Hip Strengthening and Rebalancing Exercise

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports
Physiotherapy and today I’m going to show you a little hip strengthening exercise. So
do you get tightness in your hips from sitting all day? This is a great exercise you can
do at home to help open up some of the tension across the back of the hips. Some people get
quite tight across the back of the hips so they’ll feel some tension or pain the the
gluteal area or in the buttock region. So in this position we have the patient lying
down with a pillow underneath their low back to try to keep the back neutral and I’ve
given her a little soft ball between the knees to work on keeping alignment of the knees
so that they stay in line with the hips. You could use something like a little towel here
if you don’t have a ball and then I’m going to get her to bend her knees up, now
you can only do this if you can bend your knees without your back arching too much.
So if it feels too tight through your thighs you have to be a little careful doing this
exercise. Then we’re going to take a little piece of theraband or stretchy band and wrap
it around her ankles and now I’m going to get her to do a little bit or work at pulling
her heals apart. So breathing out, engaging her core muscles and pulling her feet away.
So working on strengthening into internal rotation of the hip and this is a very difficult
exercise. So I would encourage you not to push too heavy into tension and there’s
not a huge motion here with the tension we have on the band. So we’re trying to get
muscle activation, working back and forth through repetition to fatigue, and probably
you’ll get to about 8 to 10 repetitions, maybe even sometimes less than that and then
take a short rest, we usually aim to 2 to 3 sets. So give this a try a t home and if
you have any other questions contact us at our website or give us a call, www.body-works.ca

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