How To: Abdominal Crunch (Hammer Strength)

What’s going on YouTube? I’m Scott from And I want to show you guys how to use the hammer strength abdominal crunch machine now I always see a lot of people use this machine. It’s a great machine, but they don’t use it correctly Okay, what you need to do And this is more of a rule of thumb for the majority of people who use this machine if you take your fist You slide this up Bring it up just high enough, so your fist fits in it’s a pretty good height to use then you adjust the weight To a weight that you can do not hurt yourself And now what you want to do Sit down underhook your feet Make sure you point your toes up Lean back and when you lean back your shoulders should be in line with the Pad, okay right here Keep your head back Hold on to the handles arch your back a bit and now when you come down you focus on something straight across Because you don’t want your neck to go down And you don’t want to go back and you’re going to breathe out As you come forward always breathe out when your insert a force so toes up everything’s tight gone Come back, so the weights almost touch down again Come back all the way And then come down now a lot of people do this machine like this Doesn’t do anything you’re not activating your abs all you’re doing is looking like you’re having a seizure on the ab machine. So you want to do is make sure that You keep the back straight Come all the way down and then All the way down all the way back And that’s how you use the abdominal crunch machine. Thank you guys for watching more instructional stuff coming soon Go to if you wanna learn how to use this exercise for the same instructional videos Photos or hundreds of other exercises that I have on my site. Thanks for watching have a great night guys

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