GYM FAILS [#13] Gym Vines 2018 – Funny Workout Fails VINES, Best Of Gym Fails 2018

What’s up, everybody, what’s up everybody? Welcome to another edition of gym fails or Gym Vines Gym fails whatever it’s turned into I find funny videos on the internet and on Instagram and I put them up here for your enjoyment do a Little commentary on top of it. Here’s last videos comment winner Is it up there let’s get on with the show Like when nothing is gonna fucking stop you from getting into the gym That’s a motivated fucker right there. It’s like hell. No. I’ve been making some games lately My bench has gone up by five pounds. There’s no way I’m missing the gym We hold on that the railroad song I need a shovel songs anybody know a shovel song This guy ain’t gonna get tired anytime soon digging that hole. That’s gonna be one. No one mean asshole It’s like when you try to lose weight you’re not doing as well as you think you are It’s like when you’re so swole and you can’t even move Right, I know I usually talk about a Walmart Walmart equipment, but this Home Depot POW right in the kisser Why is he dead lifting hold on why is he dead lifting in a squat rack? Looks like a dog taking the shit Just thrust it through your sticking point hump it through the sticking point. There you go. Oh good job asshole PR Then you’re gonna celebrate fuck you Don’t even try to fuckin pretend that you got that. Oh, you need a fucking spot This is like when your buddies trying to get our leg day. I Don’t know. I hope I don’t Please actually found this footage next to a bloody skinny guy corpse The official GoFundMe of this video will go out to we’re attaching to this gentleman’s head to his body Always with the fucking box jumps. Nope that get shit on This is this saddest workout ever. Hold on. Let me do something. Hello darkness my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again Thank you guys so much for watching Remember to give this video a like throw it tasty comment below if you want to be you next videos How about winter? If you like to get some awesome gym shirts check out Jim Fidel in the t-shirt icon over here subscribe to this channel by clicking my face and watch all the rest of my Comedy videos and the playlist here. Thank you again for watching this video. I’ll see you tomorrow

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