GTA 5 FAST RUN GLITCH! How to Run Super Fast Cheat Code GTA Online! Modded Run (GTA 5 Glitches)

I hope you guys are having a super dope
day today it’s you boy imrobertz1 and in today GTA 5 glitches video I will show
you how to get fast run in GTA online after the new update ok let’s get right
into the video the first thing you need to do is start up single-player then put
in the fast run and super jump cheat codes I’ll have them in a description
and in the comment section now go to a high building I’ll be using a Rockford
Plaza next to the Los Santos customs in the middle of the city now run then jump
then quickly press B or a circle on ps4 this should ragdoll your character hold
down Start then let it go 0.5 seconds before you hit the ground this should
cause your character right before you hit the ground now go online to a solo
session you should see your character hit the ground then start to get up once
you get online you should be able to run super fast you can find a new session
and you’ll still have the fast run this glitch is cool patrolling friends and
just having some fun if you enjoy glitches like this click on my GTA 5
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showcase glitches tips and tricks that’s all I have for you today I’ll see you
guys in my next video

70 thoughts on “GTA 5 FAST RUN GLITCH! How to Run Super Fast Cheat Code GTA Online! Modded Run (GTA 5 Glitches)

  1. I think this glitch is patched, everytime I do it I get an error saying disconnected from xbox live sign in to play online or whatever

    Xbox: Y-Left-Right-Right-LT-LB-X
    PS4: Tri-Left-Right-Right-L2-L1-Squ
    PC: catchme

    Xbox: Left-Left-Y-Y-Right-Right-Left-Right-X-RB-RT
    PS4: Left-Left-Tri-Tri-Right-Right-Left-Right-Squ-R1-R2
    PC: hoptoit
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  3. 💎 Fast Run Online Tutorial 💎
    1. Go to Single Player
    2. Put the Cheat Codes
    2. Go to a high building run and jump quickly B or Circle (Xbox/PS)
    3. Press Pause and 0.5 seconds before you hit ground let go
    4. Go Online Solo Session

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  5. Pause the game before you hit the ground! If you did it right, you'll have successfully paused the game before hitting the ground.

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