How I lost weight (17kg) WITHOUT EXERCISE

Follow me on instagram @shannon_makeup1989 Hey everyone today I’m going to talk to you about how I maintain my weight and how I lost a whole buncha weight just through dieting, so without exercise, so yeah I just thought it would be really helpful to share some tips and tricks that I didn’t know back then that I know now Because it is actually really [easy] to lose weight. It’s just mind over matter and with these tips and tricks I think you’ll find it so much easier to just share the kilos or even just maintain your weight If that’s what you’re trying to do. I will say though If you have a medical condition these tips and tricks’ probably aren’t going to help you so if you’ve got a medical condition that stops you from putting on weight or Losing weight, then. I would seek advice [from] your doctor now of course Exercising as well as dieting. It is probably the best way for you to lose weight, but If you’re anything like me, and you’re lazy the prospect of exercising is just oh, I don’t know I’m just so lazy like if someone said to me Okay, if you run around the oval five times you can eat dinner otherwise if you don’t run around the oval five times you go To bed hungry, [I] would [choose] the second option that’s how lazy I am Okay, so before I begin I’m going to talk to you about how I put on a whole [bunch] of weight when I finished year 12 I think [I] was about 53 Kilos and I’m 172 centimeters then in my first year out of school when I was living at student accommodation at UnI. I put on like 17 Kilos I think in about [8] months So when I came to the shocking realization that I’ve put on so much weight I didn’t even know where to begin or how to get rid of it because I just mean naturally slim my whole life and [I’d] never dyed it or had to lose weight before and let me tell you I am living [proof] that Naturally thin people can put on weight [you] know when you hear [people] say oh my God You’re just naturally slim You can never put on by I’m so jealous of you So unfair trust me those people can put on weight unless you’ve got a medical condition Naturally slim people can put on weight okay, so let me start from the beginning [I] went to boarding school from age 11 Until age 17 so from year 7 [to] year 12 because my parents live in the country Now when I lived at home before I started boarding school I was an only child and my family just made me whatever I wanted to eat I was extremely fussy so that would just make me the [foods] that I liked so when I went to boarding school I hated all the food that they served now. There’s one food that just seems to be in everything and that’s onions and I Fucking hate onions, so when I went to boarding school literally there were onions in everything every dinner We had onions onions looks like an onion Infestation, and I mean obviously there was some [nicer]. I did like the dinner that they provided but most nights [I] didn’t like it, and I would only a very small amount or I wouldn’t eat any of it at all So then what would end up happening is when they serve supper at about [8] o’clock that night I would just pig out on like the sweets that they’ll provide us for supper Which would usually be something like lemming turns or caramel slices So I’d have about three or four and people would see me and be like oh [my] God Shannon You’re so lucky like look how much you can eat, and you’re so slim, but they didn’t realize that I hadn’t even eaten dinner And the boarding house went through this really annoying stage where they stopped serving sandwiches for lunch so you like put in your order for lunch in the morning at like the breakfast eating area and I would always like I would always order a vegemite or peanut butter sandwich because I’m like a plain jane when it comes to food But they cut that out for a bit, and you could only order like hot food so for quite a few [months] [I] wasn’t even eating lunch either anyway so
Because people would see like a snapshot of my life and constantly tell me or Shannon you can get away with eating anything You’re so lucky you’re so slim [I] believe that I was like oh I’m just naturally slim, and I can never put on weight because that’s what people tell me but looking back I now realize that I didn’t actually eat that much in high school and my eating patterns were Really erratic because sometimes I wouldn’t eat dinner sometimes I didn’t even like [the] supper So there might be a day where I barely ate anything And then the next day I pigged out and it wasn’t on purpose It was just because I was such a fussy bitch so in my first year out [of] [school]. I worked at a bakery and I love bread and pastries that is my weakness I can eat bread and pastry all day long [I] mean if I did I would be the size of a whale, but I could um [so] when I worked at this bakery I just stacked on weight because we could take home all the free bread and praise thought All the free bread and pastries who wanted at the end of the day, so I? went from like [53] kilos to 70 kilos within eight months And I know some of you are probably thinking 70 kilos is not even that much and I completely agree 70 kilos is a completely healthy weight except I Put on weight very disproportionately So when I put on those like 17 kilos it all went to my face and my stomach and I looked Horrible like you know some people who just distribute weight so evenly they put on weight in all the right places Like I’ve noticed Kylie Jenner has put on a little bit [of] weight Within the last couple years, and it’s all gone to like her butt and her boobs and she looks incredible But [my] weight just went to all the wrong places all the places that you do not want fat to go to None of the weight went to my boobs I remained an a-cup and I just had like this fat pregnant stomach like my stomach [was] so disrepair compared to the rest of my body and most Importantly the worst sort of thought to have is stomach that because that’s surrounding your internal organ That’s how you can get diabetes, so I was a bit worried about that as well I was just like I’ve got to get rid of this stomach Fat B And the thing is I didn’t even realize how much weight I put on I thought oh yeah, maybe I’ve put on like five or six kilos I put on 17 kilos So that just goes to show [that] you do need to weigh yourself regularly because often the mirror is just I don’t know I think we just Sometimes we see ourselves in a distorted light. It’s not until we see like a horrendous photo or Really get on the scales that we realize how much weight [I’ve] actually put on okay So now to get to the point of this whole video How I lost the weight, so what I did was I did not eat any more than 1200 calories per day I did this for about three months of course there were cheat days or a couple of cheat days, but I maintained Eating no more than 1200 calories most days and I would eat dinner No later than 6 o’clock because your metabolism is at its slowest at nighttime So [I] made sure [that] I would if I was going to consume carbs I did at breakfast or at [lunchtime] and not at [nighttime] so [I] didn’t cut out carbs completely I still eat like [pigs] in the morning. I think two or three wheat bags and then at [lunchtime] I would eat something like chicken and some Brown rice or like some brown pasta Obviously in quite a small quantity and then at night [time] I would eat like a piece of meat and then just vegetables Or salad and of course I had little snacks in between and I still had like snack size chocolates and sweets as long as it didn’t go over the 1200 calories per [day] you do not have to cut out carbs and chocolate it Just means when you’re dieting. You can’t eat much of them, and you’ve just [got] to make [sure] that [it] doesn’t go over your Calorie limit for the Day [and] [we’ll] also completely open my eyes up during this whole process is finding out How many calories are actually in certain [fruits] because I was just so Unaware so by counting your calories you’re going to become so much more aware of What food you’re consuming and how many calories it actually contains so I had no idea that like? Prepackaged juices and green Teas had so much sugar in them Natural juices that have been like freshly squeezed or only contain a hundred percent fruit juice without any added sugar are fine But most of the juicers out there are so sugary [I] actually picked up a bottle of orange juice like not like a huge bottle of it Just one of those small ones that you get compared it to a kitkat And there was more sugar in the orange juice, and I was like what the fuck like literally What the fuck I was so mind blown So when I realized that there was just so much sugar hiding in foods that I thought were healthy I started cutting all of those out and Because they’re just a waste of calories like if I’m going to consume a lot of calories I want it to be on chocolate or ice cream or something like tasty not something that’s supposed to be healthy, so setting yourself a calorie limit and Also making [sure] that you don’t eat late at night is honestly the best thing that you can do if you don’t have your [denis] [Norden] [eat] if you don’t have your dinner any later than the six pm honestly you’re going to see results, so quickly Yes, you will be fucking starving you’ll probably wake up at [5] a.m.. Or 6 a.m.. Like I did with just a Rumbling stomach and just feeling so goddamn hungry But that is normal heard people say that you shouldn’t feel hungry when you’re losing weight, and that’s so bad for your body What the hell of course you’re going to feel hungry when you’re losing weight your body is burning calories that is normal I mean, you don’t want to starve yourself, but yes, you were going to feel goddamn hungry And then you know that you’re doing it right another thing I did that [was] so important was weighing myself three times a week as I said before you honestly Sometimes you [just] can’t see yourself for what you really are and how much weight you’ve actually put on weighing yourself regularly Just gives you an idea of like what’s worked. What hasn’t worked [so] in about three months I lost 10 kilos [and] then over the next nine months. I lost the extra seven Kilos So it was sort of like over a year but I did the bulk of it in about [three] months because I’m the most impatient person in the world now is just like right. I want to lose this [weight]. It’s happening. I’m doing it I’m not waiting. We’re getting rid of this app So I lost that weight [so] it’s not like I’m dieting anymore or trying to lose weight. I’m definitely not doing that I’m just maintaining it so what I do to maintain my weight While still being able to eat like naughty foods like chocolate and ice cream and things like that is I just control my portions so at a restaurant if I order like a pasta dish or Risotto or Pizza, I never finish [it] I’ll eat half or sometimes even less than half and then I’ll take the rest time and eat it for lunch the next day and I often share desserts with people as well, so I never eat a full dessert. I mean some days I do But if I have a real blowout, and I eat a lot of food in One day I’ll adjust my eating plan the next day so that I eat a little bit less To compensate for the day before where a huge amount so I had my dinner at a normal time now usually at about 7:30 Because I’m not trying to lose weight anymore I would only recommend having a ridiculously early dinner when you’re in the process of actually trying to lose weight Not maintain it and as I mentioned before I do not waste my calories on Diet Foods because often they’re just full of sugar and crap and the ones labeled diet foods often contain artificial sweetener And that shit gives you cancer fo sho so don’t eat that stuff honestly I don’t drink like soft drinks [because] they’re just to me just wasted calories I would so much rather get like a double scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins Or jill Ra that would be so much tastier than just drinking like a coke or something [I’m] not into that at all another really important tip is not keeping crap food in the house So I don’t [keep] any crap food in the house because then I know I’m going to eat it because I have no self-control Hello [like] when I worked at the bakery no self-control [ate] all the bread I’m out of control so The only things that we have in our house are just like Things that you actually have to cook like dinner for that night or the next night bread eggs cheese Just boring stuff like that I don’t keep chips or [chocolate] or anything like that in the house because then it’s too easy I had a giant a teller in the house like a week ago, because I bought it for like I’d had people over and it was just a part of like the ingredients that I’d used to make something with And I ate that whole jar in a night Because I’m out of control and I have no self-control when they’re stopped in the house, so I definitely had to adjust my diet the Following day [to] counteract that Gorging episode I had with the nutella and see if you’re lazy like [me] You probably will be too lazy to go out and get an ice [cream], or get some chocolate because you’d be like [I’m] [not] [I] can’t be volatile to sit on the couch So that could work in your favor being lazy might also stop you from eating sweets [if] there’s none in the house because you can’t be bothered going out. I know it can be hard if you’ve got kids I mean, not that I have kids But I would assume it would be hard if you’ve got like sweets and snacks for the kids And then you can’t stop yourself from eating them, but maybe try and just [by] those sorts of food when you’re out That’s what my family did like we never really had that chocolate and chips and things like that in the house But you’ve also at the shops of my mum, or at the swimming pool Or at like a circus or a carnival or you know something like that, whatever kids Go out and do then she would like Barney sweets And things like that like you don’t necessarily have to keep them in the house if you can’t control yourself To summarize if you’re wanting to lose weight without actually doing any exercise Make sure you can’t your calories like either 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day as long as you don’t go over [your] calorie limit for the day. You can eat Whatever you want there was this one day at the bakery Where I ate a [6-Pack] of chocolate hot cross buns in one sitting So what I did for the rest of the day was I did not eat [anything] I think I ate a salad for dinner that night But I was like obviously I’ve taken it to the next level I’ve eaten a fucking six pack of hot Cross buns So I just tamed it. I just sort of Controlled myself and was like okay. Well you’re not going to be eating much for the reservation and that you [pig] I mean, I definitely don’t recommend Binge eating that was just like a one-Time occurrence. Maybe I was on my period Maybe I was just craving the chocolate I don’t know, but if you do have a complete blowout, and you just eat [a] whole cheesecake or you eat something ridiculous just manage your food for the rest of the day and eat a hell of a lot less [than] what you were planning to you because you’ve [obviously] Just taken it to the next level and trust me unless you have a medical condition There is no such thing as a naturally slim person who cannot put on weight No matter how hard she tries can literally [eat] anything in the world And she still won’t put on weight that does not exist Honestly if you think that there are people like that in your life You don’t actually get to see what they’re eating a hundred percent of the [time] you only see a snapshot It’s like when I was in school people would see me eating three lamingtons and be like oh, you’re so lucky But they did not know [that] I had not eaten any dinner and barely any lunch so if you’re wanting to lose weight Make sure that you eat dinner really early like at five or [six] o’clock that is my most helpful tip it works wonders make sure you count your calories and Also, weigh yourself regularly that’s honestly how I lost the weight if you’re just wanting to maintain your weight still weigh yourself regularly you also want to make sure that if you do overeat one day you rein it in the next day and Honestly portion control is everything I still eat carbs and chocolate and bad food not every day but when I do each head, I don’t eat any huge quantities because honestly if I did I Would just be putting on weight like I love pizza. I love chocolate. I love past I love all of those things I couldn’t cut [that] out because I honestly just Feel hungry if I just lived on salad, I hate salad. [I] mean it’s okay, but I hate salad dressings I just don’t like wet salads [I] I just prefer vegetables anyway what am I talking about really getting off topic here um? Yeah, portion control is literally everything so I’ve been in situations where someone’s complaining about how they can’t lose any weight And they’re talking about how someone else is so lucky because they’re so slim and they can never put on weight And then I’ve looked over to see what they’re eating in comparison to the slim person and their portion size is double and Honestly that has so much to do with it. So I hope this was helpful guys I thought I would do this video because I really struggled when I first started trying to lose the weight I had no [idea] what to do and In my mind, I thought dieting was like no chocolate No carbs like all the things that I loved but you can eat those things just in moderation Cutting out those sorts of foods. Just leaves way too much to be desired There’s no way I could have lost that weight by cutting it out completely and going cold turkey like I love chocolate [I] couldn’t have done that. I just ate like a snack sized chocolate [everyday] instead of a full Kitkat or whatever so yeah, I managed to lose 17 kilos and you can definitely [achieve] that true if there’s no underlying medical condition There’s no reason that you can achieve the [same] results that I did I know everyone’s metabolisms are different It could take you a little bit longer or it might take you and even short a period of time to do it, but inevitably You will lose the weight, so I hope this video was slightly helpful, and I’ll see you guys next time

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    1200kcal is too low for your body to function properly, it can seriously damage your metabolism and cognitive functions. I am so sure that if you ate normally you would get fat in a week. Also I highly recommend you to get your blood checked, your health must be horrible. Especially with the lack of exercise and consuming sweets and what seems to be processed food I can't imagine your hormone levels…
    It makes me sad that you binged and then restricted yourself? You need mental help.

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    I'm going to say something even though my English is not that good.
    I was on a diet for about 3 weeks (I wasn't eating sweets) and I lost idk 0,5 or 1kg but 4 days ago I ate A LOT and I gained 2kg. Now I want to start again and this time I'll with do it properly haha

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  11. Diets are sooo bad and almost impossible to maintain. For anyone who wants to be skinnier or healthier, get into a healthy lifestyle that fits your needs. You don't have to feel hungry at all or restrict to 1200 calories. Do your research and do it the right way.

  12. Same here I was naturally skinny ate anything my mom made I was 54kg 1.72m, when I started college i met two obese friends they told me if I ate like them I will get boobs and butt, after 10 months I weighted over 75kg I had no clothes fitting me it was horrible. Today I wight 66kg eating everything in moderation daily that includes junk food.

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    Also, if you're hungry and you don't feed yourself properly, your body is going to go on starvation mode and save all the food that you do eat as fat because it thinks you're not getting any food/energy for your body anytime soon.

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  15. Problem with counting calories and limiting yourself while you lose weight, and eating at 6pm, is that when u stop trying to ‘lose weight’ and go back to your normal eating habits and meal times, you are going to gain it all back again! It’s a life style not a diet!!

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  18. Eating 1200 calories is very little for a person of her height, and might sooner or later put your body into starvation mode and slow down your metabolism. What then happens is that your body tries to survive with the amount of calories you're currently giving it and adapts to it. Meaning, it will burn fewer and fewer calories per day, making your weight stagnate. And as soon as you start eating more again, meaning like, i dunno, 1500 calories or something, which is still rather low, you will put on weight because your body is used to the 1200 calories, and this is what's called the YoYo effect. That's why gradual weight loss is so important, it takes more time, but it keeps your body's metabolism high, allowing you to go back to a higher calorie intake after you're done with your diet. Also, leaving aside all the health benefits of exercise, weight lifting also increases your metabolic rate, which means that you'll look tight and fit AND you'll be able to eat a lot more calories a day without putting on weight.
    I'm glad that this worked out for her, I'm just saying that this is probably not the right way to lose weight for people who aren't willing to be hungry for the rest of their lives.

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    it's like I loose weight soooo fast but I get weight just as fast and easy

  21. when I was 11 ish I was 160 pounds I was so insucure I lost 50 pounds in 1-2 months by forcing myself not to eat and if I did it was only like letuce and other vegies NO FRUITS OR NOTHING ELSE. now I am 114? last time I checked .every summer ONLY I go on diet (not eating fatty food) during winter and that time I excersise my ass off. and I feel still so fat ev3n if people tell me I'm skinny
    it's like I loose weight soooo fast but I get weight just as fast and easy

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  25. The sugar in juices comes from the fruit. Every apple/ orange juice will have absurdly high sugar (20-30g per serving I reckon)

  26. this is actually true a year ago i followed a meal plan problably consuming 1300 cal a day, not eating after 6 pm and i lost 8 pounds in 6 days my body stayed permanently slim afterwards i was 165 cm 56 kg now i am 52 kg just i drinked a lot of water everyday and at night i drink nonflavored no sugar green tea so it would fasten up my metabolism and i think if this method is unhealthy i would gain all that weight again

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    And people who say “So yeah!” when they have no idea what else to say. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ sorry, not for me.

  32. Its hard not to eat after 6pm in the long run :/ though i did this too before i can testify this method from Kylie REALLY REALLY works. The only thing made it easier and faster for a stubborn ex-chubby like me is this red tea i found while was searching for something 0 carb to drink at night. Its not much available but try just one and see the effect for yourself (

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  37. It should not be considered "normal" to feel starved while trying to lose weight. It's much better to eat enough to be satiated while being a bit more active- it doesn't even have to be "exercise" per se, just MOVE a little bit. And if you really too lazy to get up off your ass for 20 minutes a day, just make sure 90% of your calories are coming from real, unprocessed whole plant foods. You can eat pretty much eat as much greens, whole veggies, whole fruits, & legumes as you can stuff into your face, so long as you don't cook them in isolated oils or sugars. You can lose weight & become healthy very quickly without ever feeling hungry (or even working out) by taking in 90% of your calories from a fairly wide variety of whole, intact plant foods. Check out the book Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. for more info:

    Weight bearing exercise is still one of the best things we can do for our bodies, especially as we age, so it's much better to eat a few more calories while lifting weights 3 times a week than to go hungry just to avoid the exercise. Building some muscle is the best way to affect passive fat loss (fat burned by metabolism rather than directly from exercise) because it increases resting metabolism, while undereating slows metabolism further. If you are constantly feeling hungry while dieting, you can be sure that your body is breaking down muscle in moments of high energy demand, & storing any unused energy as fat. You will lose weight & size overall, but usually this approach will set you up for rebound as soon as you stop starving yourself.

  38. just do "low level" exercise. just go for shorter times and lower heart rate. do some body weight workouts . all you have to do to lose weigth is go on brisk walks and get a heart rate of 65%-70% of your maximum heart rate (max hr is 220 minus your age) just do "half exercising"

  39. I disagree with what you said about starving while losing weight, I have lost 5 kilograms in less than two months and there hasn’t been a single time I have felt hungry. If you eat big portions of healthy food you will not have that problem. It is of course a different thing if you use majority of your calorie count for junk and then eat a tiny portion of something healthy to stay in the calorie limit, but losing weight does not automatically mean you will be hungry

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