heard doing it manually is the best!!! I've done it like that but is tought bro

  16. Who used this song first Lol Matt Maran "Subaruwrxfan" or Chemical Guys. its a good song looks like im not the only person that recognized it either.

  17. Great video. Why the gay music? Everyone always plays gay music in instructional videos. Shit you hear in an elevator. Thank you though.

  18. I have decided to get the torq10fx. But I am wondering about the pads you use. Whether I am polishing or spreading wax, can the pads be washed and reused or are they one time use and throw out?

  19. Hi I just bought a buffing machine to for polishing and waxing. I normally use Turtle wax hard shell wax that comes in a tub rather than the liquid version of wax that Turtle wax also has, but also with the same consistency as the wax you are using in this video. I was wondering if I can apple those types of wax on the buffer with the machine or do I have to buy the Liquid paste when using the machines?

  20. Can you wax the windshields?
    And what parts of the car can’t you wax?
    Btw Just bought some products from you guys in the store (Detail Garage) that you guys have in Utah 👍🏽

  21. Hey, I have a polishing machine I use to polish cars with.
    Is there any way I can use hard wax on a finishing pad to apply it by machine rather than hand? I have not seen anyone do it before..

  22. Why do the videos contradict each other. The glaze/sealant video used the red, but this one uses the black. I don't have the red lol. Does that mean I can't glaze or seal with it u til I get a red?
    The chart says the black can be used for all and the red one too… I don't get it.

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