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Hey, it’s Sean McCabe with seanwes tv. How do you get people on your team to work
as hard as you do? How do you hire people who are as passionate
and motivated as you, that are going to work as hard as you, that are going to care as
much as you? I’ve got the answer coming up in just a second. It’s one word. You might already have guessed it. Let me know, if you’re been following along
this week. We just came back. We’ve done 180 episodes of seanwes tv in the
past several years, but we took a hiatus. We just came back, and we’ve been putting
out a few episodes this week on hiring, delegating, building a team. If you’ve seen those, let me know what you
think in the comments below if you’re watching this on YouTube. Would love to hear from you. Back to the question at hand. How do you hire people who are going to work
as hard as you do? Is it possible to get people to work and care
as much as you do? No. It’s not possible. You don’t, you can’t. People you hire are never going to work as
hard as you do. This is your thing. No matter how much you inspire, invest in,
motivate your employees and your team members, it’s never going to be the same as how hard
you work. It’s just not. That’s something you need to accept. You need to remember that you work for your team. What you are asking them to do is to give
up a part of their life—that’s what they’re doing. When they’re giving you some of their time, and
you’re asking them to give up a part of their life to invest in your mission. What are they going to get in exchange for
that? They’re going to work super hard, they’re
going to give up a piece of their life for your mission, why? Because of a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling they
get inside? No. Because of money? That’s not everything. A lot of people think that’s what motivates
people, and it’s true. In a sense, money is partially a motivator,
but it doesn’t increase linearly. The more money you give someone, the more
motivated they become… That’s not how it works. It doesn’t increase linearly. At some point, once you are covering your
expenses, your needs, and a little bit beyond—yeah, give yourself a buffer, give your employees
on your team a buffer—once you get to that point, when you go beyond it, it doesn’t have
the same effect. It can’t just be about money, and it can’t
just be about a warm, fuzzy feeling of working towards your mission. If you’re wondering how to get your employees
to work as hard as you, you have to rethink this. It’s the wrong way to approach it. What you really want is to get your employees
to give their all. How do you get the people who work for you
to work as hard as they can? How do you get them to care as much as is
possible for them to care? The answer is not the same answer for every
person. It’s different for every single person in
your organization. Everyone is motivated by different things. Maybe they want time. Maybe they want money. Maybe they want exposure, an audience, or
to feel like they’re making a difference. Who knows? Only you can know, and you can only know if
you talk to them. You have to actually build a relationship
with your employees and care about them. When you figure out what they want, that is
the trade you make. You give them what they want. It’s your job. I remember hearing Jeff Hoffman, the billionaire
founder of, say that when he interviews new employees, he told them, “It’s
my job to accomplish your dreams.” He told them that after he asked them, “What
do you want to accomplish?” He said, “What are your dreams in life?” He listened to them. He even told this great story about how one
of his employees said, “I want to buy my mom a house.” That was his goal, his dream. That was what he wanted to do. He said, “I remember sleeping on the floor
of this house that was cold. We couldn’t afford heat.” He told this story, and he said, “I never
wanted that. I didn’t want that for my mom, and I knew
as soon as I grew older, the first thing I wanted to do when I could is buy my mom a
house.” Jeff said, “It’s now my job to accomplish
your dreams for you.” He went on to tell this amazing story about
how, for this employee, he ultimately went and bought the mom of his employee a house. They brought her out and they showed her the
house. They built it to specs, according to her dreams
and what she wanted, and they had her visit this house that she thought her son’s boss
built for someone else. She was like, “Son, why are you showing me
a house your boss built for someone else?” They go to the bedroom, and there were such
specific requirements she wanted in her dream house, her fantasy house. She knew, as soon as she saw this room, that
this is it. The son is smiling, and he’s like, “This is
your house, Mom.” It was this touching moment. It’s so incredible. I just remember Jeff saying that: “It’s my
job to accomplish your dreams for you.” I can’t tell you how cool it is here at seanwes. Long time followers know that, for several
years now, we’ve been doing what I call Small Scale Sabbaticals. Small Scale Sabbaticals is where we take off
every seventh week. I pay all of the employees on my team, every
single person, to take off a week. They get a whole week off every seventh week,
and they’re paid to take it off. Sounds kind of crazy, but we work really hard. I work really hard, and I knew this was the
only solution to prevent burnout for me. I’m an all-on or an all-off kind of guy, and
I said, “If I’m going to protect myself from burnout, I’m going to have to go all in on
a break.” I did that for myself, starting in 2014. As I began to hire people, my first thought
was, “How am I going to make sure my employees are busy when I’m on my break?” Then I was like, “Wait a second… Do I believe in this concept or do I not? I do believe in it.” So I decided that I’m going to give my employees
a week off. Every seventh week, they’re paid to take it
off. That’s how much I believe in the importance
of rest and the fact that work isn’t everything. Work isn’t all there is to life. One of the coolest things I love to do—I haven’t really told this to his face, but one of my employees, Cory Miller, he regularly puts out a weekly vlog. I don’t have kids. He has a wife and two daughters. His wife also works for us at seanwes. One of the coolest things for me is to get
to watch the vlog he made of his past sabbatical week. I’m giving him this gift of a week off, and
then I get to see what he does. Several months ago, when it was the holidays,
I got to see his family opening Christmas presents. All I want to do is to help my employees accomplish
their dreams. I know what his dreams are. I know what he wants to accomplish. My mindset, my focus every day, is, “How can
I help my employees?” Cory McCabe wants to produce films, and that’s
really expensive. You need large budgets to be able to do some
different, fancy things. I want to help him produce those films. I’ve made it my mission to accomplish the
dreams of my employees, and that is the best way to get them on board. That is the best way to get them to work as
hard as possible. Maybe not as hard as you. You’re the business owner. It’s never going to be quite the same, but you want to get them to care as much as humanly possible. In the past ten years or so of running businesses,
I’ve learned a lot of things about working with employees, partners, team mates, remote
workers, people working in the same office as you, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes along
the way. I’ve wasted time and had a bunch of problems. I don’t want that for you. If you’re like me, you started a business
because you wanted freedom. If you’re like me, you get to a point where
you’re stuck. You have so much work, it’s more than any
one human can do, yet you don’t have the resources, the money, or the clarity on who to hire or
what to hire them for, or how you can afford it. That’s keeping you stuck right now. It’s keeping you overloaded, working 18 hour
days, stressed, not getting a lot of sleep, not spending time with your family,
not having fun. You don’t have freedom. The business, the very thing you started because
you wanted freedom, is keeping you stuck. I don’t want you to be stuck. I don’t want you to go through the same things
I did, all those pains, the years wasted. So, I want to help you. That’s why next week, we have an online, live-streamed,
three day workshop called Hiring Bootcamp. You can save 50% when you enroll at If you’re watching this later, we’re going
to have all the recordings there at If you want to build something bigger than
yourself and you know you need help, you know you need someone on your team, you know you
could grow if you delegated, but you feel stuck and you haven’t made time for this—you
feel like you can’t make time for this, and you haven’t made it a priority—that’s what
I want to help you with at Check it out. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments on the YouTube video. We’d love to answer those for you.—we’d love to help you get your time and freedom back.

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