Gym #4 – Work your fulll body with just a bench,a bar, 2 dumbells and some discs

Sup man, Gym #4 Today i’m gonna be me, i’m gonna be myself Wait, this is not my voice I have plenty of voices I just finished my session for today I’m gonna teach you the rule #1 which is not consistency or persistency is to have a f****** gym at home and you don’t need much, you only need i’m gonna show you now This That’s pretty much it A bench a bar some disks and two dumbells you can work your whole body Let’s say day 1 you want to work back and biceps For back you can do, deadlifts You can do cobras on the floor You can do Bent Over Rows For biceps, you can do biceps curls with a bar with dumbells You can do “individuals” For biceps, to have a full range motion you can do inclined curls Let’s say day 2 you wanna do chest and triceps Well for chest you can do of course bench press, inclined bench press flys And for Triceps you can do triceps extensions Skull crushers dips on the bench, and Kickbacks Let’s say day 3 you wanna do legs and shoulders, for legs you can do squats Calfs Still leg raises Well there are plenty of exercises for legs, lunges, that you can do without equipment For shoulders you can do military press, with a bar Laterals And front also for fornts and this muscle right here you can do “Raise to the ceiling” bar raise to the ceiling so, that’s pretty much it You can work your whole body with just a bench, a bar two dumbells and a couple of disks I hope you can get started because man, even if this is for the long term It really helps you for the short term if you can just wake up and do one workout If you are begginer you can do a 30, 40 minutes, it’s enough you will feel so good for the rest of the day Don’t get obsessed with “Tsooplemetns” it’s not “Tsooplements” it’s supplement supplement

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