Full Day Of Eating – Cosa mangio per restare fit (ENG SUB)

good morning table ninja! and welcome to a new video! Friday, August 24 9 am, I am
passed exactly five days since my return from my holidays in Tuscany and finally my body is starting to take shape again!
but unfortunately we are not yet ready to eat one lot of crap so today will be
simply a full day of eating! I will show you how I eat, I will show you how I spend the day, in short, today you will keep me company! So let’s start by saying that the diet that I will follow today will be high carb and low fat as I already had spoken in the previous video, even if you have not seen it yet, go see it here, it can come back to you a lot very helpful! second thing I do I follow an intermittent fast, if already me you know, now you know I’m a fan
of this diet, I can also fast for 24 hours with time you get there if not
you know the intermittent fast go to see you again my old video I explained them, of course this for the new ninja that they are watching the video, so what else is that other thing … nothing that is a video vlog! and then ninja we just have to leave with the
physical check! and let’s see my body later five days since my return from Tuscany! I would say much better ninja! and weight control! 68.4 Monday morning we weighed 72.8 then 4.5 kg lost! I thought I was already at 67 kg to allow myself a cheat day and give you this surprise but no ninja, full day of eating! but do not worry because the next video will be cheat day! this is guaranteed! however, let’s start fast because today I have a lot of things to do so follow me … then as in the last video first thing to do just wake up drink our water! today only 6 liters this because because as I told you the day after your cheat day you have to drink a lot more water than you usually drink during this time summer I’m drinking only 6 liters
of water only yes, in many of you ne they will drink much less but I can
ensure that for a person who trains a lot like me, that sweats a lot 6
liters are much more than good so we leave! 1 liter can suffice! next thing I do is prepare mine pre workout before my gym and my branched amino acids for the after gym so balance! obviously used
always the scale to weigh yours branched amino acids, because it is
important to respect the doses recommended of these supplements, I add my water .. usual shekerataaaaa and these go in the fridge so when I come back
I find them beautiful fresh from the gym! next thing to do is
I forgot the pre workout! indeed today let’s skip the pre workout maybe we use this … Monster! this is my favorite white one
obviously zero calories this is also a great pre workout there
I can say that it really comes from a pump absurd gives the right energy!
of course my advice is to drink it only if you use it to go to the gym
or in your cardio, do not drink it like this at **** in short, because it would be a little senseless and
now as a practice we must necessarily go into the another kitchen because I need a nice … coffee of course as always as any
morning this is something that can not be missed
My dear ninja! what’s better than waking up in the morning and having a nice coffee! then program of the day stay here in relax bermi
this nice coffee maybe I pull out even a couple of croissants maybe ninja
no! we are serious every now and then! so plan the day, enjoy this coffee
then I get my bag I go to the gym I bring my monster
obviously today biceps triceps and shoulders at the end of my training I will insert 20 minutes of cardio because I want to go anyway to lose these pounds as quickly
possible because the next cheat day is scheduled in two days, that is Sunday, unfortunately
ninja my gym still having schedules reduced because we are still in August and
closing at 2.30 there are a lot of people and I do not want to bother you
obviously because they are training so there is not I can take with me, but do not worry because mid-September I will begin the path of powerlifting and i’ll take you in then
gym with me, I’ll show you mine feeding, I will show you my workouts and finally we will enter en masse then how much will eat ninja! and then me
I finish enjoying my coffee, I go to the gym and we’ll see each other like mine … you waited for the word amino acids ninja and instead … monter! anyway really refreshing! strictly because your pre work out functions you have to listen to some metal point and stop
so monsters and metal and we’ll see you later! gym gone and like
always as usual my branched amino acids! fantastic! then one of the
many questions you have asked me in the last video is “Thomas how you train in
gym? “in this period I am trained a little at c **** in the sense that
I have not followed any card since I was in maintenance and since anyway
the gym has had reduced hours and not and I could not go all the days, like Saturday and Sunday it was closed I’m used to going every day
and introducing a day of cardio to week, I could not keep a line
constant of my workouts coming back Today’s training as I told you earlier I have trained shoulders, triceps, biceps I did a couple of paths
crossfit, just to burn a few calories and 20 minutes of treadmill obviously not
I advise you to exaggerate with the cardio find those 20 minutes at the end
workout if you really see yours weight is still too high
I’m using it a lot but for the simple fact that I want to Sunday
give me a cheat day but if you do not have in it mind of having no cheat day, rest assured
go calmly respect yours daily calories
do not overdo the cardio, and you will see that within 15 days you will be able to lose
the pounds taken by the holidays now it’s almost three o’clock, I have work to do, I have to put on my computer why I want to start already to edit this
video because I want to get it out the as soon as possible then as always I have to
finish answering your comments in the last video so they end up tasting my amino acids, I put myself on the computer to work and we ninja see you later! and here we are ninja in our kingdom
even if today is not a cheat day anyway .. the important thing is to eat! then
finally I finished my homework finally it was time to eat, indeed
I’m late because it’s seven o’clock I usually consume my first meal in between
seven and eight in the evening today I took a little late of course
also because I still have to cook and and good ninja are really very hungry
so let’s not talk and let’s go to present the first meal of the day! beef burger, turkey burger it also rhymes a nice chocolate! another rhyme! give it to me … no! let’s be good! green beans, extra virgin olive oil that I will use for cooking these foods, without giving up .. salt and pepper
and finally this brown rice and ready-made cereals This guys is really cool because it’s precooked you put it 90 seconds in the microwave and in less than 2 minutes your rice is ready! The only flaw it’s a bit costly, 2.50 euros, I have
really very hungry then as always at the speed of light .. ready! no boys really I put them only a quarter of an hour to cook this splendor!
then we have 150g of beef burgers 270 grams of hamburgers
turkey of course I cooked them in a pan with 5 grams of olive oil
extra virgin olive oil, adding salt and pepper 300 grams of frozen green beans I made
boil and then I blew them up with i eliminated juices of my meat and 250 grams of brown rice with cereals! healthy, healthy and super bulky anyway
I am 7:27 am missing what is missing? you thought coca cola zero .. and instead water! this is the third bottle of today, the second I remember I took her to the gym and I drank them so .. before fiondarmi to enjoy this healthy and delicious delicacy I put the total calories and the total nutritional values ​​of this meal here so you can take a cue in short fork, knife and ninja we start! here it is a tasty and succulent beef burger amazing! really really good guys! turkey burgers and string beans also this combination is fantastic! maybe it’s me that I love to eat but for me it’s like having a cheat day, it will be that I love meat and I also love vegetables so … and time to savor this delicious rice, I do not know if you can see but inside there are also the cereals and you know how much I love cereals so it will definitely be Amazing! very good! to try! and watch the perfect cooking of this
burgers you bovine, a really fantastic thing! I’m not kidding you guys, I love this dish! obviously I prefer cereals and donuts but sometimes you have to settle! and the secret to feeling satisfied and
satiated is eating very slowly trust ninja! I used to eat like a killer once then I learned to eat calmly and I discovered that by eating slowly you can Savor your food a lot more and feel full at the same time how good is this rice! Mamma Mia! the last bite of this healthy and healthy meal went and I was really satisfied even if I eat 3 more dishes! as always finished the my first meal of the day, omega 3 and multi vitamin! obviously a pill each fantastic! only 7:45 now I’m going to clean the mess I made in the kitchen to cook, then having spent the whole afternoon in front of me at the computer and not having done
practically no physical activity I’ll go for a walk
I think I’ll do 10 km maximum 12 that is 1:40 minutes or 2 hours,
let’s see how I am later and this too is very important ninja because if you do a sedentary job where you spend most of the day sitting in front of a desk, in the evening get some time to go to walking is very important, trust me!
you will see the benefits! well I’m going to clean up I’m going to take my walk and I’ll see you already late for the last meal of this day and here I am back ninja! here’s how I’m going to walk in the darkness in the evening! but here you can not see anything so maybe it’s better … turn on the lights a little bit what do you think? so this no longer serves even knit away because it’s a hot beast! then walk gone I did 12 km or 2 hours was one
pretty loose walk I passed very fast because I ended up answering all of you on Instagram so you kept me company, I have to thank you ninja! it’s almost 11 pm so I would say it’s time for my second and
last meal of the day and what is the way to conclude a
fantastic full day of eating shared with you? obviously with a good and healthy carb night!
for the old ninja who now follow me from time know very well what the carb night! while for the new ninja Now I’ll show you the recipe! for ours
carb night we simply need to Fage yogurt with 0% fat, an apple, white grapes, almonds and of course .. cereals! one of my favorite things!
and as always I will give a sweet note to my fage with a couple of tablespoons of stevia sugar
I can assure you guys that if you feel like sweet and if you want
satisfy your taste buds with something sweet and really healthy
fruit is the best way to do it! of course you can use any kind of fruit! in this case this evening in the fridge I was alone white grapes and apples, but many times I also use kiwis, kiwis, pears, what I find in short let me just prepare everything and our carb night is ready!
and now tell me if this is not fitness my carb night is my favorite dish
I suggest you ninja! 1 because it’s a great snack! 2 because the products used in
this meal is really really healthy 3 because it is quick and easy to prepare and lastly because it is the fastest and most effective method to fix your missing nutritional macros at the end of the day! in this pan we have 420 grams of
Fage yogurt of course 0% fat to which I added two teaspoons of sugar stevia just to give a sweet note 250 grams of apple cut into small pieces, 220 grams of white grapes 27 grams of almonds and well
130 grams of whole grains I would say absolutely amazing! of course I have my water to finish and I’ll finish it all in one gulp it’s 11.44am as always before starting to eat I put the total calories and the total nutritional values of this meal as above as always! I have my faithful spoon and ninja let’s start with this
fantastic bite of this carb night! one word, amazing! guys this is fitness! and I want to remind you that I’m in caloric deficit! look what I am
eating! yogurt, cereals and fruit! just be smart guys diet! that I can tell you! for me every day is a cheat day! and how good is the white grape? I think it’s my favorite fruit! what is your favorite fruit? comment below! if it’s not food porn this … I love fruit, I love cereals, I love yogurt, amazing! maybe one day I could do a challenge, a 10,000 calories of carb night! would it be great to say ninja? and the last bite of this fantastic … carb night .. sorry as always I dropped a piece gone! what about really delicious! and after having tasted this sublime dish I put the total calories of the day and the nutritional values ​​of the day above and this is how much
this is a classic example of the day that I follow during the week, recapitulating what I do is train in the gym, of course this can not miss! intermittent fasting, if you’ve never tried it I recommend it above all if you are in caloric deficit because you can have giant portions and soothe your sense of appetite I follow a high carb and low fat diet I remain in a caloric deficit, obviously to lose weight and to allow myself my cheat day when I spend too much time sitting in front of the computer in the evening I give myself a good walk and last but of course I enjoy myself at the table! it is 11:45 am finally time to go to bed and guys, we’ll see each other tomorrow morning for body control and weight control and we hope to have lost a bit of weight even if I’m sure! night ninja! good morning table ninja!
Saturday, August 25, 9:39 am have you had a nice night guys? I hope so
because I really have this week slept like a baby
I finally managed to recover the hours lost from tuscany, I had an average of 7 hours of sleep per night then I feel really relaxed, regenerated and recharged! but let’s find out if the same thing is true for my body so …. control of the body! off my shirt! and most importantly … weight control! 68 kg another 400 grams lost! very well! today another carbohydrate exhaust and tomorrow cheat day! I hope you enjoyed my full day of eating as always, I remind you that if you want to stay with me during the week if you want to see my workouts, if you want to see my diet if you want to see the crap that public, start to follow me in instagram! find me with the name vgthomas1987 Is the most important thing! if you have not yet subscribed to my channel do it immediately click here! table ninja it’s time to close the video we obviously see each other next week with a new video and in the meantime … STAY FIT … AND STAY HUNGRY !!!

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