Gym Motivation – ARM DAY With Lee Priest – BEST ARMS IN THE WORLD EVER

Yes people say ”Arms get worked indirectly when you do chest and shoulders”.. And when you do back your biceps get a bit of work. But like any other body part If you want it to grow you gotta punish it. You gotta punish them arms like any other body part. If you wanna be able to fill out the sleeves in your fkn shirt And have other mtfrs jaws drop You do bodybuilding… It’s that simple. I wake up every single day.. I am who I say I am. And I get what I GET Because I LIVE in BEASTMODE. Where your FOCUS goes your ENERGY FLOWS. You wanna know what it takes to succeed as bad as you wanna breathe.. It’s what goes ON when the cameras go OFF. HARD WORK. DETERMINATION. and GRID. Yeah we’re talking about much more than talent.. We’re talking about HEART. WE NEVER STOP!!

90 thoughts on “Gym Motivation – ARM DAY With Lee Priest – BEST ARMS IN THE WORLD EVER

  1. Lee is my favorite bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger is my 2nd favorite! I feel like hittin some iron now!

  2. This video is gold……absolute gold. The guy at the start talking about filling out your sleeves is incredibly inspiring.

    Well done my friend👍👍👍👍

  3. I hate EVERYONE in the Gym that say Oh You work arms indirectly when you do Back and Chest
    NO YOU DONT Lee Priest did 9 Sets for Biceps and Triceps to get the Best arms in history.

  4. Trust me if IFBB had not ban him he would be 10xtimes Mr.Olympia.
    It would be a great change in bodybuilding history 👿👿
    I wonder why he don't make a comeback

  5. U can just tell these r synthol arms.. So much of that shit in his arms.. These round droopy non tight arms without flexing is the sign of synthol..

  6. Lee Priest is not only an extremely massive beast, but he has the face of a T-1000 Terminator actor Robert Patrick! Put Lee Priest as the next Terminator whether good or evil one! That would be so awesome!

  7. No matter What You do You will never have Arms like Lee Priest he started working them hard Age 13. You started age 20 +
    He had these arms age 22.

  8. Вот нормальный же был. Взял и изуродывал себя татуировками…

  9. This is just disgusting to me hahaha like wtf. Don’t forget about the drugs cause the human body won’t do that naturally lol don’t be fooled

  10. Lee does have the best arms everything is full and massive no weak points his back was a little under and lee would be the first to admit that , standing alone he looks unbeatable as do all pros ,,,,most difficult sport to be in

  11. Nicandro great mixes and videos getting a pump watching this 1👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪💪✌

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