Hard Work Pays Off – Study Motivation

you know hard work pays I put in a hell
of a lot of work all throughout this build up and the fight I pumped out more content
than anybody more content than Fox more content than ESPN more content than BT
sport more content than everybody on the Maglev on my own channels I’m a workhorse, from all angles not just in the gym but I’m building
this media empire now myself and we pumped out the content I’m very proud of
how it went we consistently daily movies I was releasing you know from
from like a month ago every single day nobody’s doing that so I’m
very proud of that and I’m very like the work pays, hard work pays and we
put in the work and that’s why I’m I’m sitting at the top I put it all on
the line I show up I perform and I get the results from that I think some
people and maybe I used to think once you got successful you could you’re
successful and it okay you now you can kind of just relax a little bit and but
that’s not the case at all you have to pedal even harder you have to work even
more there are more opportunities that need more time and dedication and in
order to do them well you have to really really hunker down and do the hard work
but I’ve never been afraid of hard work and I always tell people when I’m asked
and it’s pretty often that I’m asked about dreams and achieving creative
goals that I always believe that the bridge between reality and a dream is
work and I always in moments of despair and doubt and dark days
focus on on the work I show up and I work and I work and I work and I work I took
everything that I learned from an ethic standpoint that my grandfather taught me
and put it into that I’m saying if you pound pounding it’s hard to whatever
thing in the same direction if you keep hitting at a certain point it’s going to
break and then I open up so that’s what I did like it’s like okay cool this let
me do my focus on my thing we go either succeed or die trying it is
what it is I mean you know everybody got the same story we just got different
details but like I always say life is 10% what happens to you is 90% what you
do about it so the first
step is getting completely and brutally honest enough to say I am tired of
myself when you say I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired
that’s the facilitator of change that’s when you’re ready to say these words no
more excuses no more excuses I went to Kent State I dropped out I why and drop
out of flunked out now that through my life into a spiral but because I didn’t
have a college degree I could not let that stop me and like you’re doing were
you saying all my friends at this age are settling your career you don’t even
know if they happy or not stop comparing yourself to others so the first thing
you do is stop focusing on other people instead focus on being the best version
of you that you can then you recognize that you deserve to sit at the big table
with everybody else after you become the best that you could be I always believe that
natural talent can can take you so far but I think you need to have the work
ethic and the drive to achieve your potential I mean I’d say you know my
natural talent you know probably brought me 50 percent of the way but then after
that it was all down to the work that I’ve done and the volume of
work that I’ve done over the the last 15 years you know when I really started to
take golf seriously and thought about making this a career and
so the one thing my father gave me which was really key was that work
ethic that ability to get myself up in the morning no matter how tired I was to
push myself through those pain barriers and again the combination of the loss of a
mother at six and then being sent out to work at ten
we started work at five o’clock in the morning through the milk round being
dropped off at 8:45 at school in the milkvan that work ethic so that
combination of those two work ethic and great insecurity was what got me to where
I went to and then I joined Black Flag and I thought I was a hard working
person then you meet the guys in Black Flag who are so driven
you see Greg Ginn work 23 hour days like Greg
you’re still on the phone I know Greg when did you eat I don’t know Greg well
the last time you showered do we have a shower like the guy we were not going to
be stopped and I kind of go at that intensity
that kind of anything I do like you’re very calm good-looking young man look at
me I’m a spaz sitting next to you like I’m doing an interview with you
I’m sweating man and so but I’d like it going to the airport like ten miles
out and so it’s but it’s anger that has informed kind of my life and
unflatteringly a sense of vengeance every damn person who said I wouldn’t be
anything I’m crushing them every day everybody I had to endure in any band I
was in everyday into a powder in order to succeed not just in the fashion business but
just to succeed generally is it talent or hard work it’s a combination
of both but I would say it’s slanted towards hard work slanted towards
obsession there are many designers who have much
greater talent as a designer than I do but they may not have my drive they may
not work as hard they may not have the focus the desire I mean you have to have
a talent because in the end you can have all those things and if the pair of
pants you make don’t make someone’s butt look good they’re not going to buy them
so you have to have the talent to be able to make something that people want
but then you also have to have the drive and the desire to you know sometimes
people are successful because maybe they don’t have that drive but they have
someone around them who takes their raw talent and pushes them but what you
often see is when that other person steps away their career can collapse
even though their talent may be immense you need a study room try to make like
literally a little enclosure somewhere where you can go off hibernate and study
so that nobody is bothering you and if you want you can close the door shut the
windows turn off the TV no distractions total silence you want to have as
much control over that space as possible and you want to organize it well Subscribe for more motivation videos just like this one! you

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