Gorilla Gym – World’s Most Versatile Home Gym

We all care about being healthy and fit! Why
is it so hard? because very few of us have the time money, and motivation to go to the gym on a
regular basis! Here’s the answer! Gorilla Gym! A
low-cost, always ready, alternative to the gym that
allows you to run box, kick, swing, weight train, enjoy yoga, keep fit – and most of all – enjoy doing it at home! Gorilla Gym is
lightweight, portable, and compact. It attaches to any
standard door frame in seconds without having to drill holes and
padding protects your door trim in walls. The unique cantilevered design transfers
the forced to the walls around your doorway, so there is minimal pressure on your
trim. Our patented Vise-Grips adjust to fit your door locked the frame in place and even make
it safe enough to swing. Gorilla Gym can hold up to 300
pounds. We can even swing a motorcycle from
it. Unlike any other home fitness products,
Gorilla Gym is modular and supports multiple attachments for
fitness, boxing & martial arts, yoga,indoor swing and even an entire indoor children’s
playground. Gorilla Gym provides hours of fun an exercise! We designed
our AirStraps attachments for fitness- leveraging gravity and your own body
weight to create a workout program that can be
easily tailored from all fitness levels, from beginners
to athletes, and and deliver faster results. Studies prove
that when you engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously you get much faster results. Only 11
minutes on the Gorilla Gym simultaneously sculpts
all 11 muscle groups which matter for a
great body! You’ll burn fat and work your entire
body with, almost no impact your joints, and be in the best shape of
your life. In just three weeks! Guarantee! Yes just
11 minutes a day, for three weeks. Now you can actually
bring fun to your daily exercise yet still get in the best shape of your
life right at home. Ready to get the lean toned, sexy body you
want – faster than you ever thought possible?
Ready to have fun doing it? Call or click right now and get yours for 2 easy payments of only $29.95! Yes 2 easy payments of only $29.95. We will
even include Pull up Extender free! Just pay the small additional shipping.
And be sure to get the AirStraps to sculpt all 11 muscle groups which matter for a
great body with, no impact to your joints. You will also get for FREE the DVD with the
airspeed 11-11 workout program with dozens of exercise routines! You can
also get the Gorilla Gym fight station for Boxing and Martial Arts right at the convenience of your doorway! You can get the heavy bag or the speed bag or both! Everyone loves the swing and now your
kids can swing safely at home which frees you up to do other things, so
it’s even a great babysitting tool. Gorilla Gym brings the playground indoors
with 5 fun attachments. And yes there’s more!
Try Air yoga now. Order the Yoga swing to elevate your yoga
sessions with advanced poses, and more flexible stretching because you’re
in the air! Gorilla Gym comes with iron-clad 30 day money back Guarantee! So call or
click right now and get your Gorilla Gym for only two easy
payments of only $29.95 And choose the package attachment that you
enjoy. Get fit faster while having fun! There’s nothing
like this on the market today! You must call or click right now!

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