Green Monster Pre-Workout!

Hi guys, we are here LIIIVE! Coming atchew… Gonna make another DYNOMITE pre-workout cocktail. …on a special Halloween edition of “CN Bartenda” LET’S GET STARTED! We are goooing to start with Wata…because that’s what we’ve got right? alright …ok 1 cup of wata We’re going to throw one scoop of…. Look at this, the GREEN MONSTER MACHINE LOVE IIIT!!!! Halloween. Throw one scoop in there. This will get your veins pumpin. Get’s ya goin, right? Then we’re gonna throw one scoop of Green Apple Amino Uptake in there Because why not? Ya know? …get those double A’s in dare …get your electrolytes Love it Keep it sexy. Then we’re going to throw THREE scoops of your ReClaim Greens. Why not? Ya know? Home boy. 1…2…AND..3. YES! This is going to get your vegetables in. Why not? Three servings! I will mix it up for you. “SHAKE”…”SHAKE”…”SHAKE” VEIN Pumping pre-workout here. Halloween Edition “SHAKE”…”SHAKE”…”SHAKE” AND THERE YOU HAAAAVE IT THEEEE GREEN MONSTER PRE-WORKOUT COCKTAIL!!!! OHHHHHH Take a look at that Home Boy! Put your lips on that! Love it! Very sexy. Arghhhhhh Oh my goodness! What is this!? Hey! What are you doing in here? Don’t drink that home boy! AWWWWWWWWWW! Oh my goodness! Arghhhhhh!!!!! Run. Ruuun! “Laughing” “Giggles” Hey, you can’t go back there. Get back here!

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