How The Dark Knight Should Have Ended

so I just lifted the entire island out
at the ocean and I was about to throw it into outer— Stop talking!! Ugh! It’s my turn now! Well it is about time! wait, is that your new stage voice? yeah. What about it? Well I mean, are you like gargling marbles or something? I could barely understand you.. UGHDUDHHEUSHSHH! How The Dark Knight Should Have Ended How ’bout a magic trick? I’m gonna make this pencil disappear.. Hughhh! TADA!! It’s gone! That wasn’t a magic trick, I saw
the pencil just went up into his eye this is lame… Let her go. Very poor choice of words… Ahhhh!!! Rachel! Ahhhh!! I gotcha! (boom) Oh!! You alright? I’m ok. I don’t know how though. We completely smashed this car. So you gonna go back up there and catch the Joker? mmmm, nah! I’m sure everything’s fine.. Come on, come on… Watch me… Come on, hit me! Come on… Watch it, watch it. Come on, hit me, hit me!! Hit me!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Hit me!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! Hit me!!! AHHHH!!! Whammo! Whoa! Hold on a second. You hit him? Yup. You hit the Joker? Uh huh. You ran over a human being? Sure did. But.. Wh.. What about your rule slurppp Didn’t kill him.. Ahhh… Sobbing… You wanna know how I got these scars? Mhmmmm from Batman. From Batman… Hey, he said he wanted me to do it… You sir, are bold. I’ll bet Gotham loves you now. Well, it turns out the Joker already had this
unbeatable plan a lot of people died and (clears throat) now the city hates me. What? They hate you? How is this a good story? It’s because I’m the hero Gotham deserves
but not the one it needs.. It’s complicated but it’s pretty awesome when you think about it. Yeah I don’t know what any of that means. But dude, you know what I would’ve done Oh I don’t know, Probably just fly really fast, saving everyone from the bullets and explosions, exactly!! Yea, well can’t do all those things. Because I’m not a super bulletproof alien from another planet that can defy gravity but you know I can do? What’s that? Make an incredibly awesome movie!! You know why? because you’re Bat– BECAUSE I’M BATMAN! So are just gonna pretend like those guys
never happened? Is that what we’re doing? Yup. How are you even speaking so clearly? It makes no sense, I should be like I only have a half a face…..

100 thoughts on “How The Dark Knight Should Have Ended

  1. 00:22
    "Rarzuuzarhrgahzuurozuhgaw !" 🤣

    "So, we're just going to pretend, like, those guys never happened ?"
    … … … "Yep !"

  2. There isn't that much PLOTHOLES in this FILM and you can't disprove the JOKER with logic or plot holes unlike THANOS. From DR.Strange to endgame you destroyed yourself marvel BUT MADE ALOT OF MONEY😅😅😅

  3. 1:21

  4. Batnan:do you know What I can Do
    Superman: what
    Batnan: make an awesome movie
    Me: I have watched the movie and I can say it was mediocre at best.

  5. "So you're gonna go back up there and catch the Joker?"

    That's definitely a pretty painful plothole in the movie lol

  6. 1:32 honestly I would totally do it my stepbrother looked at me and I was like it not consider murder if you slam on brakes and just bump him

  7. I just realized y'all haven't made a How Superman Returns Should Have Ended. What are the chances of y'all making one.

  8. Teacher: you have to do your homework.
    Student: no! I don't want to do my homework.
    Teacher: why?
    Student: because I'm batman!🦇

  9. But this is how it really should have ended:
    "You just take off your little mask so we can all see who you really are." Joker's expression shifts to surprise as Batman slowly reaches up to his mask. Suddenly, Batman shoots his forearm wrist razor blades at Joker, causing him to stumble back, releasing Rachel. Batman then says "This is Gotham!" as he Spartan kicks Joker out the window. Joker laughs as he slides down the glass and falls 100 stories onto a taxi. Fade out. Fade in EXT Gotham General. Joker is in a full body cast. The nurse walks into his room and he mumbles "you wanna know how I got these scars?" (same as existing shot). The nurse glares at him and yanks the chain to elevate his leg. Joker groans in agony. Cut to Rachel, Bruce, and Harvey chilling on a beach. They tink their glasses as they relax. Roll credits.

  10. Here's another one, while rescuing rachel and harvey, why didn't the cops use helicopters to reach rachel faster, also I know that before joker was caught there was a scene where jokers gang destroyed a helicopter, do cops only have one of those?

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