Full Size E.T. Prop Part 3

What’s up YouTube its Patrick with NolanC
3D Print Works and this is Part 3 of our full size E.T. Build. So stay tuned and I’ll show
you the progress thus far. Intro
Might be hard to tell but E.T. Has grown 4 inches since part 2. We are still fighting with rafting even after
lowering temps, maybe the upgrade the new Cura is part of the issue? Novice3dPrints
had issues with supports in new Cura he found the previous version worked better maybe its
the same for rafting ? Use the info to check out his video. Would be nice if it was getting
the rafting off is still a nightmare. (Play sanding time laspe) so again here we
are with a lot of sanding while test fitting parts together. Again Before starting the
assembly we cleaned each part with rubbing alchohol. To adhere parts together we are
using acetone paste to essentially melt the parts together. Take a look at the time lapse
of the assembly And after I’ll tell you how much he weighs and just how much time and
material is invested so far. At this stage is made up of 26 pieces at 5
levels. So we are steadily working towards The need 19 levels and 97 pieces. The Robo
has been printing for just under 99 hours, for just the 2 layers in this video took 50
hrs 18 minutes. As for filament we have used 1010 meters or 6.6 lbs. Now these numbers
are all being tracked from Cura. So let’s see just how accurate it is by check that
against the current weight of E.T. As you can see he’s weighing in at 5.61 pounds! So
we have peeled off almost a pound of rafting. So what’s next? well we are already started on another long
week of printing. Layers 5 and 6 will take approximately 45-50 hours to print but
after that it should get shorter. Layer 7 for example has 6 pieces but they are not
as large as previous layers. Print times and pieces Get less and less from there. Soon
we will be working on the LEDs so I better get over o adafruit for some shopping. So stay tuned for part 4 as we make E.T. A
little bit taller and we look into he eletonics As always if you like the video leave a thumbs
up or a thumbs down your choice, if you want to see more of the ET project be sure to subscribe
Thanks for watching and we will see you later

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