Get Ready to Meditate with These 3 Yoga Poses

One thing’s for sure, meditation can be challenging
for both your mind and for your body. Here are 3 yoga positions you can try to make
yourself more comfortable in your meditation. The first position you can try is just a simple
child’s pose. This is great for your spine, your lower back, and even for your hips. The
second position you can try is revolved low lunge. This helps open up the chest, your
shoulders, and even a little extra for your hips. The final meditation pose I’ll offer
today targets your hips and makes them nice and open for your meditation. Reaching the
hands behind the left thigh, interlacing the fingers behind the thigh, draw the left knee
towards your chest, right knee away. Try to do the same thing on the other side. You can
try these poses before or after your meditation, and they should help you get a little bit
more comfortable.

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