47 thoughts on “Gym worker testifies at Rosenbaum trial

  1. https://www.ajc.com/news/crime–law/foster-parents-trial-mom-waited-days-treat-year-old-broken-leg/hgeErN8jENQfqe88r1MFjO/amp.html

  2. Defense attorney is a smartass. There is absolutely no reason to be so hateful and condescending to witnesses.

  3. So why did diarrhea smerk girl WHITNEY KIMBEL..lie and say laila was doing gymnastics and wearing leotards which never happened ..so for that's perjury at least on whitney kimbel

  4. Whitney kimbel..with smerk said broken was from gymnastics..please someone tell kimbel..this is a MURDER TRIAL..ma'am how could you defend a child murderer..creating reasonable doubt..makes it sophisticated lying..and for the horrific foster mother to save her own ass and selfishly take state money n time is disturbing

  5. And just as human always do ..as we think we get smart..we perverted reasonable doubt..see the architects were actually brilliant and they understood we weren't fully developed so word of mouth or HE SAY SHE SAY..is not sufficient enough to convict humans..reasonable doubt can save innocent human life..but as brilliant as WE ARE humans took reasonable doubt and perverted to set free possible guilty defendants..WOW look how far we have come..I LOVE YOU LORD I PRAY FOR US ALL

  6. I think her defense lawyer needs to retire either shes lost touch with reality or never had it to begin with. Talking about grasping at straws. What an idiot!!

  7. The death penalty is too easy an option for these two monsters. I think life without parole is a more appropriate penalty. To be incarcerated for the remainder of natural life is a far better sentence in my opinion in these circumstances. It’s commonly known that child abusers are the lowest tier in the prison pecking order. They will reap what they have sown & if that becomes an issue to the staff they will be kept in isolation. This to me is inhumane but absolutely appropriate in this case. Indefinite years of isolation or abuse by other prisoners seems a perfect solution to paying for their utter disregard towards the rights of Milie & Laila. I want them to suffer & suffer & suffer for as long as possible. To be held safely & in relative comfort on death row for years of appeals etc to maybe finally get euthanised by just going to sleep is not right & proper to me. To live in fear always looking over their shoulders waiting for a beating that may or may not come today (just like the girls did) is a fitting way for the two of them to see out their days…. and may they live long!!!

  8. If the little girl had injured her leg at the gym I’m sure that foster person would have immediately filed an incident or injury report but since her leg wasn’t injured at the gym that is why there is no report. This defense atty is a dumb a—!!!! I guess she doesn’t know what else to ask.

  9. This is excellent for the prosecution. It looks as though Jennifer went there in order to cover her story for Laila's broken leg. Poor Laila. poor little poppet.

  10. Very strong witness, she knows her business well, and the defense was trying to push the narrative of Laila getting hurt in gym class. Laila was never enrolled in that gym, and she was never injured. If Laila got injured for real, it would have been a big investigation, and heads would roll if the team or back office would let a 2 year old on equipment.

  11. After Watching this, GymLady Needs to put Security Cameras on Her Play-Floors.

    Seems like the Defense is trying to say the Child Died due to injuries acquired at the Play-Gym.

  12. This isn’t elite gymnastics . It’s stupid tumbling and jumping for toddlers . No way Laila got all these severe injuries and bruises from gymnastics . I can’t J&J they are vile despicable like Chris Watts

  13. 🤦‍♀️ That defense lawyer is painful to listen to. Her favorite phrases are "And, um. Isn't it true that…Isn't it fair to say…" 🙄 I'd kind of like to punch this lady in her teeth.

  14. I can admit I don't like the defense attorney but I realize her position. Her duty is to garner any and all doubt that will show her clients are not guilty. It is part of her job that the defendants are found not guilty.

  15. Can anyone tell me what kind of gadget the lady opposite the judge is holding on and off to her mouth? First time I’ve seen this device. Thank you!

  16. It’s reasonable that a child might wander onto the floor and get hurt in a quick minute….but unreasonable that Jennifer would not have taken her right away to the dr

  17. The Rosenbaum Attorney is so stupid ,Trying to catch this women off guard, I use to do day care at a gym ,If a parent had a child the child could not be on the floor for any reason,Adults only,Never once had to deal with a child on the floor,do to the fact parents received one hour free day care

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