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Hey guys, welcome to my channel, I’m Maryam. In today’s video, I am going to teach you
a no foundation makeup look that’s perfect for the gym, perfect for any physical activities,
outdoor activities. Because let’s face it, tons of people actually
go to the gym to mingle because they’re single. You get the drift, this is what this tutorial
is about, if you’re trying to go to the gym and you’re trying to let your skin breathe
while still looking cute, then keep on watching. I hope you enjoy this video, don’t forget
to subscribe, comment down below, and let’s get to it. My bare skin, observe it, remember it, but also I’ll show you guys a before and after,
so you don’t have to remember it. The first thing that I’m gonna do, is apply this ‘Korres’ or caress, not really sure
how to pronounce it, I’m gonna apply their brightening priming moisturizer all over my
face just to prime my skin and to moisturize, this one smells amazing. Just because we’re not wearing foundation
doesn’t mean that we can skip moisturizer, no ma’am, no sir. Even if you’re oily skin, you still need
moisture, just remember that because I will have a pop quiz at the end of the video. I was just about to reach for my foundation,
and then I realized… oh wait… I’m not applying any foundation in this video. So, I’m gonna reach for my ‘NYX Wonder Pencil in ‘Light’ this guy right here, I usually
use medium, but Lee has devoured my medium, he uses it all the time, it’s now his, he’s
claimed it, I have no access to it. So then I’m gonna come in real close, ohh
my mirror is super dirty. I’m gonna start concealing all of my spots
and imperfections, and now because I already applied the moisturizer, it’s gonna be really
easy for me to conceal the spots, and then kind of blur them out with my finger. You could tell that this pencil is a lot lighter
than my skin, but for today’s purpose it’s perfect, because I’m gonna be blending out
the finger, the finger I’m gonna be blending out the coverage with my finger, so it’s gonna
look like my bare skin. I’m gonna start with my acne spots, the big ones right here, right there, and then I’m
gonna cover up just a couple of freckles. The freckles that I don’t find particularly
flattering, like this one right here always looks like a dark spot under my eye, like
it’s part of the dark circle. This ‘NYX Wonder Pencil’, is sort of like
a ‘Kohl’ pencil, it’s very easy to blend, but it’s also a little bit waxy, so it actually
sticks to your skin. So I’m gonna highlight around the nose, just to bring some light and brightness to that
area, and again I’m gonna blend out with my finger, because your finger is your best tool
sometimes. When concealing the spots, try to stay away
from spots like this one. This one is a little bit textured, it’s an
acne scar that’s still healing, so if I try to conceal it with the pencil, it’s actually
gonna become more visible because it has texture, so I’m gonna leave that one alone. This one on the other hand is a broken capillary,
so it’s flat, and it’s perfect for this purpose. Sort of varying the pressure of the pencil,
wherever I want the pencil to brighten the area, I’m applying more pressure and more
product, but wherever I just wanted to conceal and hide an imperfection, then I’m using minimal
pressure. if you’re super fair, I would even suggest
try using a white Kohl pencil. Also keep a mirror at an arm’s length, that way you could see your face overall. So you’re not just observing your imperfection
super closely, that way you could see the whole picture. That’s it for the pencil, next I’m gonna take my ‘NYX Dark Circle Concealer’, this thing
is almost empty. It’s a peachy little concealer that I like
to use under my eyes, to negate some of that purple, and to also brighten and liven up
this area. So you just that alone makes such a difference
for the eyes. I’m gonna set the under-eye with a little
bit of translucent powder, this one is from ‘Koh Gen Do’ and that’s pretty much it
for the skin. I’m actually gonna do one more thing, and that’s because I’m extra. I’m gonna take this ‘Hollywood Flawless
Filter Youthful Glow’ by Charlotte Tilbury this is what it looks like. It’s got this really giant doe foot sort of
applicator, similar to ‘Tarte Shaped Tape’. I’m going to apply just a little bit of this
to high points of my face, for just a bit of a healthy glow. So again, we’re not covering anything up,
we’re just giving our skin a little bit of dew, which i think is perfectly acceptable
at the gym. if you don’t have this one, or if you find that this Charlotte Tilbury
is a little too heavy on the pocket, I have a dupe for you, and that is ‘L’Oreal Lumi
Glotion’ and it is a fantastic product. There’s four shades, this one is one of my
favorites for light to medium skin tones. It’s just so nice, why don’t I just use this? Okay Maryam, you’re not single, you don’t
want to look too cute for the gym. You can totally go to the gym as is, if you feel like you must use foundation, I highly
recommend ‘Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation’ this one is one of my absolute favorite cushion
foundations, it’s super lightweight, but it covers brilliantly, and for some reason it
feels like it’s letting your skin breathe. So it’s not heavy, it doesn’t feel like a
full coverage foundation would sometimes, I highly recommend this one plus it’s super
affordable. For bonus, I also like to brush out my eyebrows upwards, that way they look just a little
bit fluffier and thicker. I usually just apply a little bit of brow
gel, but today I’m gonna go the extra mile, because it will make you look a little bit
more polished. I’m going to be using the ‘Benefit Foolproof
Brow Powder’, could use very light strokes just to fill in, not so much extend, not so
much enhance the brow, just fill in any sparse areas, and make it look as natural and as
normal as possible. It’s pretty easy to do with this particular
brow, this brow for some reason it’s just a little bit more high maintenance, she requires
more of me. But again not too much, I still want it to
look like I’m not wearing too much makeup, I don’t want to scare anyone at the gym, I
don’t want to be that girl, which by the way, there’s nothing wrong with being that girl
at the gym. You totally can wear your full coverage foundation, and your full face beat and wear proudly,
as long as you stand by it, and as long as it makes you happy, who is to challenge you? Who’s to tell you no? Next my ‘Maybelline Baby Lips’, this is one of my favorite products of all times. It just flushes your face in such a pretty
shade of pink, I love it, it’s like bubblegum, but not, I love it. One thing I never leave home without is curled
lashes, even if I’m not wearing mascara, I always like to curl my lashes. My little soldier’s limbs is straight, and
they need to be curved up, and then they’re like not half as bad. If you must apply mascara, I highly recommend a waterproof formula. Today I’m using ‘Too Faced Better than Sex
Mascara’ but the waterproof version. I’m gonna apply to my top and bottom lashes,
and that in itself just makes me feel like a rock star. Check your bubble braid, make sure it’s looking nice and cute. Let me know if you want a tutorial for this
one, I might just have one on my instagram for you guys. This is the final look, let’s hit that before and after one more time. Fresh, easy, still looking like myself, perfect
for the gym, perfect for any outdoor activities, hiking, even that kickboxing class where you’re
wondering if that guy is gay, but just might be straight, and you might just get that number. So this is the look that I would wear if I were doing any of that, and if I were single,
if I was trying to pick up a dude, but I’m not, so I’ll just wear it to the store. I hope you guys enjoyed this video? Let me know what tips and trick you learned,
and what are some of your favorites? Check out some of my other videos right here,
click on them, go ahead, I dare you. I will see you in the next one, I love you.

50 thoughts on “GYM MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Maryam Maquillage

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