How Rich uses Advocare Supplements

Alright this may look like a cooking show, but it’s not. This is. we get a lot of questions about what Advocare products I do take start off usually morning and mid-afternoon I’ll take a scoop of Argenine Extreme scoop of Mass Impact in the mornings I usually take a scoop or maybe half a scoop of spark depending on how much lakelyn has slept the night before I usually take two scoops of rehydrate in that mix in the afternoon I usually do the same thing through here depending on how tired I am I usually try to stay away from the caffeine in the afternoon and I’ll substitute these V16 vitamin packets every night I’ll take the nighttime recovery cause it helps me sleep it’s got stuff to help you recover throughout the night post-workout I take the muscle gain
I usually take two scoops of that with whole milk after usually every session that I take
if you like more carbs than what muscle gain muscle gain doesn’t have a lot of carbs in it Every once in a while I’ll take a scoop of muscle gain and a scoop of the post workout recovery just to get a little bit more carbs usually that’s after every session and then competition days muscle fuel it’s awesome it’s one of the best pre-workout things that I think they may make or that anybody’s made and then if I am doing anything longer cardio session or anything like that I usually throw in O2 Gold this is actually the old packaging of the O2 Gold they have a newer it’s just black like the rest of the performance products That’s pretty much what I take from Advocare like I said we had a lot of questions so I figured we’d throw that out there and show you exactly what I take all these are actually on our website if you click the Advocare link on the side all these are already packaged up in different packages where you can purchase those packages so there you go there’s the rumors answered. Thank you.

34 thoughts on “How Rich uses Advocare Supplements

  1. Supplement companies are one of the biggest scams on earth. You don't need to take all that. But, slap on the poster boy of Crossfit and folks will be lining up to buy them.

  2. The question is :do we really need supplements?
    Eating right seems harder than taking all these supplements.
    By trying to sell these products of course Rich is making $$$ and i understand his point.
    Advice for the average person: Use your money wisely and let food be your medicine NOT supplements.

  3. cf project mayhem takes a long ass hiatus from posting good videos and then this gets posted………I don't blame him though Advocare definitely pays him well.

  4. Well, he uses them because he's paid to. That's how he uses them. Can't blame the guy – Man's gotta feed his family and his CF career won't last forever.

  5. I wouldn't tarnish my "god status" in the fitness history books for a few bucks… but then again I wouldn't be a part of a cult.

  6. He takes them because Advocare is the best nutrition company on the market. The most science behind all of their supplements. Do the research.

  7. He's not selling out or selling anything. AdvoCare only pays 1 athlete (Drew Brees in their extensive list of top athletes. Maybe the reason CF Project Mayhem doesn't make as much videos is because of the constant trolling by morons who have issues against crossfit but seem to be able to make their pathetic lives better by trashing what works for other people. But, I love the video Rich, and I love AdvoCare. Keep keepin on

  8. All these folks typing "sell out" act like they don't talk about the supplements they use. But we all know you guys talk supplements and that if you got the chance you would take money for it….stupid trolls.

  9. Seriously, Project Mayhem did a lot of great videos that were pretty informative then took a long break. And you come back with an infomercial? Come on bro, you're better than this.

  10. Thanks Rich, your Awesome and I love AdvoCare. Anyone who thinks this products are a scam…you are wrong…Both my legs are amputated above the knee and i can barely walk 20 feet each day and not many exercises i can do with no legs and i have lost over 30 LBS. and feel great. Thanks AdvoCare.

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