Hot Food Vending Machines in Japan – Eric Meal Time #172

Oh boy, look at this guys. Oh it’s hot hot hot Hey guys, what’s going on? I’m Ericsurf6 and welcome to another edition of Eric Meal Time. Today I have found a place where there are tons of… Food vending machines all together – We’re in sort of this… Industrial area. A lot of factories around here. It’s kind of noisy it’s kind of loud But we’re going to eat a bunch of different kinds of food from vending machines in Japan you ready? Yeah, here we are, car repair shop. Huh, nice nice place Got a lumber yard over here. Did I say car repair? It’s not car repair It’s a wheel shop; wheels and tires. You guys hungry? Let’s go eat. I don’t really want to start with popcorn, nah! We can eat a jump rope. Where’s the food?This is all toys Different kinds of canned drinks, let’s get to the food Soba, Udon, here’s my buddy right here, Mr. Burger. Hamburger Definitely got to eat one of these. This says toast sando, toast sandwich those look interesting Huh, maybe these for dessert and here we go wheels Look at these nice wheels… Just forget the food and get some new wheels from my car. This one’s interesting look at this down here You can buy corn on the cob in a little package Potatoes, baked potatoes look at that, looks good huh Buttery Potatoes in a pack…mmm Can you see that? See if I can give you a clear shot. Squid on a Stick right there So I’m going to start with the ramen, this one Chashumen. It’s got the pork It takes 24 seconds. Look at that, cool timer. 20 seconds. It changes down here It’s hard to get this out Got it. So cost for this is about three dollars fifty cents. Oh, it’s dripping Oh boy, look at this guys. It’s hot hot hot Add a little bit of pepper here spice There’s a little discussion Pork! It’s a lot of pork. Look at this, you get one two three four five… Five pieces of pork and you get a full egg, look at this, a whole egg Not bad for a machine, but how does it taste how does it? How does it taste? Hmm, Surprisingly good. Fresh! Magic. This place is busy, there’s a lot of people. So I bet they stock these machines several times a day Oh, wait a minute The noodles.. noodles a bit bland I like the pork though Try the soup, let’s get in for the soup Shoyu, so a little bit salty Go for the egg, Dark color Oh look at that It’s half-boiled Soft-boiled Inside is very sweet almost sugar like Tell you what though, it’s not bad for coming out of a machine. It’s got a nice sort of plastic bowl that you return Boy… filled up already Bamboo shoots, Go for another, another piece of this pork. The pork is surprisingly good I mean honestly, it really tastes fresh. And the volume is chewy, look at that See the color on this Here we go, eat another one I’m getting full already, piece of seaweed Good volume too – so for about three dollars you can’t beat the price Waiting for your popcorn you get to listen to this delightful music Gotta love that music Always wanted a jump Rope. Hmm, a bit pricey though ten bucks Here we go in Japan Look at that. Did you guys know that cats have their own driver’s licenses – look at that. This is a cat driver’s license Seriously this cat has a driver’s license. Wow! Only in Japan It’s pretty rare to see Dr.Pepper in Japan but look they’ve also got diet Dr.Pepper Wow! Amazing variety Next up is the toast sandwich It says “toasto sando” This is ham and cheese. They’ve also got corned beef. I guess I’ll go for the standard the Ham cheese 300 yen one two three, about two dollars fifty cents Here we go. Toasto chu, that means the toaster is toasting it takes 40 seconds… Use these tongs to get it out with. Did you hear it? Like I’m reaching into a toaster. It’s It’s hard to get There we go Ho ho ho…Here we go Look at that..It’s a ham and cheese sandwich. Got a lot of cheese on it and looks like… Mustard, it smells like mustard Mm-Hmm It’s toasted pretty well Yeah Good volume, it’s heavy, so yeah a little less than three dollars Could use a bit more mustard, but it’s good Oh, it’s cheesy really cheesy And the temperature’s just right. Look at that cheese, just one piece of ham , Yup Not bad for coming out of a machine. It’s a good press. Don’t know they do it. You know, it’s good basic food Yeah, not bad. All right next up is the yakitori Which is you know, Yakitori is chicken on a stick but this comes in a can It is however served hot okay, so I “atatakai” So, let’s see Like the cartoon on here. It’s pretty cool Yeah, this one is a little more expensive 450 yen, about $4, but if it’s a can of meat It might be worth it let’s see change It’s pretty warm yeah, just eat it right here. It’s got a pop top on it. Oh boy. It looks like dog food doesn’t it? Smells like tomato soup, well I don’t know about this one guys Yakatori I guess we’ll eat this with Chopsticks. It’s not on a stick Okay, so it’s just pieces of Yakitori meat. Well, I don’t know it looks pretty good Don’t knock it til you try it smells a bit weird, a bit off The taste is good …wow Mmm. Nicely marinated meat. It’s different. It is more of a tomato sauce Wow, the meat is fresh Look at that big chunk Definitely, it’s a teriyaki.. sauce, almost more of a stew That’s a lot of meat Yeah There’s a softer piece Good! Next up. We’re going to try Mr.. Burger. All right, and there are three types. There’s the basic hamburger, There’s a cheeseburger, and there’s a teriyaki burger. I guess I’ll go for the cheeseburger 280 Yen Ohh, this one doesn’t take the 500’s. It’s an machine, only hundreds It’s about two dollars fifty cents cheeseburger (other people speaking) takes a minute It’s like the temperature inside the machine. Here comes, ohhhh… it’s in a box Look at that Nice presentation, OK here we go.. the hamburger in a box Love the box, in fact I’m going to keep the box. As a souvenir. Oh it’s hot, hot hot hot really hot, too hot to eat – It’s in a bag Smells like a Mos burger like a chili burger, I smell the ketchup Let’s take a look kind of a Soggy bun whoa It’s got mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, cheese Looks pretty good doesn’t it? The buns a bit soggy So, a two dollar Hamburger Mmm Hmm. The meat is very plain but hmm… Acceptable for coming out of a machine..ha ha ha lots of cheese, mustard, mayo though.
It’s flavorful Hmm, not bad Let’s try some noodles next. This is the Udon / Soba machine 300 yen, about two dollars fifty cents Does it take ’em, yup. I’m going to go for the soba, it’s the thinner noodle It takes 23 seconds Get the Chopsticks out of here. Isn’t this cool? Ten seconds. They come on right here.. Wait for it, there is it Oh yeah Look at that huh? Tempura Soba So it looks like it left some noodles behind from the last time. That’s the Udon noodles right there. Ha Ha Pepper, Spices. All right, Ready Billy Joel playing in the background this might not be good. It’s not too loud though. I think it might be all right. Here we go, Soba It’s nice and hot, look at that.. steam coming off it Good Let’s try the Tempura. I’m trying to find a place where it’s quiet, not so windy I think I put too much spice on it… that’s quality Soba I’ll tell you what, for a machine It’s pretty darn good. And you can’t beat the price. $3… less than three dollars The tempura is kind of falling apart here But tell you what though, this is quality It’s definitely not bad It’s got a pretty strong soup, definitely flavorful soup Gotta hand it to the Japanese. Boy, they’ve got automation figured out There’s no way that I could tell this came from a machine That’s pretty darn good All right here we go. This machine is exciting… Yeah, save the best for last I think. Umm this one’s a popcorn and a pan can / A bread in a can So I guess I’m just going to go for the popcorn and there’s three types There’s, this says chocolate Weird cause underneath it says butter So that’s weird and then salt and then barbecue…Let’s try this, I don’t know if it’s going to be butter or chocolate But it’s exciting isn’t it? It’s about $1… $1.20 a $1.30 Got exact change? Yeah one of these 50 yen, put that guy in there All Right, Rock-n-Roll here we go. Takes forever Finally Machine says, your popcorn is really hot, be careful..Thank You! It is chocolate… I was hoping for butter.
It’s chocolate smells chocolatey? whoo Ohhh, it smells good Chocolate popcorn huh… who would have thought? Mmm-Mmm-Mmm…Oh, this is good, sweet, chocolatey! It’s really fluffy, really fresh. I think there’s a microwave oven inside that machine Not bad Not bad at all. I wish you guys could smell this…mmm Filling up the hamburger machine. Oh yeah……… top secret Hamburgers going in the oven. So I figured out how this place works. This is their delivery truck right here. It’s got a refrefrigeration unit Engine’s on, it’s running and they just leave it here all day, and then they can stock all the machines which are over here So there you go that’s the whole operation right there… and This is the stocking truck, yep it’s a refrigerated unit just a small little truck, but it’s got all the supplies in it right everything is refrigerated inside and That’s how it works. So there you go guys. The whole operation. Yeah give it a LIKE if you liked it Got to try this machine out here. It’s got the metals.. the gold, the silver, and the bronze Got to give these a try. Probably something sweet inside would be my guess So what’s its going to be, gold, silver or bronze? I’m going to go for the silver. Yeah #14 (enters number on machine) Okay, here we go It’s pretty light See what we got Interesting package though, huh the silver metal Look at how it opens. That’s pretty cool Wonder if I did that right Oh, it’s a box of candies Yeah, I like the ribbon huh..That’s cute. Oh, and then you wear it around your neck, ahhhh I almost broke it Just like this Alright, just like this The silver metal, yeah…What did you guys think of this video? Is it worth the silver metal? Gold medal, that’s what I think I’m going to rate this meal. I’m going to give it a perfect 6 stars Food from vending machines… There’s Nowhere that I’ve seen so much variety Of the different types of food that you can get and the quality of the food that you can get in one place… So definitely, six out of six stars This place is in the middle of nowhere. There’s no way you guys would be able to find it I couldn’t even find it, but I finally made it here, so six stars That means I’m giving away three One, two, three of the Get Some Snack Packs… if you don’t know what the snack pack is check up here There’s a link to what’s inside and all you have to do is leave a comment down below I’ll select three winners And they will be announced in next week’s episode of Erik Meal Time, so good luck everybody. We’ll see you next week

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  2. I’m so curious as to what the bowls they use are made out of, they seem plastic but rubbery at the same time and I wonder if it’s biodegradable?

  3. They were making fun of him in the background saying "how could he eat out of a vending machine. ? nobody eats out of the vending machines"

  4. The “toasted” sandwich is packaged after it’s toasted in the packing facility. The machine just heats it up, doesn’t toast it.

  5. They look like rims to me not wheels. Lol's too funny! I would be a bit more gracious about your comments
    though, when you made the yuk sound when you saw the squid on a stick. You are in another country and
    that can be taken the wrong way.
    Just saying. Try to be a little more careful when you find things odd to your understanding or taste. 😛

  6. "The meat is fresh", lol uh-huh keep telling yourself that. Does it taste like kitty? You've never tasted kitty before? uh-huh
    Grab some catnip for dessert.

  7. There's nothing like enjoying a good ole cooked meal from a vending machine 😁…always enjoyed these videos btw and it's one of the main reasons why I want to go over seas to visit these places to enjoy all that…such an interesting and unique culture 🙄

  8. "mmmm…the meat is very bland"
    This guy is not a very good food critic lol. And that burger did not look very good like he thought.

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    I like the idea of the food vending machine but gross!

  11. My only question is why is he hanging out in an industrial area? If he has a car, at the wheel shop, why not go somewhere better?

  12. I may not cook if I get hot food from vending machine.
    Can you please do a video for vegetarians? No fish, no meat.

  13. If you would have vending machines with a tong here you would have to replace the tong twice a day or attach them with a chain.

  14. Oh wow the nixie tubes on some of those old machines. So cool! Crazy how they're still in such good condition.

  15. I'm surprised by the quality of the food coming out of those obviously aged machines. The noodles in particular look excellent, even that canned chicken had a tender looking bounce to it.

  16. Those old vending machines are waaaaaaaaay older than you think! They are using Nixie Tubes!!! That’s 50-60’s tech! Awesome!!!

  17. I love the culture of Japan and their ethics. But when people compare US to Japan, there is no comparison. Japan people are like hermits, they tend to themselves and have the lowest birth rate in the world. That's why there's hundreds of thousands if not millions of these vending machines in Japan because people don't have to associate with each other. It's a machine world over there and might seem fun and interesting but I feel like it's sad and lonely over there. I've seen other documentaries about how kids will spend years in their bedrooms and never leave due to honor and others live in internet cafes for years and work and sleep there. Lonely for sure.

  18. I'd rather have the corned beef toasted sandwich and some wasabi mayo if I could get my hands on it. Gotta love a corned beef sandwich with horseradish sauce.

  19. 15:31…they put 2 much spice on,I think u did cause when u first got the noodles u put mad spices in it.dont blame it on them.

  20. I would like to know if the meat is fresh every day. Or how do they keep it edible? Do they bring new meat every day, cook it, refrigerate it and then just heat it up? I would also want to know if there are any additives such as monosodium glutamate that is extremely unhealthy, yet way too common in ramen noodles.

  21. Have to say the toast on the sandwich is EXACTLY how I love it. Sort of uneven, plain white bread squooshed to death. Yum!

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