Hardgainer Transformation | my WEIGHT GAIN STORY!!

what’s up what’s up what’s up YouTube
welcome to hardgainer Fitness I’m Jalon this is the Hardgainer transformation series
and in this vlog I’m going to be telling you all about my weight gain story what’s up everybody welcome back to the
channel this is vlog number six this is week number never remember this last
week just got on the scale scale put me at 167.4 gaining another power but as
you can see the weight is coming a little bit slower than it was in the
beginning as I begin a game more weight I’m gonna have to add just from my
macros and my calories and whatnot so that way I can continue to put on some
weight I’m thinking about waiting until I hit the ten pound mark which is 169 so
probably about two more weeks once I hit that point I’m gonna readjust switch my
calories add some more food to my weight to my white wine add some more food to
my meal plan the number one right here is my smoothie I love starting off my
day with a smoothly real easy way to get the carbs in gonna start off the day
with a good amount of energy alright John so mu number two chicken
and rice and some pecans but now on to the point of today’s video if you watch
my trailer I talked about how I went from 129 to 160 here’s the story first
off a little bit about the meat which I feel like I shouldn’t did this like
forever ago but just a little bit about myself my name is Jalan Scott I’m
originally from Fort Wayne Indiana born and raised
I’m married been married for five years two kids three year old and a 10 year
old 27 years old I feel like I’m about 52 and a half okay so enough for that
anyways it’s a story so when I was a high school Mike Wright this coming up I
was always skinny like always I’m talking about starting from when I was
her age we just walked past the screen up until even though I’m still slim but
when I was younger like I’m talking I was so scared that my mom would let me
play football in Metro which is like it’s like AAU for football back in
Indiana but she will only play Metro because she
felt like I was too small when I graduated high school I was 130 pounds
like soaking wet after high school I went to Purdue University fund out of
Purdue while I was while I was at Purdue I
weighed about 140 after I left Purdue went back to fall and stayed there for
about a year and while I was in Fort Wayne
that was when I lost like a ton of weight because I was he I started
working and if you watched my first vlog I told that story about when I was
working with my dad that was when I realized I was 129 pounds I’ll finish the story and just to say
because you know what our needs it’s time to grow all right y’all I’m back from the gym it
was a good workout legs is on fire you’d be saying legs I’m herb Boyer fire home
fir anyways I got moved number three post-workout middle chicken right same
thing I had earlier I forgot my pecans but I will be eating
those with this meal as well and I got some water but back to the story so like
I was saying before I left to go to the gym I basically figured out that I was
129 pounds didn’t even know like the clip from the first vlog show if you
went back and watch it people was telling me that it looked like I had
lost weight so I put in work man we had just got a Planet Fitness like right
after I found that out and I was super excited because I was like I can finally
start working out again so uh and there was other gyms there too I was living in
Anderson the end at the time and I was just completely broke like I had just
gotten married and this didn’t have enough money to do anything I barely had
enough money to go out to eat at Applebee’s like I remember having to
check the bank account to see if I had enough money in there before I could go
to Applebee’s ain’t enough to still have gas and stuff to go to work so it was
just a complete struggle I couldn’t afford to pay for a gym so I opened up
lane to fitness and it was like $1 to join for the first month or two and it
was ten bucks a month after I was like well I’m sure I can swing at
you know me ten bucks a month was it it was still kind of pushing it you know me
but I could swing it so I did that and then I really started discovering like
that that’s when I found out who Jim Stefani was that’s when I found out who
Steve Cook was and a lot of others big names like that who a lot of people out
on YouTube with other platforms and I figured out that’s when I discovered
what body but in that converse and that’s when they had the free workout
plan it’s like free now they cost $8.99 all those workout plans that’s on there
used to be free and I was downloading those I was watching videos reading
articles asking people questions and I was just hungry man in it was about four
knots a five it was between five and six months later
that I went from 129 to 160 I’m gonna record on the scale and it was 160 and
uh man it was hard I mean it was a lot of
eatin learning how to cook different things I had never made rice before in
my life until that point yeah believe it or not there’s never made rice before I
was learning a lot man in I was enjoying the process but it was really hard so
after that five or six month time span when I made the gains I pretty much
stopped like I just quit and then when that happened I was probably I was about
21 right now like I said earlier I’m 27 so you’re talking about a 60 year time
span and in between that time span I fluctuated between 150 and 160 I never
got over the most I ever way before was 164 165 ish like ever in my life never
made now I’ve never way more than that so for me to be at 167 now is an
accomplishment it’s still it’s still not a lot but I’m making progress again and
I’m moving at the same pace that I was six years ago so even though it was a
long time ago I still know what to do in order to put
on weight I’ve just never actually put forth the effort that I need to to
really take care of business and get it done like I’m doing now so I figure aid
when I started YouTube channel I know how to make videos I’ve been making
videos since high school so and like I said I’m 27 I’m an old man you know like
rusty I’m Oprah I graduated oh nine Oh but uh I was like I know how
to make videos I started another YouTube channel previously with my family called
the real scotch and I was like why not I started a youtube channel about it it
would be a great way for me to practice making more videos and it’ll also be a
great way for me to be able to actually document at this time and look back on
it later and be able to see it I’ll be able to help out other people you know
I’m saying one of the biggest things i want to do in life is help other people
and not necessarily in the fitness room but just in general and and it’ll hold
me accountable to actually get it done because since i’m making these videos
you know come way there you know i mean i’m not trying to get on the scale and
then ain’t made no progress i’m trying to show you guys i know how to do it i
know how to get it done and i know what it takes to get there so that way you
guys have faith in me and i’m giving you advice giving you tips so that way you
know hey this dude knows what he’s talking about
i need to follow his advice and i can make the same type of progress so i’ve
been putting in the work man getting it done and that’s really my story man
started you know about six or seven years ago made some progress some quick
progress put in some work and did this gassed out after about four months sorry
after about five to six months just gassed out
and here we are man six years later I decided to hey take the bull by the
horns and get it done like I’m 27 years old still weighing 160 – I’m 167 now but
still still weighing 160 pounds like that’s a shame but how they make them
games boy so anyways yeah that’s my story man
comment down below let me know what your story is real quickly real concise
because I know most people don’t like tight I know people don’t like typing
especially on YouTube you know attention span is very short the so many other
thing is trying to get show attention so comment down below let me know real
quick what your story is you know how much you weigh right now how many games
you made in the past however long let me know man
but I’m gonna get the mill number three man I gotta eat because I’m tired you
know I got to get that got to take advantage of that golden hour
you know I’m saying so yeah I see y’all at the next meal
number four you know you got close the video I’ll add new number for it cuz my
my kids go to bed at 9:00 so anyways I see y’all at the next meal of my number
format alright y’all so I don’t have a number for it cooked
it’s a 8:30 right now but I do got all the food laid out I’m giving it a meal
prep for the next couple of days and I do got my eggs right here with of course
my rice cakes and the braids not eat 2x sandwiches every day so I’m getting
ready to throw that together after I go ahead and throw this chicken inside the
oven and that’ll be my fourth meal and of course the last meal or if you want
to call it a meal I guess it’s more like a snack technically but that kocchi
gonna lean cereal and that would be everything for today
man I know let me turn his camera it’s like I was saying don’t forget to
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beginning phases of all of this so uh you know the gang still coming in they
gonna keep on coming cuz I’m gonna keep on puttin that work I’m gonna keep on
logging it documenting it for you guys comment down below and let me know what
kind of tips or what questions you guys have let me know what you guys want to
see in future vlogs or even in tip videos just give me a good idea of what
you guys are interesting or what you have or what you have questions about as
always maybe I know who it is man jalan McHargue and fitness helping you make
the gains to feed yourself and crush that scale I see all the next video with

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  2. Hi someone please respond , Iā€™m 14 , 93.8 lbs , 5ā€™5 and very active , how much calories should I consume a day ?

  3. yoooo dope content my man !! Love it – your stuff resonates with me as a former hardgainer/skinny boy !! Keep crushin it brothaa

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