Her Daughter Convinced the Whole Family to Lose Weight | The Spark Transformation Story

(epic music) – [Man] Jennie Spark take one. – The relationship I was
in was very unhealthy. My husband was fit and
hated that I let myself go as far as I did. And didn’t think I was
worthy of being his wife. – My father was definitely not supportive, he didn’t make her feel like a supermodel, he
would tell her she was fat. – He would tell me that I was ugly and nobody else would ever want me. I believed him. I got married when I was 16 years old. At the time I was fairly active and thin and I only weighed 110 pounds. I had my first daughter
when I was 18 years old and that’s where I
gained most of my weight. Two babies later, I was topping the scales at 224 pounds. I was in a horrible relationship. I felt awful. I didn’t exercise. I used food for comfort. I ate a lot. My relationship with food was how I coped. As a mom, I didn’t care
anything about myself actually. I was kind of just always
focused on my children. – Growing up my mother, what
I can remember as a child, was very almost like you
couldn’t see her in her eyes. She just seemed like she wasn’t there. – I didn’t try to leave that relationship and have a happier life for me. I stayed and just did what I had to do for my kids to keep them happy. I didn’t want to break up their home. – She would have stayed
with that man forever. That’s a terrible way to live. – I actually never found the strength to leave that relationship, but by the grace of God, he
decided to walk away one day and it was the best day of my life. I was finally free. When that happened and
he decided to leave, I was 38 and I had never
in my life lived alone. I found myself getting
my very first apartment and my kids were grown up
enough and out on their own. So I didn’t have to worry about them. – I don’t think she remembers
how sad she was, but I do. She’s never been alone before. She’s been isolated her whole life and she didn’t know what the next step for her was in her life. – At my heaviest weight I was 224 pounds. When my first marriage ended, I did go down to about 180
pounds from all of the stress. About a year later met a man
who didn’t care what size I was and everywhere he went with me he opened the doors and he held my hand and he was so proud that
I was there with him. It just turned me into a new person. – She had someone that
loved her, treated her right and thought she was beautiful. That’s what she really needed and I’m glad that she’s happy. – In my second marriage,
we both really loved food and I cooked a lot and we ate a lot. I gained a lot of my weight back again. I got up to 206 pounds. When I seen that number, I
knew I had to do something. The one thing that changed it
all for me was my fit squad. The Bodybuilding
Transformation Challenge. Melissa came to visit me one weekend and her brother come up for the night. Melissa’s like I want you
guys to join this with me. We need to do this together. She wouldn’t give it up. We signed up and took
our pictures that night. – Being a team with me and my brother, she didn’t want to be
the reason that we lost. She didn’t wanna let us down. It really helped her with her motivation. – Melissa, she would call me everyday and tell me it’s time to
go work out Mom, get going. Call me on your walk tonight. I’ll talk you through it. – We did this together. We’re in it together since the start. She kind of had a buddy system there where I would call her
and she would call me. – It was very easy for me
to stick to the activity part of this journey. It was a struggle to stay away from sugar. We just made so many changes. No more white potatoes,
no more white bread, no more white rice, no more cereal. I knew I was gonna give this my all because Melissa was counting on me. But I didn’t actually believe in my heart that this was gonna work until one day I got on the scale and it said 183 pounds. I knew that I was gonna
keep going from that point, no matter what it took. When she called me and said- – We won, we actually won
and she started freaking out. – I was like what? She’s like, it wasn’t
just me Mom, we all won. We got the Fit Squad, the whole squad. I just started to cry. I was so proud. My actual goal when I started this journey was to get to 150. I haven’t quite made it there yet. My lightest so far was 153. But I’m not giving up, I will
see that 1 5 0 on the scales. When I think about 25 years
ago, I was so overweight, out of shape, so depressed,
no spark in my life at all, just living life ’cause I had to. Now, I’ve got so much energy and I love life. I never wanna go back to where
I was when I was 224 pounds. (inspirational music)

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  1. When her daughter convinced the whole family to transform, Jennie knew she couldn't let them down. And she didn't.
    Ready the Full Transformation Story ► http://bbcom.me/2fvE1j0

  2. She can be proud about what she achieved. My gf is pregnant and I'm trying to lose weight before the baby comes. So that both the baby and my gf can be proud of me.

  3. You cut those carbs, sugar and mono/poly saturated fats, and keep a deficit of 400 calories and you will lose 1-2 lbs a week like clock work.

    You add an hour of working out to that regimine moderate or intensive and you'll be looking at another -2 lbs if cardio, or mirror gains if strength training with a 1lb loss a week.

  4. I can't eat much, as I have colitis and overeating is a major trigger for attacks. But I love food and crave it constantly. So I understand that desire.
    Exercise is my substitute for food. Crazy, I know. But the endorphins I get from hiking are a great substitute for the rush of eating.
    I have to watch my caloric intake. Can't let myself run low. So it's a fair amount of liquid nutrition, for hydration as well.

  5. As painful as it was, and as easy as it is to see the one sided portrayal of the husband, I do have to say that some of the comments quoted, e.g., "He would tell me I was fat" probably hurt you so much because you knew they were true. My wife (my soul mate) told me at one point during our marriage that I was getting fat. She was right, and now that I've been training I feel so much better. The comment doesn't have to devastate you – and, your motivation is up to you. The struggle you refer to is real – the refined sugar addiction, for example. What you're going to achieve, because of that spark, is up to you. And realizing that is one of the most important steps towards choosing a fit existence. Good luck.

  6. Wait I don't get it. She let herself go and stopped caring but expected him to be the better person and give 100% and tell them she was okay being fat? I guess only one gender is allowed to have feelings.

    BTW my wife was the opposite and "loved" me no matter what my weight was and it ended up making me weigh 260lbs until I had to tell her to stop over feeding me and worked on myself and now I'm down to 210lb. She's now starting to realize that what she was doing was killing me and now I'm starting to have her take her health more seriously for the kids.

  7. 4 Years ago I weighed about 245, currently i'm at 163. Definitely proud of myself, but I'm not where I want to be just yet. I managed to get a job that is very active (10k+ steps each day I work) which helped me greatly, and of course my diet changed as well.

    I do feel a lot better, but i'm still struggling to get myself into a gym or to work out in some way. I never have the motivation to push myself to get in better shape as i'm still a chubby individual. Seeing stories like this gives me some enlightenment and I hope to find more motivation so that I can finally be healthy.

  8. not giving up is the only healthy relationship with you & yourself….keep kicking up your ass untill you make it…..?✌️?

  9. I told my gf that she was getting fat and i no longer was attracted to her. She then dropped 50 lbs in 5 months and shes happier with her body now. I think honesty is the best way to go.

  10. I spent 12 years in a messy marriage. I have 2 amazing little boys and Im trying to loose weight and be more healthy, for my 4 and 7 year old boys. 34 a widow ,with crazy PTSD and a 1 and 4 year old. Meds and depression made me gain a lot. This last 3 years Ive come a long way. My 7 year old is my Coach. Helps keep me on my toes. Someday Ill post my pics. I've lost 15 pounds in 2 months. Ur story helps me Keep Focused. My kids are Worth. Im Worth it. Thank U for posting this.

  11. Haters gonna hate. You look amazing and you have made a fantastic step in the right direction! Dont let the assholes get you down. People have nothing better to do than try to bring people down to their level. There are some sick fucks in this world. You are beautiful along with everyone else! We should build each other up not knock each other down. You did an amazing job. And you look great! Congratulations!!! 🙂


  13. Fun fact: her second husband is my dad. This woman is amazing and I love her with all my heart. I hope she has inspired you all like she has me. I love you, Jennie. ❤️

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