Hamburg in 48 hours Travel Guide / Weekend in Hamburg

Hi! Welcome to Hamburg. I’m Philipp, and I’m gonna show you what
to do here in 48 hours. If you arrive at the airport, just follow
these signs to the underground metro station. At the ticket machines, I recommend to take
a Hamburg AB all day ticket. Take a collective ticket, if you are travelling
in a group between two up to five persons. After checking in at your hotel, go to the
Elbphilharmonie, or, as we call it, the Elphi. There you can take an Elphi-selfie. If you have some time and if you don’t mind
stumbling upon disoriented kids and senior tourists, take the escalator to the Elphi
Plaza. From there you will have a nice view over
the city. It’s nice, but not spectacular, so don’t
worry if you don’t have the time. Have a short look on the historical Speicherstadt,
and take the metroline three to the city hall. Enjoy the view at Jungfernstieg, and walk
around the Alster lake. This takes one and a half or two hours, depending
on your speed. Then take the metro line two to Schlump, and
walk to Piazza Schulterblatt, as we call it. It’s in the heart of Schanzen Quarter. Have a nice sundowner, for example at the
Katze bar. Hungry now? Have dinner at Olympic Fire Restaurant with
greek food. You will find me here almost every Thursday. Or go to Hatari for a German Wurst platter,
or to La Sepia for Mediterranean food. After dinner, buy some wine or beer and walk
to the botanical garden, called Planten un Blomen. Enjoy the free water fountain show to classical
music, before you head back to Schanzenviertel to get lost in one of the many bars. Next morning, have breakfast at one of the
nice cafés around Weidenallee. You will find me here almost every saturday
or sunday. Visit the Schanzen Quarter by daylight, for
example the Baqu store with its labyrinth of showrooms. Take the metro line three to the main pier,
and board the harbour ferry line 62. This ferry is part of the public transport
service and included in your day pass, so don’t buy any other harbour cruise tickets. Disembark at Neumühlen and go to Elbe beach. Enjoy a drink in one of the two cafés there. Back at Neumühlen pier, try a Matjes Roll
at Nuggis Elbkate. These pickled fish fillets are the best you
can get in Hamburg. Take the ferry back to the main pier and walk
to the Portuguese quarter. Enjoy the summer flair and have lunch either
at O Frango, that’s Portuguese food, or at Luigi, the probably best pizza in Hamburg. Walking to the city center, stop by at Erste
Liebe Bar for a coffee and a really nice break. Walk along Neuer Wall, where you can find
upscale fashion shops, and make a right turn to the town hall. Take a tour. It’s nice and not expensive. After this, enjoy shopping in the city centre. Get some rest before dinner. I recommend Le Plat du Jour for a really good
French menu, or the Schlachterbörse if you prefer meat. After dinner, get lost in one of the bars
around Reeperbahn, or in the side street Hamburger Berg, where you will find the locals. On your next day, go to Susannenstraße in
Schanzen Quarter for a late breakfast. Try Oma’s Apotheke, Frank und Frei or Kostbar
Café. Take the metro to visit the old Elbe tunnel
near the main pier. You can walk under the Elbe to the other river
bank for a nice look on the city, but honestly it’s just nice, not mandatory. Before heading back to the airport, have lunch
at Ti Breizh. They serve crepes and galettes inside and
outside on a floating pier. Hope to see you in Hamburg soon! Take care.

3 thoughts on “Hamburg in 48 hours Travel Guide / Weekend in Hamburg

  1. A lot of the restaurants and cafes are not good.
    Cafe @ Sternschanze:
    In guter Gesellschaft
    Restaurant: Schlachterbörse is good, but the Olympisches Feuer is terrible. Go to Pamukkale instead.

  2. I feel like you're giving a lot of good info on places, but I can't understand the names of the places you're saying. You should add text to the video to show what you are saying or slow down. German words are incredibly long and hard for Americans to understand

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