69 thoughts on “Gym Employees Answer Your Questions

  1. Who else liked the video before watching ?
    (I do hilarious pranks on my Atfrican mum)

  2. Interesting fact: Squirrels plant thousands of new trees each year simply by forgetting where they put their acorns. 🐿🌲🌲

  3. Some people can be rude in the gym. Especially the ones who spits in the water fountains. Like bro please stop.

  4. What’s the best part of working at a gym ……. the free membership 😀😀😀 Rest of video saying how they hate to work out at gym the work at 🤔🤔🤔

  5. I can't even go to the gym anymore. It's just to dirty. People sweating all over the machines. Farting in hot yoga class. I can't. I run, do my yoga from home now. Besides, the gym is the new bar. I go to work out. Not to meet a man.

  6. Bruh I never go to the gym like NEVER, my lazy ass can’t get off the bed so I’m just laying on the bed eating chocolate like a hero😂

  7. BUENOS DIASSSS umm I just wanted to say I love ur videos and keep doing what ur doing ♥️And to everyone else who's reading this I luv u too HAHAHA

  8. caught a meat head taking mirror selfies in the bathroom. He played it off and pretended to have a conversation on speaker lol

  9. I’m a lifeguard at a place that’s connected to a gym and I work out at a different gym bc I want to avoid the whole awkward situation of someone recognizing me

  10. I don't take selfies at the gym, I'm there to workout. However, if one of my friends has a question about a certain exercise, I do snap a quick picture of the machine that I feel will help them with that particular exercise. Then it's right back into the workout.

  11. Worked at a gym for 7 years. One of my favorites was this lady we had to ban from our shop because she would get makeup on everything, this lady was crazy. She called one day saying she got stress fractures in her ankles from zumba and she couldn't work out…later that day someone rushes to the front desk to me saying someone is passed out. She was on an exercise ball with ankle weights and fell off the ball and smacked her head on the ground…she then lied to the EMTs she was 20 years younger than what she was. Oh Carol.

  12. I’m not going to lie; I went to Troys ig to see if he didn’t have any gym selfies himself. 😅😂 I was about to be real upset if he talking smack and had a few since he a gym employee. But he proved me wrong. 😂😂💪🏽

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