Gym Equipment Basics – Cardio

My name is Robert Balcomb, I am
the South territory manager for Matrix Fitness. Starting off, I’ll go onto the manual quick start button, the
“go” button and then that’s going to kind of put
you on a main workout screen. It’s going to show your
profile here, kind of, this is kind of like a 3D image of your
run so if you were to elevate it, this little trail here will
start to incline kind of like 3D footage, you have your
speed here, you have your elevation here, and then
there’s several different ways to make adjustments to the
programs. So, lets say you want to go up to 3 miles per hour,
you can do a “touch and drag” and there is a safety
feature, so if you drag it up, say somebody accidentally drags
it all the way up to 8.9 miles per hour by accident, if you
don’t hit the “ok” button, to confirm that’s where you
want it, it’s going to automatically go back down. Kind
of a safety feature so nobody gets injured if they
accidentally hit it. You can also make adjustments to the
speed and the incline with the arrow buttons up here, and then
you can do the “down” one right here. And
then for some of the folks like the manual,
classic button features, you can also make adjustments here on
the handles. Same thing with the elevation on the side. So, for
those of you that like to do interval training, there are
some cool features here that you can do like, let’s say,
somebody wants to start off at like a 3.1 mile an hour walk,
and then you do that for a few minutes and then you take it up
to, let’s say, higher jog or something about 7.1, then do
that for a few minutes, sort of like how a TV remote works. You
can do it automatic flashback of where you were. So, lets say,
you want to do 7.1 miles per hour for a few minutes and then
automatically go back to 3.1, you can tap the little red
button at the top right here and that will take
you all the way back instead of having to manually go all the
way down. So, same thing on elevation, you can do it right
here, touch and drag or you can use the arrows and notice when
you adjust your elevation, the trail on the screen is going to
go up. So, same thing here, you can do the interval, if you do
the interval on the elevation, you can do that as well,
here. So, that’s really as far as the adjustments of
your speed and elevation goes, that’s pretty simple. Several
different ways to use it. Somebody’s doing like a walk
and they want to hold onto their heart rate and adjust their
speed, elevation, its kind of easier to do it right here.
Several other buttons up here, you do have an
integrated fan so you have a low, medium and high speed on
the fan, you’ll feel the air come out of this vent right
here. And then you also have a pause button here so if
you want to pause your workout and get off
for a few seconds, you can come back. Now the screen selection
up here at the top, there’s several different ones. Some
people just like the regular, simple screen that just shows
your calories, your time and your distance, you can click
that one. And then, you also have iPod capabilities on all of
the consoles so you can plug your iPod in here or iPhone,
whichever one. When you plug it in, you can actually pull up
your playlist. So your playlist will pull up right here and then
you’ll have like your album, artist selection, song
selection, sort of just like you do if your using it manually.
Also, another thing to do, if you have any video on your iPod
or iPhone, it will give you an option to either click audio or
video. If you have movies downloaded that you want to
watch, you can watch it on the screen as well too. The next
selection is going to be TV selection, so once the TVs
get hooked up, you will be able to click the TV button and
you will have picture here. Now there’s several,
couple different ways to watch the TV. If you want to
watch the TV and also have your workout data on the slide, you
can watch it in the screen feature or you can blow it up
into like a full 15 inch screen. Tap the screen and it will go up
into a full screen like that. And then, to go back
to your workout, just tap the screen again and it will take
you right back to where you were. If your using an iPod or
watching TV, your phone jack is going to be right here, so just
plug it in at the bottom below the manual
“Go” button. And that’s another thing too, back to where
you first start out, you do have, if you don’t want to use
the touch screen, you can still start right here with the
buttons below. So, that covers the majority of the features
here now. If you go back, like if you want to stop the workout,
you can click the “Stop” button and there is an emergency
stop button, either one. You can push down on this one, and then
lift it back up to go to the main workout screen. Now you
have all your workouts, right here, your workout regimens, so
if you want to do a fat burn program, this is a little bit
different, this is going to require some of your data put in
before you actually start your workout. So once you get in,
you’ll have your time set up here, so if you want to do like
an hour, put it all the way up here. You can also adjust your
level during the workout so you don’t have to have that
confirmed right when you start out. Also, your weight and your
speed you want to start out with as well. And then once you get
all that data hooked up, just press the “go” button like
you would before and it will put you right back to the same
workout screen. So that pretty much sums it up with me. We
really tried to make it as user friendly as possible. Sort of
like the iPhone is. The touch and drag features, color
schemes, we looked at a lot of that especially for the folks
aren’t as experienced with using workout equipment. Once
you go back to the main screen, there’s another software that
we have inside all product in the cardio category it virtual
active. Again, you have the question mark right here to
kind of give you a brief description. Virtual Active
is actual video based footage of the guy who started
the company was a cross-country runner but he took a
professional Hollywood camera and got video footage of all his
running to like Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, a
lot of major landmarks around the country and packaged it up
into different courses and implemented it into our cardio
products. So you can actually go do his runs, another cool this
about is, our products are going to be responsive to his courses.
So when you start out on a course, if you go up hill in the
course, the treadmill is going to incline, if you go back down
a hill, it’s going to level out. But starting out, once you
go into the Virtual Active Program, it’s going to show
you your selection of different courses. So you have the L.A.
Run, Nevada, Utah Run, Chicago Run, and Northern Rockies Run,
click this button right here to the side and it will take you
over to the next selection. Specific Northwest, American
Northeast Run, American Southwest Run, Swiss Alps and
Northern Italy. We have different courses for different
skills so you will see different courses on the elliptical and
the stair climbers versus the treadmills. They kind of made
them customized to that actual scue. Let’s say, we’ll start
out on the L.A. Run. So click the screen here, same as you
would when you were setting up your other products or other
programs. You would just put in all your data here, once you get
your data where you want it, just hit the “go” button and
then it will do the same countdown, but your going to
have that 7 inch screen here in the middle with your workout
data on the side. So it’s going to download the map, show
you exactly where you’re starting point is going to be
and then where you’re going to end. And then, just like before
if your watching TV or any video footage on your iPod or iPhone,
you can expand the screen just by tapping on it again and that
will put you on the full 15 inch screen and it’ll show you
exactly where your going to start out, each part of the run,
and then once it loads the map, here’s the video footage if
you want to get a good picture here. But, one thing to notice
is that this is real, when you have your headphones plugged in,
your hearing all the same traffic noise outside, your
hearing birds chirp, its pretty, I mean, its real. A cool thing
about it too is when your actually running, it gives you
cool little facts at the top about where your running, which
parts of L.A. your at, or which part of the map your on. Also,
too, when you increase your speed, you can either do it,
like on the 7-inch screen, you can do it here on the side with
the touch screen, or you can do it manually right here. But,
when you actually increase your speed, the screen will start to
speed up just like when you’re running faster. So, but again,
it is responsive, so if you’re actually running on a course and
you start to go uphill, the treadmill will incline
automatically without you doing it. So it is responsive based on
what’s on the video footage. So that pretty much covers the
Virtual Active and most of our technology. Again,
we try to make it as user friendly as possible, there is a
cool feature as well, and you can adjust all your stuff
manually, if you don’t want to use the touch screen stuff, to
reiterate that again. If there is any kind of damage done to
the screen, you can also keep using the treadmill; you don’t
have to shut down the actual unit, which is neat, until we
replace it. If your watching TV, one thing I meant to bring up
again, if your ever watching the TV on here, you can adjust your
channels here, and your volume with the channels right here or
you can just manually punch in what channel you want there. So
that covers that. Next up, we will move over to the elliptical
category. Starting off on the elliptical, this is a suspension
elliptical, again, all the consoles are the same, and so,
what you learned on the 7XE Console on the treadmills, the
same will apply to the elliptical. So, really the
biggest difference is you’re not going to have a speed on the
elliptical, it will be set trainers. It’s just going to
be some resistance, so starting off here, on the elliptical; you
can start your program off by using the “go” button. And
here’s your resistance right here to the right. So, two areas
you actually have, you can either do the full body workout
right here, or you can do the lower arms here which checks
your heart rate. Generally takes about a minute to get an
accurate heart rate reading and then your going to have your
resistance knobs here so if you don’t want to reach up and do
it on the touch screen, you can do it right here at the bottom
next to the resistance or next to the heart rate monitor. Also,
too, same workout programs at the top, so if you want a simple
screen, just kind of measure your time, RPMs or your
distance, you can click that. You got your iPod screen here
and then again, you have your TV screen here. So, elliptical’s
pretty simple. Nothing real advanced about it. The biggest
difference that you want to keep in mind, when you get over here
to the elliptical category, there’s two different types.
You have these two that are just regular elliptical, these two to
the right are what we call the Ascent Trainer. How you
will be able to tell the difference is really in color
schemes. The yellow markings will identify this as the Ascent
Trainer, the biggest difference between the two categories is
the Ascent Trainer you can actually elevate the elliptical.
Is just set motion, you can adjust your stride length, and
you can adjust resistance. These two right here, you can adjust
elevation and resistance. So, starting out on this one, your
going to be in a basic movement, just like you would be on the
elliptical, same stride length. But as you elevate it, there’s
an incline motor that changes your elevation and moves your
stride length to a longer stride length to where your almost on a
stadium stepper, so its really like a combination of an
elliptical and a stair stepper. And then, once you get your
elevation up, your engaging more of your hamstrings, your glutes,
but your also staying in that elliptical motion. So it’s a
lot less stress for you folks that can’t do stair steppers
or anything that is high impact on your knees, this might be a
good unit to use just so you can take all that pressure off your
knees and hips and then again, if you really want to take it up
a notch, take the resistance up at the same time you take your
elevation up. So you will notice my knees are coming up a lot
higher, getting more of stride length, that’s why I’m
getting kind of out of breath. One thing to note too, if you
kind of want to get a zoom into this, all of our cardio products
have Nike Plus Software built in, so for those of you that
have iPod or iPhone with Nike Plus built into it, you can
download and save your workout summary from the unit so again,
here’s your iPod cord, plug it in, at the end of each workout,
it will ask you, cause it will recognize if you already have
Nike Plus, it’ll ask you if you want to save it, just hit
“yes” or “no.” So that covers the Ascent Trainer and
the elliptical. The same console features, same just like we
went over on the treadmills. David Mathis: Is everything
polar compatible if somebody had a heart rate monitor that
they wanted to wear wireless. Are they just polar
compatible or any? Balcomb: It’s just polar
compatible, I will have to go it and do
some follow up on that to find out if there’s any
specific types. But, yes, it does recognize it. Now as far as
it’s the kind of you wear on your chest or, I will have to
follow up and check on that one. David Mathis: I think most of
them, are and that’s a good function for students to know
that they can wear that and will not have to hold on to heart
rate monitor. And the heart rate monitor, and this is kind of
universal for most companies, its not 100% accurate, sometimes
you have sweat built up, everybody’s different and
everybody has their own kind of hand grips, it gives a good
ballpark idea of where your heart rate’s at. So, yea, you
have both options there. But I will do some follow
up on that as well. David Mathis: Thank you. Balcomb: Next up is the bike
category. We did the same thing on the consoles again. One of
the big things to always recognize on our products, is
there is, we try to color scheme everything so that you can
recognize where an adjustment is. If it’s an adjustment, it’s
always color coordinated in yellow so it kind of sticks out.
The seat adjustment for the bikes is pretty easy. Pull up on
this lever here and you can just slide it back and forth. And
then also, too, even your adjustments on the actual when
your using the unit, same things, adjustments going to be
in yellow here, yellow buttons to increase your resistance.
Just like the way you did on the elliptical, or on the treadmill,
you can adjust your resistance from the handles here manually
or you can do it on the touch screen here. Real easy walk
through access, pretty, pretty simple bike feature. Nothing
real fancy about recumbent bikes. But, you will have your
iPod Nike Plus with all your same features on here, you will
also have your designated virtual active programs on here
as well, too that you can use specifically for the bike
courses. So there will be different courses from the
treadmills, elliptical and bikes. So, the crank cycle is
actually almost like an upper body cardio workout. Its
independent arms so you can do backwards, and just like a spin
bike, you can adjust your resistance here at the top. So
if you want to change it up and do a different motion, you can
pull this level down, again yellow sticks out, turn this
around here, pull back and you can do forward. One thing you
will notice is how much more energy you pack into your legs
when you do cardio because when you do an upper body workout,
you get spent pretty quick. But, we have these designed for
either cardio floors or just regular cardio use, or we have
them designed for classroom setting as well, too. We have
them mixed up. But, this one, again, like I said, is like an
upper body spin bike, flywheel, resistance knobs, you got your
water bottle holders here, so, yea, its pretty neat. Any
Questions? Moving on, is going to be the Upright Bike. Same
features as the recumbent bikes, its just going to be more an
advanced bike workout. You’re sitting up higher, this is going
to be almost like your doing a real life bike, you have the
elbow holders here, to lean over, like if you’re on a bike
ride, same features is again, 7XE console. You got your seat
adjustment here with the yellow knob, you can adjust the height.
So that’s it. The Upright Bike is pretty simple. The next one
is going to be the Climb Mills. These are going to be for most
of the advanced folks. For those of you who have ever used one of
these, its like, its probably the most advanced cardio workout
I can think of. But, the cool thing about this one is that the
steps are deeper in. Some of the older ones out there, your heals
would hang off and wasn’t that comfortable, so on ours, we made
the steps a lot deeper. Your same programs in here if you
want to do the customized programs or if you want to do
just your basic quick start workout. So once it turns on,
just like if your climbing as escalator backwards. You have
your levels here at the top, just like you would on the other
consoles we showed you earlier. You can take it up, the higher
you take the level, and the faster the steps are going to
go. Now a couple of safety features that we did on the
Climb Mills, if anyone ever gets off, and puts their foot on
that platform, its going to automatically stop. Or if
somebody walks up behind you and puts their foot on it, it’s
going to stop. Once you get back on, you can start it back up,
just hit the resume button in the top right hand corner. You
got several different areas to put your hands on here. We put
the rails at the top too, because on some of the other
versions on the Climb Mills, people would put all of their
weight on the consoles and kind of make the consoles come loose,
so we put a safety bar up here, on top. You got the built in fan
right here. Low, medium and high function. And then you have your
heart rate monitors here. And again, you can adjust your speed
here on the left side and then you can hit the pause button
here on the right or you can do the stop button here. And then
again, after your workout is done, you will have you workout
summary if you want to save it to your iPod and if you want to
just go back to the home screen, just hit the home button and it
will take you right back to where you started. Any
Questions? Ok, this is the Spin Room where we have all of our
Liftstrong Bikes set up for spin class. Mainly just going to give
you a breakdown of how all the adjustments work on the spin
bike. You have your seat adjustments, you have your
handle bar adjustments, and then you also have your built-in
computer that tracks your RPMs, your time and
everything. One thing to point out on the handle bar adjustment
is you have two different, where you can slide back and forth on
the handle bar, and then you can also adjust the height of it as
well too. By loosening it here, just unscrew it all the way and
then just lock it in wherever you want it and then tighten it
back up. So, really easy to make all the adjustments. You have
your water bottle holders here, dual holders, your seat
adjustments going is going to be right here in the back so you
have a yellow knob in the back, same thing, just adjust it to
the left. Get your seat wherever you want it here, then just
tighten back up to the right. Your computer here, to start it
up, just press the left button here, the “start” and then
you’ll see your heart rate, your RPMs and then your
training time. So, keep track of all that during your workouts.
Another cool thing that Lance Armstrong did on these bikes
specifically, was he added in the little lower handles here to
kind of give it more of a realistic feel so that’s
pretty much the spin bikes as far as…one more thing, you
do have your back and forth on the seat right here so you can
go back and forth on that just like you can on the handle bars
here. So.. Any Questions? David Mathis: The full system at
the handle bar, did you go over that? Balcomb: Which One? Yes. So
just hit the left button here and you have your heart rate,
your RPMs, and your training time and all that stuff.
So any more questions? That’s spinning!!

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