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In our last video we understood that benefits and side effects of Green tea and also got to know the quantity to consume green tea in a day. In this video we will see the various purposes to drink green tea and its consumption We will also know through this video the suitable time to drink video so that it provides maximum benefits. You are advised to watch full video as … each part of the video has unique information on green tea. Onset of discussion we will talk about how to consume green tea so that we get maximum benefits. Now understand that make green tea by infusing it in boiled water for 10-15 seconds instead of boiling it and then stain it and use dips to infuse the green tea. Though the green tea is wonderful drink but if green tea is stacked with some other combination then its benefits turns double. E.g. If you want to increase glucose, carbs and overall metabolism to lose weight or wants to improve digestion then boil ginger in water; infuse green tea for 10-15 seconds and drink it by putting 10-15 lemon joice drops. This formula will increase protein metabolism in body which is essential for muscle recovery & growth. So, It is beneficial to weight loss and bodybuilding too. On the other hand if you want to improve your immune system then take green tea with some non-citric fruit. To improve blood flow in body then take some handful of peanuts or 10 almonds or 3-4 walnuts with green tea. These combination adds to antioxidant properties of green tea. Now let’s understand the right time to drink green tea so that maximum benefits can be availed. Never consume green tea empty stomach because it will increase toxicity in body and one will face heartburn or acidity related issues. The green tea is beneficial if consumed 1 hour before meal or post 1 hour meal. Do not take green tea before and just after your meal. If green tea is consumed before meal then it suppresses appetite and will help you to avoid overeating and if you consume it after mean then it will make digestion & metabolism strong. It is better to drink green tea after breakfast, before lunch,… post lunch/dinner or before dinner. But if you take green tea after dinner or before 15-20 of sleeping time then you may face insomnia issues. In case you have a target to lose weight then you can have green tea just before going to bed. There should be no gap between your sleeping time and having green tea so that you sleep before the green tea is digested and you face no disorder related to sleep disorder. . Besides this keep in mind that … always drink fresh green tea OR refrigerate it so that it won’t get staled Green tea can be consumed hot and cold. Do not drink Stale green tea or tea kept for log time as it will increase chances of toxicity & bacteria which is not good for health. Friends green tea is a blessing if taken in right quantity, at right time and in right way. So friends we wrap up this video here and hope that you liked this video. Don’t forget to like & share this video so that other people can also benefit with this information. Please comment and suggest in case there is query related to the topic. Please comment and suggest in case there is query related to the topic. Future video updates in future do subscribe to our youtube channel, follow face book page or like our web site Visit us for more updates and let the fitness rock.

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  2. Very nice ye pahla video dekha jisme sirf kaam ki baate batai barna to dusre video 2 minuteske hote h aur 4 /5 minuteska banate h

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  6. I started lipton honey lemon green tea from today. I dipped green tea bag for 30-45 secs 2 hrs before lunch. Can I use the same tea bag 2 hrs after lunch? Reply plz. .and thanks for the information

  7. hello i am from afghanistan if you say grren tea lose our balfat all afghan people start there day wath green tea and finsh ther night wath green tea and use thesr things wath green tea but dont sea the things that lose balfat

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  9. Sir i want to know as u said avoid green tea in empty stomach,i m confuse,in evening time my stomach is empty so that time do i drink green tea or not?

  10. Sir green tea body ko detox karne ke liye pinna chahta hun but weight loss nehii cahata hun…konsa tym and week me kitna din piiuu……plzzzzzzz replyyyyyy sirrrr….plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  12. I want to lose my weight. I drink green tea in empty stomach. After drinking, I go to walk for 30 min. Then, I take breakfast…Plz, tell me,is this effective or harmfull???

  13. Mein morning mein exercise se 5 min pehle hot black coffee piti hoon toh green tea lunch mein or dinner ke time jaise aapne bataya use krna theek rahega I mean coffee and black tea ek hi din mein koi side effect toh nahi hoga? Plz ans.

  14. Sir I wanted to lose weight so am consuming it after I brush up and after drinking some water.. Is it a right way.. Or should I change the timing of consuming it.. Shall I drink it for my brunch at 11.00 kindly tell me sir..

  15. I'm suffering from thyroid & pcod so my weight very much so I wanna loose my weight plzzz help me sir mrng and evening to times this green tea i will or not plzzz anyone suggest me

  16. Sir mujhe weight loss krna hai Mai kab green tea Piyu please mujhe sahi time btaye ?
    Aur Mai organic India ka Tulsi green tea use krti hu kya ye achha product hai ?
    Please jaldi reply kariye

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