HOLIDAY WORKOUT with The Lean Machines!

What’s up guys! Welcome back to Stay Ahead of the Game channel with l’Oréal Men Expert! And we are in beautiful sunny Cannes today and we want to show you how to stay in shape when you’re on holiday. You need to get in shape first! So the first thing you’re going to hope for when you’re on holiday is some beautiful sunshine like we have. Let’s be honest, he could do with some right now! I am feeling a little bit pasty But what can you use when you’re out and about? Well let’s show you! Here’s some exercices and some equipment you can use when you’re out and about on holiday, to get a great workout in. So if you happen to come across a set of stairs don’t just walk up and down them, USE THEM! They are a great cardio element! Burn tons of calories, burn some fat work the legs. This is some of our favourite things to do on stairs. So Leon has just about covered the legs We all know he needs to. So if you want to work your upper body find yourself a bar or a bike rack. You can do inverted rows That’s gonna get the back working You can use dips to get your shoulders working your chest working and a bit of your core. And let’s be honest, that’s the area YOU need to work on! And while you’re out and about if you happen to find a ledge or an elevated bench Use it! Great for cardio exercices like inverted squats And also if you can find a friend who’s got any form of coordination unlike somebody I know quite close to me you might be able to do some partner squat jumps and that kind of stuff Just getting that little bit of competition going! And if you don’t have the beautiful sunshine that we have Again with the sun! I know it’s amazing isn’t it? We don’t get it that often Leon… You can still workout in your hotel room Use things like circuits Work as hard as you can for 20 seconds Take a 30 to 40 secondes break Use squats, burpees, big body movements to really get the heart rate up. I also heard through the grapevine There’s another thing that’s really good for you when you’re on holiday it’s called SWIMMING! Ooooh no! So if you enjoyed this video Give it a massive thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t! I hope you’ve subscribed…

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