Gym Games – Animal Farm

Hi everyone. Here is a very simple game called ‘Animal Farm’ for the earlier grades. You need blindfolds in this game. To start you will have your students spread out around the gym. You will go around and give each student
an animal that they will be. Make sure that there are at least two of
each animal. You will also give them blindfolds. Or you could have students close their eyes, or even for the kindergartens they can keep their eyes open. The goal of the game is for students to go
around and find their matching pair. So the pigs will have to find the pigs, birds will have to find the birds, etc. On the signal they will go around moving like their animal and making the animal noise. They have to make that animal noise so they can find each other. So they’re going around making their
animal noises until they can find each other. When they have found each other then they just stay put until everyone has found each other.
Then you can start a new round. And you can make more of a certain animal (increase it so
there are 3 elephants, or 4, or 5, or however many you want). And that’s it!

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