Home Workout Invisible Gym!

I’m the muscle master and I’m going to
show you an invisible gym workout I’m going to start off with simple curls but
adding balance crossing my leg it’s called the Chino curl it’s using a
hundred and fifty percent of my body mass and weight to give this workout
now CrossFit is so so popular so I designed a CrossFit rope routine that
allows you to get that burn in your arms get that burn but what’s a workout
without leg day now I’m going to combine chest press and a leg lift all together
Tommy I’m gonna need you to spot me right behind here I have 235 pounds I’m
gonna go ahead lay down on my bench press and I want you to hand it to me yes ladies and gentlemen I’m the muscle
master that was the invisible gym workout stay healthy okay dudes and
dudettes thanks for checking out that video be sure to turn on your post
notifications and if you ever have an idea of what workout you want me to
bring to the invisible gin will then just comment down below and I’ll check
it out and if I do do it I will go ahead and I’ll throw you some credit in that
video well I’m the magic crasher you have a daily routine and it’s my job to
crash it

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