[Speaking Swedish] Oh, Nanook! I don’t know what we would have done
without you, Nanook. Because you, no matter
if we are stressed and work really hard, You always come in here
with your bunny and make us smile so much. The kindest little soul. -Take it.
-Yes, ok. Protect it with your life. Here we go. So my cat, Nayeli,
she’s a little bit like a dog, Because she really loves
to follow around, you know. No matter how far you go, she follows you
if she’s outside and see you. Yeah, how are you gonna solve that now? Good girl. Alright, let’s go my buddies. Let’s go. I just felt that I needed
to get out in the forest for a while. And Nanook really needed
to get some energy out. So I thought that’s a good timing
for me to also… Wow. Get some energy out. If you’re lucky you can walk on the snow
because it freezes. But sometimes you sink down. Now this place is one
of my favorite places. it’s much more beautiful in the summer
when the snow is gone. But down here is the magical pond. I’m so happy
to see him so happy. I have to admit that, March and April is
the toughest time of the year for me, And it has always been that way. March in April is the two months of the year
that I like the least. I would always prefer November
instead of March and April, Even though November
is so much more darker. It’s just something about these two
“in between” months that I struggle a lot with. And it has to do with myself,
with my inner self. I find no inspiration because
It’s not winter and it’s not spring. So you you cannot find
the magic of the winter anymore. But it’s still a lot of snow
and it’s cold. So it’s like winter but the magic
is not there anymore. I’m dependent on feeling
the beauty of nature, And in March and April
It’s like everything stands still, in a way. And I feel exactly the same in myself.
I feel like a naked tree. I always struggle with everything I do in March and April, Because I feel like
it doesn’t really come naturally anymore. it’s like I have to give much more energy
just to create something. And it’s really funny because
at the same time, also in March and April. I get really really pale and my skin
is getting really really bad.. You know, I don’t feel well really. And the light is killing me, in a way. I mean, I should be happy
that the light is back and I am. But I’m really struggling
with the hard lights. So yeah, I just wanted to let you know that March and April is the shittiest time of the year for me. I guess the good things
about getting older every year, Is that you you learn
your own cycles. You learn what works for you and not. And I know that March and April
is always gonna be a shitty time, Because that’s just how it is. I’m very affected by nature.
So in March and April, nature is just like… It’s no…
I can’t even put the words on it. I guess a lot of you might know
what I mean. But actually, it was different
when I lived in the south of Sweden. Because in March and April,
the spring is beginning at that time. The snow has melted and it has began to
grow flowers in March and April. Here, it’s two months more before you see flowers or anything growing. But I’m gonna try my best
to keep the energy up. At the same time,
It’s really beautiful in another way. I mean, look at the light
and the forest, it’s beautiful. And in the mornings,
I can hear the birds sing, And that gives me so much inspiration and energy. I don’t know, it’s something with
the songs from the birds that makes me feel so happy. So I get a focus on that. What do you guys think of March and April? Do you feel that the same way as I do? Or do you feel different, like maybe
this is the best time of the year for you. I mean, every year I guess I’ve talked about this on my vlog. That: “Oh March in April is really hard.” You know, I’m struggling a lot with with energy and inspiration. And I always feel so relieved
when I see somebody else that feels the same way. Like I’m not alone anymore
because I feel really alone in… Feeling really bad in myself during this time of the year. Like I feel like I shouldn’t feel this way,
I should be really, you know. Full of power, but I’m not.
It’s the opposite. I feel much more energised
in November and December. But in May it’s the total opposite. Then I feel the most power of every month,
so I get it all back later. Timeto go back home
and work a little bit. [Speaking Swedish] -Hey!
-Hi. So Johan, he just got a call. From the delivery?
They are gonna come and deliver… They are gonna deliver a table, A kitchen table that we ordered
a while ago. It’s for our new kitchen
in our new house. Yeah. It’s too big for this kitchen, But at least we’re gonna open it a little bit
just to look at it, Because it’s made of
old wooden recycled tree wood. Yes. Recycle tree wood. But why are we sitting on the floor? Nanook is here. So yeah, okay. What was I?- I was just gonna say that
it’s like such a beautiful kitchen table, And I love that and,
oh that was about definitely- This is not getting well! The wood is recycled wood, no! The table is recycled wood.
So it’s a tree from… Now, the table is here! The wood tree recycled tree
wood table. We don’t have space for the table in this house,
so we don’t know where to put it. [Speaking Swedish] We are very happy with the table, It’s even better than we thought. As you can see it’s recycled wood. So it’s old windows and the floors,
and doors, And I love this! It’s so beautiful and it’s very big. Finally, when we invite our family for dinner,
we have a big table. Now, I’m gonna drive to “boa”,
It’s just 200 meters away. it’s the house that we have rented during the winter
to have the studio, And all the packing materials for the prints. So it’s actually time to move out now
because we could have new rent it until April. So that’s why I’m taking the car because there’s a lot of things to move out from the house. All right, let’s go. The only sad part about moving out now is
that I won’t have any space to paint. So I can’t continue on my paintings. But it’s only two months until we move. It’s actually amazing to think about
that next time I pack up my paints again, It’s gonna be in our new house. No words can describe how much
this means to me, to finally have space. It feels like it’s changing everything in my life. I can’t even… yeah. Even though I’m so thankful that we could stay here during the winter and rent this house. I’m just so tired of trying
to find houses to rent. Because we don’t have space at her own home. It really is a new beginning now. It’s just gonna be such a relief in our life. I’m really thankful though,
for the space we had here. During the winter, me and my mother have spent many nights here packing prints, And it’s been a lot of hard work, but we have had a lot of fun in here. But this is the end of a chapter. I’m ready to move on. All right, so my mom is gonna come in a while
and help me pack out. I better get started. Finally, we are done
with moving out all the stuff from boa. It’s been a long day,
and I’m just so glad that it’s over now, I mean, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time
that we have to move out of all the things. Another chapter has ended, But now though, we have
so many things in our house. You know,
all the things that we moved out, Like my whole painting studio and all the packing materials for all the prints. I had forgot
how much things we have here. That’s why we rented the house, Because we couldn’t have
like another business in here. And now I really understand why. Is stuff everywhere. I’m just so, so happy that we’re not gonna live
with all this stuff like this, for so long. In two months,
we gonna move to the house, And finally, it feels like
all our problems are gonna get solved. Because of that. I just, I can’t wait! -Hey!
-Hey! My hair is looking so bad today. -Me too.
-We need a hairdresser. It feels like I often end my blog
with us looking like zombies. We’re gonna go to sleep now. Thank you so much for watching our video. And take care everyone, And we see each other soon again. Lots of love. -Bye, bye.
-Bye, bye. You

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    Cheers from India?

  2. I'm so sad March and April are bad months for you especially because you recorded this part of the vlog on march 25 and it's my birthday ahaha. I love them but it's probably because I live way in the south and it's flowers time at this period ♥

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  5. In Poland during March and April is usually raining or snowing. We have a mixture of seasons during that time, a little bit of winter and a little bit of summer, so it gives you a little bit up and down kind of feeling. We know that it's normal during this time. It is a time of transition from cold winter to warm summer. The weather needs time to adjust and we need that too, so the best solution is to accept it. If you cannot change it, acceptance and surrender is the key. Otherwise, you will feel like a crap. So no resistance…

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  9. March and April on the Faroe islands is also just horrible, a lot of rain and snow in between, but it melts within 24 hours, it is so difficult to dress and it kind of feel a bit like a warm fall instead of the beginning of spring.

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  12. I live in UK and I feel exactly the same in January February because I am also affected so much by nature and here the sky is white and the trees are plain everything is drab and not much colour for some reason it makes me feel sad but I start to feel happier when I see the snow drops flowering this is the start of things growing agian

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    last measure of courage has been summoned. Look at your life and how far you
    have come and never doubt how far you can go. Remember everything you have
    faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.
    Measure your life by your successes and not your failures. I am reminded once
    again that “The acquisition of knowledge doesn’t mean you’re growing. Growing
    happens when what you know changes who you are.” So dance my friends and never
    let the music of life stop… ~ George Wheeler

  16. March and April in the mountains of Northern California is Magical!
    We have magenta hummingbirds!…We would love to host you and Johan's visit one day to the USA in one of our magical forests…our summertime one is in the Olympic Peninsula, Wa State …We have Winter Wren's all Spring/Summer long!…Skoal!…

  17. I noticed that and several of your videos that you were curious about your sensitivity to nature, woods, the Earth itself. Maybe this will help explain to you just how beautiful of a soul you are.
    Earth empaths are a special type of empath who is keenly attuned to the natural world and all of the Earth's changes. The beauty of a waterfall can exhilarate and energize these empaths, whereas the toxicity of air pollutants can make them feel sick, exhausted, or depressed.

  18. I think they way you are feeling in March/April, is the way I feel in January/ February here where I live. I think maybe you’re reserves are depleted and you are needing sunshine and warmer weather? I November, you have the summer months behind you, you are re energized, enjoying early winter, holidays around the corner…..Perhaps?

  19. Dear Jonna, Im Yiota from Greece. I know what you mean. The worst month for me is August. I live in Kalamata, south, and I cannot stand the heat and the very high humidity here. I don't feel my energy, I struggle to keep it high, I become lazy and want to sleep. Im always looking forward for the winter to Come!!!!

  20. You actually seem quite happy, your dancing and frolicking. If only I could be so happy when I’m struggling! Johan,,you have the kindest eyes ever. I’m so happy for you both. Thank you for bringing joy to me every day. I struggle with depression, im a quadriplegic and it’s tough. You help me feel better. I wish I could buy a painting and a piece of jewelry. Blessings to you both!!!

  21. When I was young March and April was like the last month of school you couldn't wait for it to get over with, but as I got older i liken it to a mother to be in anticipation that her child was about to be born.

  22. I feel this way during Summer. Yes, I can't stand the bright light myself. My skin is suffering a lot too. I guess this happens to you during Spring because you live in the North and Sunrays have a different direction than down here.

  23. The worst time of year for me is Winter. What I started doing, and may help you, is repeating over and over that I love Winter. I visualize enjoying the snow and the cold. It seems to have helped! If you keep repeating how much those months bring you down, it will always be that way. You might try it!

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  25. I understand your feelings about March and April. Creation is struggling to wake up from its Winter nap. The sap of the tree is still thick, the great white blanket has not yet been cast aside and Creation lays on its bed waiting for the sun to put forth the warmth. And that is March.
    But in April, the warming begins and the buds of leaf and flower are forming and the expectation grows and the anticipation and longing begin to grow in our hearts. The desire to sing and dance and jump and twirl in the song of bird and beast and insect becomes almost unbearable. AN then without warning it is upon us and we are caught up and set free. So the magic in March and April is the magic of expectation and anticipation of the first chorus. Hmmmm

  26. Maybe you should do a painting series on march and april where you pour out your emotions through paint. Not every painting needs to be of beauty. It might help you cope with those two months.

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    Love your videos. It's always like a mini vacation watching them. Thank you for enriching YouTube with your spirit!

  30. Eat grape molasses and wolnuts if you can on March and April. Liver is very good ? ? with onions. Yum yum ?. Love you so much. You're the sunshine in dark winter nights. ❤️?????❤️?????

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  32. Sweet Jonna, a wise person once said " we´re not meant to be in full bloom all year". That means it is ok to have some time of the year where we feel low energy and inspiration is hard to find. In this time we should focus more on our needs and feelings to nourish and prepare for the high energy time, that is soon to come. For each of us this can be another time of the year. So don´t feel bad or angry about yourself for beeing this way in march and april. Try to embrace this time of stillness and be aware of all that is happening or not happening. I hope this helps a little with perspective 🙂 i love your content so much. The calm and serene scenery that you catch every time is so beautiful. Thank you for the spirit and light you bring into this world. 🙂

  33. It will be shitty if you focus on that.. Try focusing on the beautiful things you do and have around you .. Your a nice soul ❤

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  36. February, March and April are also hard for me! It’s the end of winter here (in Pennsylvania, United States) and spring is starting but it’s still very cold and blustery and dark and I am very effected by seasonal depression, so I have a hard time this time of year. I always feel like I just have to do what I need to to get thru it and get by and I hate that!

  37. For me it's the same with march and april. I'm from Germany, so normally the winter ends in march, but what follows are two months of grey, rainy and just draining weather. In autumn it's often like this too, but it just feels different..it feels better.

  38. So sorry to tell you but in Australia March and April are most enjoyable months…not to hot any more but with some crispness in the evening and mornings…..thank you again for sharing this nice video

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    Though I can see it was so tiring to get to transfer things to another place working for it the whole day
    But still you manage to show your Unique dance moves???
    It is so inspiring
    that no matter how hard life maybe it is still good?

  40. I do not like January and February .. everything is just grey, cold and icy, but in an ugly way. Not in the magical Christmassy way. From March on, it starts to get better 🙂

  41. I find the season thing interesting, for march and April are times of early life and light but October and November snowfall is the worst.
    (Could be some type of bias because I'm born in early April but whatever)

  42. True artists are not afraid of getting dirty, of the occasional backache, of a furrowed brow. It is what separates true artists from those who only stroke their egos. And the dark beauty of a black crow in the late winter will always calm the soul!

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