Galar Gym Battle (Pokemon Sword/Shield Animation)

Welcome to my gym! I hope you’re ready for a fun and FAIR battle. I won’t go easy. Course I’m ready! My Wooloo and I will show you a thing or two! [Fluffy sheep baahs] Great! Exeggutor, are you ready? [300% Neck] Ex Egg Gu [Pppppt] [Rotom Drone buzzes around] Go! Wooloo! Use Take Down! Baaaaah! [Bloop, bloop, bloop] [Bonk] [It wasn’t very effective] Hmm? [Grumble] Ahahaha! Well that was cute… Now let me show YOU something! Go! Dynamax! Hahah- OH DEAR! Exeggutor! Hello I’m the third head. [Caw] Good Birdie! [Caw] [BOOM] Holy Arceus! How did it get so BIG? [Wooloo is confused] [Wooloo snapped out of confusion] All right Exeggutor! Use Dragonhammer! Exegggg! [Exeggutor F-Smash] [Screaming] [Rest in Peace fluffy sheep] [CRASH] [Pole Vault] [A Wild KISS fan appears] OBSTAAAAAaaa! [OK that’s it. Bye!] Uuuuww… Who even is that Pokemon? ERROR Data unavailable in Galar Dex. Please see National Dex. [Dies]

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