Home Chest Workout How to Get a Big Chest at Home Without Weights PUSH UPS WORKOUT

Hey Guys It’s Vic ,
A lot of people ask me, whether or not they should be doing push ups and are push ups an effective
exercise for chest. Now I will tell you in the beginning when my parents
wouldn’t allow me to have weights pretty much i had to fabricate weights out of bricks and strings and pulleys but
then mainstay of my chest training was pushups and i will say that i got a
tremendous pump from doing pushups and i still do and in fact i still do
them a little bit right before i start my chest routine but i want to
give you a way to do pushups especially if you’re not feeling your
chest and you’re not connecting with your chest or you want to have a variation in your
trainingI want to show you how to do pushups that i think really can affect
how you make a connection with this part of your body so if you wanna be able to do this then try this so first thing i’m going to do is reposition
the camera so that you see the exercise and I will get in position, this technique is going to work really well okay guys first thing we do is
to get into your push up position hands forward I will eventually bring my knees
up but i want to explain something of the way we’re going to do this is we’re gonna alternate sides and i don’t
mean we are going to do one arm push ups but we’re gonna put the focus on one
side of the body and then let the other side catch up let me show you what i mean first then we’re going to do come down to the floor completely ok
totally rested elbows out to the side hands forward. Now what i want you to do
is push up on one side when you do this you won’t feel
anything in the left side of your body so i’m using my left arm I’m going to push up , and that’s it just like this. But where we are really going to feel this, is in the right side
is in the right side I’m going to push up really slow and allow my right side to catch up to
my left side. Then I will come down to the floor again I’m going to push up on the right side, just to put the weight on the left side of the body now push and allow the left side to catch up and we are going to alternate. This is how it’s going to look
a lot you are really going to feel this, again,
push up on one side then nicely slowly let the other side
catch-up again push up on one side and let the other side catch-up it’s kind of like doing a one-armed
pushup but with some stabilization. This will
shift the weight from one side of the body to the other it will get involved all of the
stabilizing muscles and you will feel this in your chest after you’ve
done about ten repetitions this way then I want you to pump out five more
regular push ups quickly Pretend I did all ten, I’ll do two to demonstrate like this then up like this let the other side catch-up and now five straight, one, two, three four five huh If this doesn’t pump up your chest i don’t know what will, well, I know one other trick , I’ll show you in the next video thanks so much for watching please
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100 thoughts on “Home Chest Workout How to Get a Big Chest at Home Without Weights PUSH UPS WORKOUT

  1. No. Get a weight vest, and change up your form/ angles . Go until you can’t do anymore. Done. Huge chest

  2. When I was a teenager I used to go home, from school, every day and do chin-ups on the loft opening and use heavy tins of paint to do bicep curls lol. I only kept it up for a few months but I gotta tell ya.. Being 34 years old, 6ft4 with a strong posture/build? Those times, as a teen, really helped me out. I'm not one of these tall guys that slouches over. Women have often commented on how my frame is pretty strong. It's one of the things that I actually like about myself =)

  3. Ive always had a good chest. I purposely avoid chest exercises for this reason but if anyone wants to trade an inch or two of their dick, depending on what you can afford, for my pecs, lets talk.

  4. I have man boobs. I’ve had them forever. I really want to make my chest smaller and hard not soft. Any recommendations? Thank you sir

  5. I do diamonds with a 22 pound weight vest, 4 sets 20, then 3 sets 20 normal with vest, then 3 sets twenty incline without vest, then 15 one armed on each side, do you think these are better or should I stick with what I am doing, this isn't a wind up by the way I am serious. I also do chins with the vest on and free weights as well as dips, my form I think is good and I have been doing this for four years yet I am nowhere near your size what am I doing wrong

  6. Holy crap dude, I thought I was pretty badass with how many pushups I do for my weight free workout… these and your push the floor down technique whip my butt. Thanks!

  7. Interesting. But, FYI, I got involved with martial arts 45 years ago, and knuckle pushups are a standard method of toughening the knuckles. I've been doing pushups for, well, 45 years and they haven;t made one jot of difference to the size of my pecs, which are EXACTLY the same size now as they were then TO THE MILIMETER! So, what do you eat for breakfast??

  8. Yeah me too. I just pretend I did all ten reps daily. Now my chest is so heavy!! Sometimes I left it at home while am out.

  9. Hey bro just turned 17 and I have been doing this every morning and night for weeks now and now I finally have wolverine pecs, thanks I can’t explain how much you have helped me and how grateful I am to have an amazing ro model! 😉

  10. Yo honestly I can’t thank you enough. This is so effective I saw a big difference in a month !I really appreciate it

  11. Thanks Victor, you have corrected misconceptions of "show off single handed push up" demonstrated by Hollywood movies. We dont need to hand 1 hand rest at back at all! It has been very helpful and I have been using this technique for a while and have much better gains!

  12. I am getting a fault in chest…i.e. cant get the round curve on outer chest…one video on how to fix that plzz..will be very thankful for that..M ur new subscriber😄

  13. As natural as my expanded asshole from being fucked by 2 black dicks at the dame time.

    No joke guys this man is not natty there is no point on following his example. Bye

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