Grizzly carries whole team – Wu Chang OP! (Identity V Funny Moments)

OHH! We got the second pallette stun of today’s stream Heck yeah! We got him! We got him again! He gotta hate me Oh god! He got me right there I was too greedy with the stuns 3 pallette stuns in one game You kidding me? I am so sorry for you, my friend! I am so sorry for you He’s still trying to hit me I’m sorry I’m sorry I don’t want to bully you! But it makes so much fun— Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Okay, that was greedy That was— Oh god! Oh g— let me get away! Oh my lord! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! That was enough Okay, he’s coming. He’s following He— still comes for me He still comes for me He really wants me dead The 5th stun! 5th freakin stun in one game and he’s not giving up he wants me… no wait, I… Uhhh I changed my opinion. He is giving up right there I do not agree with bully hunters, okay? I just want to make this very clear, I do not agree with bully hunters, but that was— AB— —SOLUTELY HILARIOUS Nooo! He was trying to hit but NO! Absolutely not. I’m here for the rescue. I’m here for my team. I feel sorry! Okay, he’s now coming for me… He’s now coming for me Okay, let’s go! I’m out of here I want to give my team time. I want to give my team time What is he think? Is he going— Yeah, he’s following. He’s following! He’s following! I just want to give my team time OOPS OOoops! Come on— c’mon, c’mon, c’mon! Let me go. Let me go! OOOookay! Let’s see if we can do this! Let’s see if we can do this! No, he’s super fast. He’s just right here Oh god, I’m stuck! I’m stuck at the— NO! I will stuck on the hunter. I take it. I take— Don’t rescue me guys Just don’t rescue me. Please go! P-please just leave the match. It’s fine. Let’s see if the cowboy could do something Yes! YESSS! And that is! Four survivors escape through the exit gate right here. Thank you very much! Look how happy he is. You did a great job cowboy. You did a great job I actually got a hit on the Forward. I usually do not prefer to hunt down the Forward early game… Enchantress again Enchantress. Okay, enchantress is on my team I would love you to stun me He is dashing away Come on, Stun me, stun me, stun me! I know that you want to stun me Oh— What?! Double stun, alright. Oh ho! The Enchantress is really playing in my game Alright! Yeah, I see you robot. You can’t do the— ehh— WHAT?! I take it! Wait, what! Doctor got rescued Mechanic! You little sneaky mechanic! There we go Brought her down. I have to say, I really really enjoy playing Wu Chang right here. that makes a lot of fun! But honestly, that is so good. I enjoy it! Alright, to the moon. I know that— I think— the mechanic went somewhere over here. Yeah, she’s still decoding. This basically means, she should go down right here! No, she did not go down. Wow, cipher pop but that was— I mean Wha—! How did I not hit that? She ran over there. Oh, hoho! There she is! I’m sorry, but that’s not working. Wait, what! W-w-w-wait. WHAT?! Okay, there we go. I can see the Enchantress right there. I am— still picking her up? Yeah, I’m still picking her up. Don’t care. I don’t think the Enchantress can come. There she is. There she is! Oh, we got her! She stunned me. Ohh she’s— OH! She’s coming back! She’s coming back. I love it. Oh, stop stunning me, my girl. She was confused! VEEERY NICE! Oh god, I love it! I love it so mu— Yep, they are healing up over there. Wait, I don’t have to care about the doctor The Enchantress is not really going in for any rescues right here. Look at this, Enchantress is just standing there. …Enchan— haha! Oh, woOops! Oops, I used blink! I accidentally tapped on Blink! No, I used blink again! I wanted to teleport to my friends right here but I use blink again Dude, she stunned me. I wanted to attack blink but she stunned me…. C’mon, jump down Everyone is here! Let’s go! Let’s go! Sorry, Doctors! Stop following me, please. Oh! Hey there mechanic! How did that hit? Not gonna lie… That was super far away. Trying to protect the Mechanic. He is not even going for me Nice try! Oh god, he broke the pallet while he was stunned. Great. Where is he going, though? Nope Mechanic, go! Mechanic, go! We have to split up Embalmer got up. The Embalmer got up! Look at me healing myself —with a microphone! He is mad! He is so mad! (That sneaky cipher pop tho! Lol) Ohhhh-kay, that was not too bad. It was the fun match. Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed it!

79 thoughts on “Grizzly carries whole team – Wu Chang OP! (Identity V Funny Moments)

  1. Hi grizzly I wanted to say sry that I spammed in the comments in Twitch I just wanted to play with u and your are my fav youtuber I’m sry I hope you accept my apology nice vid I’ll stop spamming

  2. Hilarious video! I love it! And Wu Chang the epic hottie skin.😍
    I enjoy playing with you and watching you play! ❤

  3. Grizzly this is my lucky season
    I’ve got Blood fan geisha
    I’ve got Mr bunny lawyer and wildling’s special accesory
    With no echoes 👌👌

  4. The pallet stuns and your laughting I can't 😂
    And I said! Wu Chang is a nice hunter and you're a very good Wu Chang! I like it! 🌂
    And the accidentally blink all the time is so funny 😂
    And you stunned me and the other doctor lmao 😂

  5. That’s nice and all.

    But how does somebody use dream witch. I’m still confusión baby. Tips and tricks could help a person who got the dream witch for no reason

  6. Well the wu Chang was bad because he could have goon gaming grizzly but he did not no about white wu vhang skills

  7. As a Wu Chang main, when I see or I am bullying a Wu Chang myself/ or seeing a Wu Chang struggle I always feel so bad for my tall boi and I'll most likely let them kill me because I feel so bad and I wuv Wu Chang to much to care if I die by him hahah

  8. Grizzly-senpai so cute when he screams in excitement ☺️☺️☺️ Kudos to mr. Wu Chang there who is soooooo patient.
    Grizz the protector and savior of ballooned Survivors 😂

  9. When the uwu chungus got bullied by op forward (grizzly). Also noooooo I love my doctor why you kill her o(╥﹏╥)o

  10. AS IF U PUT ME INTO THIS VIDEO GRIZZLY😂😂😂 I feel very honored (I'm the Shiromuku Geisha in 7:27)❤ But to be honest I kinda expected more, pls don't be mad🙈 "Stop following me, please" I laughed so hard😂🙈

  11. My dear Wu chang is my main Hunter and him get hurt it hurts but it was a beautiful match Thank you for video I engyojet it 🤭😄😃

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