Hexagon Coordinate Measuring Machine | CMM Quality Control at Prosper-Tech Machine & Tool

(funky electronic beat) – Recently here at Prosper-Tech we’ve added a
coordinate-measuring machine, CMM for short, as part
of our capabilities. We use this in conjunction with our ISO 9001 quality standard. This particular part I have here, recently was run on our robot. Our interface on the bottom, we have the same interface here on the machine. We’re able to take this part, place it on the machine, lock it down. The CMM operator has a program that he built prior to the cutting of these parts to go around and check the various locations using a probe in this head which articulates all different angles and is able to reach all the different points down to ten thousandths of an inch. (funky electronic beat) Once that part is checked, it will produce a sheet with tolerancing that is in and tolerancing that is out. At that point, we’ll make corrections to make sure our customer has a quality part that meets their specs. (funky electronic beat) We use this in every part of
our manufacturing process, from injection mold building
to our production parts. We have the capability or the capacity to offer this service
as a standalone service if you need a part checked and you don’t have the capabilities. Please give us a call here at Prosper-Tech or see our website for
further information. (funky electronic beat)

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