Harvard Researchers Compare Workout Supplement to Meth

(Image source: Bodybuilding.com) BY CLIFF JUDY It’s one of the hottest workout supplements
in the country, but along with bulking up, scientists say Craze might leave users strung
out. “A lot of people use this. It’s out there
everywhere. It’s called Craze. It’s a powdered drink mix. Harvard researchers say the mix
has a similar chemical makeup to meth.” (Via WZVN) Harvard researchers published a study Monday
saying an active ingredient in Craze has never been tested in humans, but its molecules bear
a resemblance to meth. (Via LiveScience) That chemical isn’t listed on Craze’s label,
and those researchers don’t consider it a coincidence. “So I think they’re playing with stimulants
to try to find something that will get people juiced up, revved up to work out. Make them
feel better.” (Via ABC) The Boston Globe reports Craze won Bodybuilding.com’s
2012 New Supplement of the Year award, but go to the site now and it’s listed as unavailable.
(Via Bodybuilding.com) Supplements aren’t subject to government approval
in the U.S. Craze’s creator hasn’t just come under scrutiny in the past. He’s done time. Matt Cahill served time in prison for selling
a weight loss drug that contained a toxic chemical banned in the 30’s called DNP. (Via
FDA) USA Today also reports Cahill currently faces
federal charges for the contents of another workout supplement. (Via USA Today) An attorney representing Cahill’s company
told the Boston Globe the company doesn’t agree with the Harvard scientists’ findings,
and their experts haven’t had a chance to review the tests.

3 thoughts on “Harvard Researchers Compare Workout Supplement to Meth

  1. The chemical structure looks like meth? I hope they have some evidence that is much stronger than that. EDTA kind of looks like nitroglycerin. What about that birth control drug where the only difference is the chirality that caused birth defects in babies?

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