How LOST Should Have Ended – Hurley

Well that fixes the light cave problem. Hugo, that might be the smartest thing I’ve
seen in years. You clearly were meant to protect the island. Thanks, dude. So.. what happens next? Hmmm.. You’re in Hurley’s world now. Ruling the island
totally rocks! Gonna do it my way! There’s nobody here to
make me stop. Eating some chicken, jet skiing with the shark! You’re in Hurley’s world now. Ruling the island totally rocks! Hurley’s the man now!

100 thoughts on “How LOST Should Have Ended – Hurley

  1. As a Lost fan, the main problem I had with the show was how ambiguous the writers insisted on keeping the main storyline. Here's what I've learned: The same energy from the island exists in every human being, if it goes out there it goes out everywhere, they needed to stop the man in black from leaving because the "darkness" would spread, he wants to kill everyone, it would be the end of "everything", everyone would go to hell, and that he wanted to go "home" despite being born on the island. I understand the island was the source of all life-force on the planet, and that the island serves as a kind of gateway to the afterlife, but I think it's kind of ridiculous that you have to come up with your own theories on why the Smoke man had to be stopped so badly, I can fill in the blanks and assume what it meant, but should I really have to? I'm not a hater, I love the show, but I totally get where the criticism comes from.

  2. So the new candidates are Ripley, Peter Venkman,Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction,  Batman, Neo and Gandalf ?
    I approve.

  3. I like how you included the Dharma Initiative stamp on the shark's tail.  If my girlfriend hadn't pointed it out to me when we were watching the show together, I would never have noticed it.

  4. This would have made the best aftermath of Hurley and Ben episode, if they did one. Which they didnt… 🙁

  5. This is my new head-canon for what happened after the end (before purgatory!)
    Ben and Hurley playing computer games and golf? and Batman and Gandalf being candidates? COME ON THIS IS AWESOME!!!!

  6. basically this show taught me that as long as you can write a half decent plot/characters you can just pull whatever you want out of your ass and people will say it's the greatest thing on television, seriously this show lasted this many seasons? i mean after the whole smoke monster incident is where me and many other people i know stopped caring

  7. Have't seen the real ending yet, (on on episode 1 season 4), but Hurley ruling the island would be awesome XD

  8. You know you are a good animator when someone who has never seen one episode of Lost watches your video and says, "Hold on, is that the guy who plays Mr. Finch in Person of Interest?

  9. you know, watching all the things Ben has seen throughout the series of LOST, what Hirley did was actually probably the smartest thing he has seen in years

  10. I'm obsessed with Lost!!! Curretly watching the season again for my second time:)) I just made a Lost edit of the most touching moments! You guys should check it out and tell me what you think? Thanks 🙂

  11. Hurley carried that show. everytime the show fell on its ass, Hurley be like, " uh-uh. nope, we're gonna get this shit done with." and just held up the entire series on his shoulders like Atlas holding the weight of the world. Hurley was like Daryl from WD or Hodor from GoT.

  12. You're in Hurley's world now
    Rulin' the island totally rocks (totally rocks)
    Gonna do it my way
    There's nobody here to make me stop (Hurley's the best)
    Eatin' some chicken, jet skiin' with a shark
    You're in Hurley's world now
    Rulin' the island totally rocks (totally rocks)
    Hurley's the man now!

  13. "Hurley's World! Hurley's World! It's party time! Excellent!" I know you didn't sing that, but way to get the ear worm stuck in my head anyway. (Loving this video, by the way.)

  14. EVERYBODY LOVES HUGO ❤ Also, I loved their friendship since Hurley shared his Apollo's bar with Ben. It was a very funny, kinda out-of-nowhere scene and, because of that, brilliant!

  15. So… does Hurley now have the power to make people immortal and make a spooky cabin that changes locations and makes stuff fly around?

  16. If I was Hurley I'd totally get a team of scientists and engineers to figure out how the island can move, and then make a faster than light spaceship to go to other planets and stuff. New spin-off can be called "Lost in Space (Tropical Island Version)".

  17. Since everyone else was a candidate to protect the island, I'm just imagining how the island would've been if like Shannon, Boone, Ana Lucia or even Charlie ran it, that would be a crazy fucking situation

  18. Thank you for giving the fans the ending they deserved. Now healing from the trauma of the actual series ending can begin.

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