Full Size E.T. Prop Part 4

What’s up YouTube its Patrick with NolanC
3D Print Works and this is Part 4 of our full size E.T. Build. So stay tuned and I’ll show
you the progress thus far. As you an see from this photo printing for
layers 5,6,7 is complete. Once we have these all glued up E.T. Will be standing about 16
an a half inches tall.  but instead of showing you guys another
time lapse of us sanding and gluing pieces together thought this would be a good opportunity
to show some other efforts on the project. Specifically how we have decreased our print
times. And I’ll show you some modeling work I’ve done using Cinema 4d to ensure we can
pose E.T.s arms. In this photo you can see on the left the
5 % infill we used on our earliest layers 1-3. as a result most parts took 4 hours to
print.  On layers 4 and 5 we moved to 10% to improve
the quality of the top layers. We achieved the improved top layer but increased print
times to over 5 hours.  So Recently we decided to try spiral contour
printing. Even using some extended layer cooling times We may have a few holes to contend with
 on the plus side print times are averaging two hours per piece. Now even though we shorted print times we
are sure to have just traded it for more work once he’s all printed but hey E.T. Is about
36years old right , so a little plastic surgery may just be what
the doctor ordered. One of the things we want to do with E.T is
pose his arms and neck. To do this I’m going    To use the same type of socket you would
see on older plastic dolls. The arms won’t open but they can swing forward and back.
This will allow me to pose him as well as  pack him up for transportation. Let’s take a look at time lapse covering the
modeling process. Well that about does it for part four of our
E.T. Build, look forward to part five he should be much taller. As always if you like the video leave a thumbs
up or a thumbs down your choice, if you want to see more of the ET project be sure to subscribe
Thanks for watching and we will see you later

6 thoughts on “Full Size E.T. Prop Part 4

  1. Awesome update, glad you got this posted. Very cool to see another Cinema 4D user, my choice program for modeling also. Thanks for sharing this, Patrick.

  2. Hey Patrick, the E.T is really starting to take shape. its a lot of printing and modeling, I really enjoyed the time lapse modeling !! keep up the great content man

  3. ET is coming together. looking really good. did you find any loss of details just doing the spiral print?

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